WPK Praised

   Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- A seminar on the undying feats of the peerlessly great men was held by the Party for Peace and Unity of Russia and a lecture and a film show by the Pakistan Socialist Party on September 22 and 26 on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea and the 80th anniversary of the Down-with-Imperialism Union. Sazhi Umalatova, chairperson of the Russian party, in a report at the seminar said that the WPK is led by Kim Jong Il, reliable successor to the revolutionary cause started by President Kim Il Sung.
    She noted that Kim Jong Il, possessed of farsighted judgment, is capable of having the political situation under his firm control, adding that his Songun policy, in particular, makes it possible for the Korean people to fully use all possibilities and deal a deserved blow at the moves of the imperialists.
    The DPRK has its legitimate position in the international arena, she noted.
    Mohammad Aslam Malik, secretary general of the Pakistan Trade Union Federation, in a lecture titled "60 odd years of leadership over people" said that the more than 60 year-long history of the WPK proves that the leadership of the party, indeed, provides a sure guarantee for the victory of the human cause of independence, the socialist cause.
    Thanks to the Songun policy of the WPK led by Kim Jong Il the socialist cause of the DPRK has been firmly defended and the Korean people have dynamically advanced towards a high eminence of building a great prosperous powerful nation, he noted.
    Participants of the film show watched Korean film "The Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il Gives On-site Guidance to the Work in Different Fields."
    A message of greetings to Kim Jong Il was adopted at the seminar held in Russia.

German Ambassador Hosts Reception

   Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- German Ambassador to the DPRK Friedrich Ludwig Loehr arranged a reception at his embassy on October 3 on the occasion of the national day of the country. Present on invitation were Kung Sok Ung, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, Hong Son Ok, vice-chairperson of the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries who is chairperson of the DPRK-Germany Friendship Association, Ri Myong San, vice-minister of Foreign Trade, Kim Jong Ung, vice-minister of Public Health, officials concerned and diplomatic envoys of different countries and representatives of international organizations here.
    Staff members of the German embassy were on hand.
    Speeches were made there.

Bulletins Issued in Foreign Countries to Mark Important Days in DPRK

   Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- The Brazil-Korea Friendship Association released a bulletin on September 29 on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea and the 80th anniversary of the Down-with-Imperialism Union. The bulletin in articles respectively titled "The Workers' Party of Korea, vanguard in the anti-imperialist cause of independence, and Kim Jong Il" and "60 years of leadership over people" noted that the WPK having Kim Jong Il as its general secretary has indicated the way to be followed by the cause of independence against imperialism, guided by the unique Songun idea.
    Kim Jong Il elucidated that the Songun idea serves as a banner for sure victory in the anti-imperialist cause of independence, the bulletin noted, stressing:
    He has led the WPK to firmly preserve the anti-imperialist independent character, react to the U.S. imperialists' high-handed policy with a tougher stand and arouse the army and the people to the anti-imperialist struggle, thereby showing the whole world how to stand up against the imperialists' arbitrary practices and hegemonic policy.
    The Ministry of Science and Technology of Niger State of Nigeria on September 27 issued a special bulletin titled "Congratulations on the birthday of the DPRK. On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the formation of the Down-with-Imperialism Union, roots of the Workers' Party of Korea." Printed on it was a picture of Kim Jong Il waving back to the cheering masses from the tribune of honor of Kim Il Sung Square.

