Servicepersons and Pyongyangites Hail Successful Nuclear Test

    Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- More than a hundred thousand servicepersons and citizens from all walks of life at a Pyongyang city army-people rally held at Kim Il Sung Square Friday hailed the historic successful nuclear test. The rally was attended by party, army and state cadres.
    Choe Thae Bok, alternative member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, speaking on behalf of the WPK, hailed the successful nuclear test reflecting the unanimous feelings of all the party members and other working people of the country and warmly congratulated scientists, technicians and workers on having successfully ensured the nuclear test with ardent patriotism and loyalty.
    He continued:
    The recent nuclear test was a quite just decision to defend the supreme interests of the state and the security of the nation from the U.S. imperialists' threat of aggression, avert a new war and defend peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. The nuclear test was a great deed of national significance as it strikingly manifested to the whole world the revolutionary faith and indomitable will of the army and people of the DPRK to resolutely foil the U.S. imperialists' heinous moves to bring down the socialist system centered on the popular masses and firmly defend the ideology and system in the DPRK.
    The DPRK was compelled to manufacture nukes by the U.S. nuclear threat, sanctions and pressure, and the nuclear test was an exercise of the independent and legitimate right of the DPRK as a sovereign state as it was a positive countermeasure to defend the sovereignty of the country and the life and the security of its people. The nuclear test was a great deed as it greatly contributed to defending peace and stability not only on the Korean Peninsula but in the rest of Northeast Asia. However, the U.S. instigated the UN Security Council to adopt an anti-DPRK "resolution," unreasonably terming it a "threat" to international peace and security. The DPRK vehemently condemns and strongly rejects it.
    All the party members, servicepersons and other people should devotedly defend the headquarters of the revolution and wage a dynamic struggle for the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche, fully confident that they will always win victory as long as they are led by Kim Jong Il.
    Kim Jong Gak, vice-minister of the People's Armed Forces, addressing the rally on behalf of the Korean People's Army, said that the successful nuclear test was a historic event as it instilled matchless strength and stronger courage into the servicepersons and the people who have wished to see tremendous self-defensive military capability and dealt a telling blow at the U.S. imperialists and their followers keen to stifle the DPRK.
    This great event is a precious fruition of the great Songun policy, he said, and went on: The nuclear deterrent in the hands of the People's Army, a revolutionary army fighting for freedom and happiness of the people and justice, serves as a powerful defensive means for protecting the stability on the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity. The speaker strongly warned in the name of all men and officers of the KPA that if the U.S. imperialists persist in their reckless provocations, this will be nothing but a suicidal act of precipitating their miserable end.
    He continued:
    The Japanese militarists and other forces favoring the U.S. imperialists' moves should stop running amuck, well aware that they will never escape a stern punishment by the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK should they go reckless under the signboard of the UN Security Council "resolution."
    The speaker manifested the firm determination of the People's Army to firmly guarantee the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche with arms, true to the Songun revolutionary leadership of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il. Candidate Academician, Prof. and Dr. Jang Chol, speaking on behalf of the scientists, said that the country succeeded in the nuclear development by bolstering the defence capability with its belt tightened at the crossroads: To remain an independent people or to become slaves of imperialism. The DPRK has thus acquired the status of a full-fledged nuclear weapons state after going through the most just and fair processes, he noted, and went on:
    The scientists and technicians who succeeded in the nuclear test under secure conditions, basing themselves on their own wisdom and technology, are not only intellectuals but unassuming heroes in the era of Songun who devoted their all to the Party, the country and the people. It is a great pride of the country and the nation to have such scientific and technological personnel.
    He declared that the scientists and technicians would always share destiny with the headquarters of the revolution, holding aloft the banner of Songun in order to firmly defend and further glorify socialism of Juche, their life and soul. Then the floor was taken by representatives of the workers and farmers, youths and students.

Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from S. Korea Guarantees Nation's Dignity and True Life

    Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- Independence of the Korean nation with a time-honored history, culture and wisdom has been infringed upon for a long period due to the occupation of south Korea by U.S. imperialist aggressor troops for over 60 years, notes Rodong Sinmun in an article Friday. Saying it is national disgrace that can be tolerated no longer, the author of the article says:
    The withdrawal of the U.S. troops from south Korea is a prerequisite to the independence of the south Korean society.
    The independence of the south Korean society is a desire of the century related to the dignity and destiny of the whole nation, not to speak of the south Korean people. The dignity and true life of the nation can be brought into bloom only in a land of national independence.
    The south Korean people have suffered from all sorts of misfortune and disgrace with the national dignity and sovereignty violated by imperialist aggressor forces for more than a century owing to the 60-odd-year long military occupation and rule of the U.S. imperialists following the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule. This is the worst tragedy in the history of the Korean nation.
    The withdrawal of the U.S. troops from south Korea is the most urgent requisite to peace of Korea and the cause of its reunification.
    The U.S. is advertising its troops present in south Korea as an "apostle of peace" and "war deterrent." But this is a sheer lie. The U.S. troops are the root cause of a war on the Korean Peninsula and a cancer-like entity in the matter of reunification. The U.S. imperialist aggressor troops in south Korea perpetrated repeatedly such mean acts as lowering the check-bar to inter-Korean economic cooperation based on the June 15 joint declaration under unreasonable pretexts. Moreover, they have desperately spoiled the atmosphere of inter-Korean reconciliation and reunification by staging provocative war drills against the DPRK.
    The history and reality prove that peace in the country and its reunification can never be achieved unless the U.S. imperialist aggressor troops are driven out of south Korea. All the fellow countrymen in the north, the south and abroad should further intensify the nation-wide struggle to put an end to the U.S. imperialist aggressor troops' occupation of south Korea at an early date and thus write finis to the history of misfortune and disgrace resulting from the presence of the aggressor troops in this land.

Japan Urged to Abolish Its Crimes against Humanity

    Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- It is a consistent policy of the DPRK government to liquidate all forms of gender discrimination and realize sex equality, said the DPRK delegate addressing the Third Committee meeting of the 61st UN General Assembly Session on Oct. 9. The sexual slavery for the Japanese Army was the hideous organizational and institutional unethical crime unprecedented in history which Japan committed by dint of government and military power according to the wartime state policy during World War II, the delegate said, and continued:
    A UN special rapporteur on the violence against women in 1996 defined the issue of the "comfort women" as a crime of sexual slavery for the army and recommended the Japanese government to admit its legal responsibility, make an official apology and compensation to the victims without delay, reflect the truth of history in textbooks and punish criminals.
    This recommendation has not yet been implemented even ten years after due to the Japanese government's deliberate and persistent denial.
    Japan still remains unchanged in its intention to reject state responsibility and refuse to admit its criminal history.
    Facts of atrocities including the crime of the "comfort women" Japan committed in Korea and other Asian countries have been systematically deleted or distorted in Japanese history textbooks in recent years under the approval of the Japanese authorities.
    Japan should redeem its crimes against humanity before talking about "peace" and "human rights."
    The DPRK delegation strongly urges Japan once again to admit its legal responsibility for all its past crimes including forcible drafting of more than 8.4 million Koreans, slaughter of over one million and forcing sexual slavery for the Japanese army upon at least 200,000 Korean women and frankly apologize and compensate for them under the eyes of the world.