S. Korean Judicial Authorities' Fascist Suppression under Fire

   Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- The south Korean judicial authorities recently detained Choe Hui Jong, permanent researcher of the Institute for Civil Rights Studies, and one other person on charges of violation of "appraisal and encouragement," a clause of the "National Security Law" (NSL). A signed commentary of Minju Joson Wednesday says that suppressing people under the pretext of "pro-north activities" and "praising the north" is intolerable as it is an act of negating the joint declaration itself. The commentary goes on:
    If it is true that they manufactured and distributed CDs introducing the Juche idea and posted an article supporting and praising the Songun politics on an Internet homepage, what they did might have reflected the trend of the times.
    Then why do the south Korean judicial authorities incriminate and suppress those who support the Juche idea and the Songun politics. This proves that they still use the outdated yardstick dating back to the Cold War era of confrontation to judge things. It is self-evident that the NSL which designates the fellow countrymen as an "enemy" should be repealed in order for the north and the south to achieve reunification by their concerted efforts under the banner of "By our nation itself", the core of the June 15 joint declaration.
    What merits a serious attention is that the authorities are shutting their eyes to the introduction of mixed culture and ideology of the outsiders that do harm to the dignity of the nation and benumb the independent awareness of the people while kicking up a row of suppression of patriotic people who explained and supported the Juche idea and the Songun politics that command everyone's sympathy and support.
    The south Korean judicial authorities should face up to the trend of the June 15 era, repeal the anti-reunification draconic NSL at an early date and immediately set free the detained patriotic people and democratic figures.

U.S. Scheme to Establish Command in Africa Denounced

   Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- The United States is going to set up a command of its forces in Africa. Commenting on this, papers here Wednesday says this means the establishment of a local aggressive tool for controlling and ruling Africa with strength and an undisguised military interference in this region. A Rodong Sinmun analyst notes:
    The U.S. contemplates establishing its domination and control over the whole of the continent by poking its nose deeply into the affairs of African countries through the command in the future.
    The "war on terrorism" has become at present the pronoun of U.S. military interference and aggression against other countries.
    Under the cloak of "war on terrorism," the U.S. war-like forces are openly resorting to military interference and aggressive acts against the countries which fall out of its favor or are situated at strategic vantages. The U.S. scheme to set up a command of its forces in Africa under the plea of "preventing terrorism" is intended to force its military strategy for attaining its avaricious and predatory aim on the African continent which is of strategic importance next to the Mid-East and is called "a warehouse" of energy resources.
    The U.S. is the chieftain of aggression and war and the main harasser of peace. The louder it cries for "anti-terrorism", the more are the countries embroiled in wars to suffer huge human and material losses.
    If the command is established, the situation in the region will get more complicated and many countries be put on the U.S. altar. So this scheme will bump into the opposition of the African countries desirous of independence and peace.
    A Minju Joson analyst says it is the best way of guaranteeing peace and security of the world to check and foil the U.S. drive for military aggrandizement, urging it to immediately withdraw its forces and military bases from the Korean Peninsula and other parts of the world.

S. Korea Schemes to Establish Missile Unit

   Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- The south Korean military authorities are reportedly scheming to establish a new missile unit. The fact was disclosed as the U.S. Department of Defense on Sept. 29.announced that the U.S. "patriot" missile manufacturing body would sell 1.5 billion U.S. dollars worth of its missile system to south Korea from the next year.
    An official concerned of the south Korean embassy in the U.S. openly said that the south Korean military authorities' purchase of missiles would be made under the "midterm plan for national defense." And an official of the "Defense Committee of the National Assembly" said that the missile unit would be the scale of one battalion level and is expected to be deployed for an actual war till 2008.

All Koreans Called upon to Struggle for Withdrawal of U.S. Forces from S. Korea

   Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- The U.S. forces present in south Korea are a stumbling block lying in the way of implementing the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration which calls for solving the issue of the country's reunification independently by the concerted efforts of the Koreans because they are responsible for it, observes Rodong Sinmun today in an article. It is an urgent requirement of the national history and the ardent desire of the 70 million Koreans to drive the U.S. forces out of south Korea and achieve the country's reunification, the article notes, and goes on:
    To achieve the reunification of the country is the most urgent task facing the Korean nation.
    The U.S. imperialist aggressor forces in south Korea are the main hurdle lying in the way of achieving the country's reunification as they were chiefly to blame for bisecting the territory of Korea into the north and the south.
    The U.S. imperialists have persistently hampered the reunification of Korea, pursuant to their policy of national split, since their illegal occupation of south Korea.
    The U.S. forces in south Korea have stepped up the arms build-up for aggression and persisted in their reckless military provocations against the DPRK, leading the situation to an extreme pitch of tension, hamstringing the efforts to warm the inter-Korean relations and desperately blocking the process of reconciliation and unity of the Korean nation and independent reunification.
    Their pullback from south Korea is, therefore, the basic and common demand of the south Korean people.
    The U.S. policy of military occupation of south Korea is a policy of enslavement to all intents and purposes.
    The U.S. has interfered in all internal affairs of south Korea ranging from the installing of the "government" to shaping its policies and their implementation to serve its purpose of aggression.
    Unspeakable are the misfortune and pain the south Koreans have undergone due to the U.S. forces present in south Korea.
    It is the unanimous will and ardent desire of the Koreans to drive the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces out of south Korea, the article concludes.

Rodong Sinmun on Man-Remolding in Songun Era

   Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- Remolding of man is immediately ideological remolding and this is an important historic task which is essential in social development, declares Rodong Sinmun in an article Wednesday. Noting that it is the consistent policy of the Workers' Party of Korea to give top priority to the remolding of man, the author of the article notes: It is required to develop man-remolding in depth on a higher plane at the present times in which new victories and changes are being registered in anti-imperialist confrontation and the building of a great prosperous powerful nation with the People's Army as the main force under the great banner of Songun idea.
    What is important in man-remolding at the present juncture is to train all the people to be passionate fighters of the Songun era.
    It is the major requirement of man-remolding in the present times to thoroughly arm all the people with great Songun idea.
    The main ideological and moral features of man in the Songun era are that he personifies Songun idea as his physical quality. A true loyal subject today is a man who dedicates his life to upholding the Songun policy of the WPK, accepting great Songun idea as his creed and world outlook.
    Songun idea is a scientific revolutionary idea most correctly reflecting the requirements of the present era and the revolution and it is the ever-victorious banner of the Korean revolution.
    We should make a deep study of the principles of the Songun revolution and the theories of Songun politics indicated by Kim Jong Il and make them our flesh and blood.
    It is the indispensable requirement of man-remolding in the present era to guide all the people to possess the ideological and moral traits and quality of the People's Army.
    An important task facing us is to make the whole society overflow with revolutionary soldier spirit in keeping with the actual requirements of the Songun era.
    All the Party members and working people should be armed firmly with the spirit of devotedly safeguarding the leader, the spirit of devotedly implementing his instructions and heroic self-sacrificing spirit displayed by the People's Army. Only then is it possible to immensely strengthen our revolutionary ranks and achieve a brilliant victory in the present-day struggle to bring earlier the dawn of a great prosperous powerful nation.

Exhibition of Landscapes and Handicrafts Opens

   Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- An exhibition of landscapes of revolutionary battle sites and historic sites and handicrafts was opened at the Pyongyang International Cultural Center to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Down-with-Imperialism Union. On display at the venue of the exhibition were more than 450 pieces of Korean paintings, Korean gem paintings, oil paintings, graphic paintings and handicrafts presented by creators and teachers in Pyongyang and localities including the Mansudae Art Studio, the National Fine Arts Studio and Pyongyang University of Fine Arts.
    Computer poster "80th Anniversary of the Down-with-Imperialism Union", Korean gem painting "The Morning of April 15, 1912", oil painting "The Dawn of October" and other paintings represented the immortal revolutionary feats of President Kim Il Sung in building up the historic roots of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    Visitors were deeply impressed by Korean painting "Angling Site of Mupho", oil painting "Mt. Paektu in June", Korean painting "Royal Azalea on Chol Pass" and others portraying the immortal feats of Kim Jong Il in leading the Korean revolution to victory.
    Korean painting "Face-lifted Samjiyon Sports Village", "Modern Rural Village Turned into Socialist Fairyland" and others vividly reflected well-arranged revolutionary battle sites and historic sites and beautiful mountains and rivers of the country.
    An opening ceremony was held on Tuesday.