Rodong Sinmun on Origin of WPK's Cause of Songun Revolution

    Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- The glorious roots of the Workers' Party of Korea were provided as President Kim Il Sung formed the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU) 80 years ago and this gave origin to the Songun revolution, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in a signed article. The DIU was not a simple anti-imperialist organization as it took the first step in carrying out the historic cause to practically apply the Juche-based idea of attaching importance to arms, the principle of the revolution to be carried out with arms, the article notes, and goes on:
    The idea of attaching importance to arms began to be applied with the formation of the DIU as a starting point. As a result, arms served as a powerful weapon for revolution along with a clear fighting strategy and transparent faith from the very start of the Korean revolution. Herein lie the originality of the idea of attaching importance to arms set out and applied by the President and its invincible might. The programme of the DIU was a basis from which to kick off the Songun cause as it provided fundamental idea and principle of the revolution to be carried out with arms. The socialist idea that guided the DIU became a basic idea of the Songun cause of Juche and the principle of independence, anti-imperialism and uninterrupted revolution advanced by the DIU has served as a basic principle firmly guaranteeing the final victory in the revolution.
    The DIU was a "pedigree" organization as it trained staunch organizational hardcore of the revolution to be carried out with arms and a vanguard organization for the Songun revolution because it brought up the first generation of the Korean revolution. It was the hot-blooded members of the DIU that established the tradition of the transparent revolutionary outlook on the leader and the tradition of perfect unity in thinking and purpose, set an example of the indomitable revolutionary spirit and provided a strong organizational backbone of the Songun revolutionary ranks for the first time in the history of the Korean revolution.
    The ideological and moral wherewithal provided by the DIU constitutes the most valuable legacy as it gives steady continuity to the Songun revolution and a precious asset guaranteeing the glorious tradition not only for the present generation but for posterity and representing the eternal future of the Songun cause.

U.S. Moves for "Proliferation Security Initiative" Flailed in S. Korea

    Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- The Reunification Solidarity of south Korea reportedly called a press conference in the vicinity of the U.S. embassy in Seoul on Oct. 12 to strongly denounce the U.S. moves to get south Korea embroiled in its moves to stifle the DPRK The U.S. is forcing the south Korean authorities to join in the "proliferation security initiative" for overall blockade against the north, speakers said, charging that this is a dangerous behavior to ignite a war in this land at any cost.
    The conference heard a press release entitled "The U.S., stop forcing south Korea to join in the initiative for preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction causing a war crisis on the Korean Peninsula and opt for dialogue with the north." The "initiative" would invite confrontation and tensions between the south and the north as it is actually intended to "pull down" the north, the release pointed out, demanding the authorities resolutely reject the U.S. demand for cooperation in the "initiative."

Suppression of Protesters against Expansion of U.S. Military Base Assailed

    Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- The All-People Measure Committee for Checking the Expansion of the U.S. Military Base in Phyongthaek reportedly called a press conference in front of the Phyongthaek branch of the Suwon District Prosecutor's Office on Oct. 14, denouncing the authorities for their crackdown on the activists for defending Phyongthaek. The speakers there termed the authorities' suppression of the protesters against the expansion of the U.S. military base an act against human rights, saying: "Now a whirlwind of violence is blowing against those with one mine over the Phyongthaek problem."
    The press release read out at the conference said it was an unfair abuse of power for the authorities to decide the detainment of protestors after the lapse of five months, branding this as a malicious political suppression of the righteous struggle to check the expansion of the U.S. military base and protect peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Seminar on Peace against War Held in S. Korea

    Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- Representatives and activists of progressive movement organizations in south Korea reportedly held a seminar on peace against war in Seoul on Oct. 13. Speakers at the seminar said that the present situation in which the U.S. moves for a war of aggression are getting more undisguised on the Korean Peninsula urgently requires the whole nation to pool wisdom and efforts to defend peace. All the people desirous of peace and reunification should unite close under the banner of peace against war and turn out in a mass movement for condemning the U.S hostile policy toward the north and forcing Washington to lift its sanctions against the north, they stressed.
    They declared that they would foil the moves of the pro-U.S. conservative forces to strain the inter-Korean relations and escalate pressure upon the north through sanctions and blockade against it, toeing Washington's policy, and boost the exchange and cooperation with the north.
    Accusing the U.S. of pressurizing the south Korean authorities to cooperate with it in the "proliferation security initiative" aimed at blockade against the north, they called on the progressive movement organizations to check its move at the risk of their lives.