New Kind of Fermentation Organism Developed

   Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- The Kusong Chicken Farm in the DPRK has developed a new kind of fermentation organism with which it treats microbiologically chicken excrements for using as feed of domestic animals. The fermentation organism deodorizes excrements, removes parasites and poisonous substances in excrements and controls proliferation of various pathogenic and saprogenic bacteria.
    It, with strong power of decomposing cellulose, helps generate growth-promoting substances, antibiotics and various kinds of vitamins.
    The feed treated by the fermentation organism can be applied to the feed for poultry up to 15 - 30 percent, that for swine up to 8 90 percent, that for goat and cattle up to 6 70 percent and that for fishing farming up to 95 percent.
    The fermentation organism enjoys popularity with stock breeders for its high profitability.

Initiation of Munitions Industry in DPRK

   Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- Today the DPRK has a powerful munitions industry to produce any weapons and combat material and technical equipment. President Kim Il Sung visited the Phyongchon plain in early October Juche 34 (1945) right after the liberation of the country to initiate the munitions industry.
    In order to build a new Korea before the foundation of the Party, state and regular army, he went out to the plain to found the national defence industry prior to his visit to the workers of the Kangson Steel Works. He said that the fight against the imperialists was not over and the victor should be armed with more and more weapons.
    There was in the Phyongchon plain a munitions factory built by the Japanese imperialists for the invasion of the continent before the liberation.
    After their defeat in the Second World War, the Japanese imperialists made havoc of the factory. After looking round it, the President picked up the lot of a new munitions factory in the plain.
    That day, he said that the Korean workers could do anything if they did work in the spirit with which the anti-Japanese guerrillas made the "Yanji bomb" in arsenals in mountains with bare hands and we should manufacture needed weapons by themselves without fail.
    Meanwhile, he took measures to train arms technical personnel in a systematic way for the foundation of an independent national defence industry and to give preference to the supply of production equipment, raw materials and other things to the field. He also bestowed great love and trust on the working class and officials of the munitions factory.
    Two years later, the Phyongchon Munitions Factory was erected in the place as the mother factory of the national defence industry in Korea. Within 20 days after its operation, the workers of the factory succeeded in making the automatic rifles with their own efforts.
    Thanks to the energetic leadership of the President, the founder of the great Songun idea, the DPRK is demonstrating its invincible might of the nation which is armed with modern offensive and defence means.

Kim Yong Nam Receives Credentials from Macedonian Ambassador

   Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, was presented with credentials by Fatmir Xheladini, Macedonian ambassador to the DPRK, at the Mansudae Assembly Hall on Wednesday. On hand was Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Kung Sok Ung.
    After receiving credentials, Kim Yong Nam had a talk with the ambassador.