Kim Jong Il's Work Published in Poland

    Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il's famous work "On the Fundamentals of Revolutionary Party Building" was brought out in booklet by the Warsaw Publishing House of Poland. The work published on Oct. 10, Juche 81 (1992) clarified a historic lesson drawn from the building of a socialist ruling party and the fundamental principle of building a revolutionary party of Juche and clearly elucidated principled issues arising in strengthening the international unity and solidarity among the revolutionary parties.

Information Bulletins and Pamphlets Off Press

    Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- Information bulletins and pamphlets were brought out in different countries on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU). The Brazil-Korea Friendship Association issued an information bulletin titled "The Workers' Party of Korea originated from the DIU" on Oct. 12. The bulletin said that the history of the WPK began with the formation of the DIU by President Kim Il Sung on Oct. 17, 1926, introducing in detail the immediate tasks and the final goal of the DIU.
    The WPK has creditably carried forward the tradition of the DIU under the leadership of its General Secretary Kim Jong Il, it noted.
    The Group for the Study of the Juche Idea of University of Kinshasa of Democratic Congo released an information bulletin entitled "Historical roots of the WPK" on Oct.8. The bulletin noted that the WPK has made a steady dynamic advance along the road hewed by the DIU under the guidance of Kim Jong Il.
    The Italian Committee for the Study of Songun Idea for Independence and Sovereignty published a pamphlet titled "Anniversary of the Formation of the DIU Commemorated" on Oct. 12.
    The pamphlet in an article said that the Korean revolution that started with the founding of the DIU will win only victory in the future, too, under the banner of independence against imperialism.

Special Envoy of Chinese President Leaves

    Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- Tang Jiaxuan, state councilor who is a special envoy of Chinese President Hu Jintao, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, left here Thursday by special plane of China. He was accompanied by Dai Bingguo, director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Central Committee of the CPC who is also executive vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, and Wu Dawei, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs.
    He was seen off at the airport by Kim Yong Il, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, and Liu Xiaoming, Chinese ambassador e.p. to the DPRK.

Central Youth Hall

    Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) --The Central Youth Hall situated on the bank of the River Taedong is always abustle with crowds as a center for mass political propaganda activities of youth, dissemination of science and technology and cultural and emotional life. Now at the hall, heroes in the Chollima era give an art performance telling their labor feats and an exhibition of fine art works showing the efforts of constructors of the Youth Hero Motor-way is under way.
    Young people take part in academic lessons to acquire a wide range of scientific and technical knowledge and colorful circle activities in the 250-seat meeting rooms. Tens of thousands of young men and women have broadened their scientific and technical knowledge and polished artistic talent according to their hobbies and aptitudes through various circles including computer circle.
    In the multi-purpose hall capable of housing more than 1,000 people, they play table-tennis, badminton, paduk (go) and other sports and amusement games and have a ball every Sunday.
    The Central Youth Hall also sponsors emotional life in various forms and ways such as song contest, concert, karaoke and roller-skating to meet cultural and emotional requirements of youth.
    It, with a total floor space of 51,000 square meters, has 2,000-seat and 600-seat theaters, four meeting rooms and more than 700 rooms including over 20 circle rooms for science, technology, art, sports and others.
    It helps young people develop talents and enjoy cultural and emotional life.

Compound Fur Antiseptic Made

    Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- The Korea Shoes Trading Company has developed a new kind of compound fur antiseptic. The antiseptic, made with raw materials abundant in the country, is applicable to various kinds of fur or leather. The fur and leather treated with the antiseptic can be kept as natural ones in safety for more than six months.
    It, in particular, not only thoroughly prevents the surface of leather from being changed qualitatively but also protects fur.
    Pak Nam Su, chief of the company, told KCNA that loss of hair does not occur among the fur treated with the antiseptic and the practical effectiveness has been fully proved through its long application to various units of the leather industry. The antiseptic is demanded in a large quantity by foreign countries, to say nothing of local companies.

For Spanish-speaking people

Parte de Pyongyang el enviado especial de Hu Jintao

   @Pyongyang, 20 de octubre (ATCC) -- El consejero del Estado de la Republica Popular China, Tang Jiaxuan, quien es enviado especial de Hu Jintao, Secretario General del Comite Central del Partido Comunista de China y Presidente de la RPCh, partio la vispera de esta capital en una aerolinea especial de China. Junto con el regresaron Dai Bingguo, director de la Oficina de Asuntos Exteriores del CC del PCCh y viceministro ejecutivo de Relaciones Exteriores, y Wu Dawei, viceministro de RR.EE.
    En la terminal aerea lo despidieron el vicecanciller coreano Kim Yong Il y el embajador extraordinario y plenipotenciario chino en Corea, Liu Xiaoming.

Rodong Sinmun demanda la retirada de tropas gringas del Sur de Corea

   @Pyongyang, 20 de octubre (ATCC) -- Debido a la ocupacion del suelo surcoreano durante mas de 60 anos por parte de tropas agresoras de Estados Unidos, se ve violada la independencia de la nacion coreana que ostenta su larga historia, cultura e inteligencia. Al respecto, el diario Rodong Sinmun difunde este viernes un articulo individual que sigue:
    La retirada de las tropas gringas es el requisito de mayor prioridad para lograr la independencia de la sociedad surcoreana, la cual esta relacionada historicamente con la dignidad y el destino no solo de la poblacion surcoreana sino tambien de toda la nacion coreana.
    Es porque es posible defender la dignidad nacional y asegurar una vida verdadera solo en el principio de la independencia nacional.
    Debido a la ocupacion militar de los imperialistas norteamericanos y al anterior colonialismo de los japoneses, los habitantes surcoreanos sufren desgracias y humillacion durante mas de un siglo, privados de la dignidad y la soberania nacionales. Esto es la tragedia mas grande en la historia de la nacion coreana. Por lo tanto, la retirada de los uniformados yanquis ocupantes del suelo surcoreano deviene la demanda mas apremiante para la paz y la causa de reunificacion de nuestro pais.
    Aunque EE.UU. justifica la presencia de sus tropas como "defensoras de la paz" y "fuerzas disuasivas de guerra", es una mentira pura porque ellas constituyen el origen de guerra y peor obstaculo para la reunificacion de la Peninsula Coreana. En efecto, ellas maniobran suciamente para estropear con pretextos absurdos la colaboracion economica entre el Norte y el Sur de Corea, que se desarrolla a base de la Declaracion Conjunta del 15 de Junio, y envenenan el clima de reconciliacion y reunificacion entre ambas partes de la Peninsula Coreana con sus provocativas maniobras belicas contra el Norte.
    La historia y la realidad comprueban que sin expulsarlas del territorio surcoreano, no se puede lograr nunca la paz y la causa de reunificacion del pais.
    Al avivar mas las llamas de la gigantesca lucha por acabar con la ocupacion surcoreana por parte de tropas gringas, toda la nacion coreana del Norte, el Sur y en ultramar dara punto final a esa historia de desgracias y humillacion que sufre por la presencia de ellas en el territorio patrio.

Causa revolucionaria de Songun del PTC tiene origen en la UDI

   @Pyongyang, 20 de octubre (ATCC) -- Hace ahora 80 anos, el Presidente Kim Il Sung fundo la Union para Derrotar al Imperialismo (UDI), de la cual comenzo a echarse la raiz del glorioso Partido del Trabajo de Corea y se inicio la causa del Songun (priorizacion militar). Senala asi el diario Rodong Sinmun en un articulo individual publicado en su edicion del dia 20 y prosigue:
    La UDI no fue una simple entidad antiimperialista, sino el primer paso de la causa historica de llevar a la practica la idea autoctona de dar importancia a las fuerzas armadas y el principio de la revolucion por estos.
    Con el inicio de la materializacion de la idea arriba mencionada, las fuerzas armadas en la revolucion coreana llegaron a ser un poderoso remedio de la revolucion combinado con la clara estrategia de lucha y la ferrea conviccion. He aqui la originalidad y el poderio invencible de la idea de conceder importancia a las fuerzas armadas, concebida y materializada por el Presidente.
    El programa de la UDI es la partida de la causa del Songun que preparo el ideal y el principio fundamentales de la causa revolucionaria por las fuerzas armadas. El ideal socialista enunciado por la UDI llego a ser el ideal fundamental de la causa del Songun y el principio de la independencia, el antiimperialismo y la revolucion continua enunciado por la UDI es el principio fundamental que asegura la victoria final de la revolucion.
    La UDI fue un centro genetico que formo la armazon organizativa para el cumplimiento de la causa revolucionaria por las fuerzas armadas y una organizacion de vanguardia que entreno la primera generacion de la revolucion coreana. Por los fervorosos combatientes de la UDI se crearon por primera vez en la revolucion coreana las tradiciones de la firme concepcion revolucionaria del lider y de la inmaculada unidad ideo-volitiva, y el modelo del indoblegable espiritu revolucionario y se preparo la firme armazon organizativa de la revolucion del Songun.
    Los bienes ideo-espirituales preparados por la UDI son patrimonios mas valiosos que aseguran la continuacion de la revolucion del Songun, las gloriosas tradiciones que deben mantener de continuo los integrantes de la nuestra generacion y de las venideras y el valioso fundamento que asegura el futuro eterno de la causa del Songun.

Delegado coreano demanda liquidar crimenes de Japon en la ONU

   @Pyongyang, 20 de octubre (ATCC) -- Al intervenir en la reunion del tercer comite del 61o periodo de sesiones de la Asamblea General de la ONU, sesionada el dia 9, el delegado de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea puntualizo que el gobierno coreano se mantiene en su invariable politica de acabar con la discriminacion de la mujer de todo tipo y lograr la igualdad entre el hombre y aquella. El sistema de esclavitud sexual para el viejo ejercito japones es un crimen anti-etico organizado e institucional, el cual en su envergadura no tiene precedente en la historia, que cometio Japon durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial empleando autoridades gubernamentales y militares segun la politica del Estado para tiempos de guerra, recordo el y prosiguio:
    En 1996 el relator especial de la ONU sobre la violacion contra la mujer definio el problema de ex "consoladoras sexuales" como el crimen de abuso sexual por los militares y sugirio al gobierno japones que reconozca la responsabilidad legal al respecto, pida disculpa oficial y recompense pronto a las victimas y que refleje la verdad de la historia en el programa docente y castigue a los criminales.
    Pero, debido a la intencional y obstinada negativa del gobierno japones, esta sugerencia no fue materializada hasta hoy aunque pasaron los 10 anos. Hasta hoy dia, no hubo ningun cambio en la verdadera intencion de Japon que rehusa la responsabilidad del Estado y no quiere reconocer siquiera esa historia criminal. En los ultimos anos, bajo el visto bueno de las autoridades japonesas, fueron borrados o distorsionados sistematicamente en los manuales de historia de este pais isleno los crimenes mencionados y otras barbaridades cometidas en Corea y otros paises asiaticos. Japon debe liquidar primero sus crimenes contra la humanidad, antes de hablar de la "paz" y los "derechos humanos".
    La delegacion de la RPDC vuelve a demandar fuertemente a Japon que reconozca la responsabilidad legal por todos sus crimenes del pasado, inclusive el arresto forzado de mas de 8,4 millones de coreanos, el genocidio de mas de un millon y la imposicion a 200 mil coreanas de la vida de "consoladora sexual" para el ejercito japones, y que pida perdon y recompense sinceramente por el respecto ante la faz del mundo.