60th Anniversary of Secondary Education of Koreans in Japan Marked

   Tokyo, October 2 (KNS-KCNA) -- A grand festival of Koreans in Japan took place in Osaka on Oct. 1 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the enforcement of the secondary education of Koreans in Japan. Present there were Chairman So Man Sul, Chief Vice-Chairman Ho Jong Man and other vice-chairmen of the Central Standing Committee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon), the chairman of the Central Audit Committee, the director general of the Secretariat of Chongryon, the director of the History Institute of Korean Residents in Japan, advisors and department directors of the Central Standing Committee of Chongryon, chairmen of Chongryon Headquarters in the Kinki area, leading officials of organizations and enterprises and chairmen of associations of Korean workers in commerce in Japan.
    It was attended by at least 32,000 Koreans from all walks of life in different parts of Japan including Kinki. They included Koreans of the first generation, persons of merit, educators and Koreans in commerce and industry who have been active ever since the very start of national education.
    Among those present on invitation were Japanese figures from all walks of life and foreigners.
    An inaugural function took place first.
    Congratulatory messages from the homeland including one from the DPRK Ministry of Education were introduced there.
    So Man Sul in his opening address said that the national education, the pride and treasure of Chongryon, has made signal progress thanks to the profound loving care of President Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il and remained shining as the fruition of the patriotic spirit and feats performed by the Koreans of the first generation in Japan all their lives and as the might of the unbreakable unity of the compatriots who have steadfastly carried forward this tradition.
    Also introduced there were congratulatory speeches sent by people in the homeland, Japanese figures and Korean students and figures in Japan.
    The function was followed by an art performance titled "Let's Take Pride in and Glorify Our Education!" given by 5,000 students of Korean schools at various levels in the area of Kinki.
    Meanwhile, students of middle and high schools in Osaka, Hyogo and Kyoto presented band music "Song of Front-rankers of Chollima" and "Rich Harvest Comes to the Chongsan Plain" and students of "Korean classes" at Japanese schools in Osaka Prefecture performed chorus "Arirang" and played farmers' musical instruments, adding to the festive atmosphere.
    Celebration events that day also included the second Korean song singing contest, competition in peasant dances, Korean wrestling, Go games, colorful amusement games, a photo exhibition of Korean schools in Kinki marking the 60th anniversary of the enforcement of the secondary education of Koreans in Japan and the 35th art exhibition of Korean students in Japan.

For Spanish-speaking people

Minju Joson condena a autoridades judiciales del Sur de Corea

   Pyongyang, 4 de octubre (ATCC) -- Recientemente, las autoridades judiciales del Sur de Corea arrestaron a dos personas, inclusive el miembro permanente del "Instituto de los Derechos Civiles del Sur de Corea", Choe Hui Jong, en virtud del infame codigo anti-reunificacion: la "ley de seguridad".  Al respecto el rotativo Minju Joson emitio este miercoles un comentario individual subrayando que reprimir a los habitantes acusandolos de elementos "pro-Norte" y por la "alabanza y estimulo" resulta un imperdonable acto que da negativa a la Declaracion Conjunta Norte-Sur del 15 de Junio.
    Si es verdad que los arrestados fabricaron y divulgaron CD sobre la idea Juche y publicaron en el sitio web de internet algunos articulos alabando la politica de Songun (priorizacion militar), se puede decir que estas acciones reflejan la corriente de la epoca, senala el comentarista y prosigue:
    Entonces, ?por que las autoridades judiciales surcoreanas las acriminan?
     Es porque todavia ellas ven las cosas con la concepcion de la vieja epoca de confrontacion de la guerra fria.
     Para lograr la reunificacion con las fuerzas unidas entre el Norte y el Sur de Corea bajo la bandera de "entre nosotros, los connacionales", fundamento de la citada Declaracion Conjunta, hay que abolir la "ley de seguridad" que define a los coterraneos como "enemigos".
    Si bien las autoridades judiciales surcoreanas reprimen salvajemente a quienes explican y apoyan la idea Juche y la politica de Songun, aplaudidas por todos, se mantienen calladas ante la introduccion de la cultura e ideologias exoticas que carcomen la dignidad nacional y adormecen la conciencia independiente de los habitantes.
    Al distinguir bien la corriente de la epoca del 15 de Junio, las autoridades judiciales del Sur de Corea deben abolir cuanto antes la "ley de seguridad" y poner en libertad ahora mismo a los habitantes patrioticos y personalidades democraticas detenidos.

Periodicos dicen "No" a nueva comandancia de EE.UU. en Africa

   Pyongyang, 4 de octubre (ATCC) -- Los periodicos capitalinos publicaron este miercoles sendos comentarios individuales denunciando que la instauracion de una nueva comandancia de tropas norteamericanas en Africa significa la fundacion de un aparato de agresion para dominar y controlar con la fuerza a este continente y una abierta intervencion militar en esta region. EE.UU. suena con dominar en lo adelante a todo el continente africano interviniendo profundamente en asuntos internos de los paises regionales a traves de la comandancia referida, opina el comentarista del diario Rodong Sinmun y prosigue:
    Actualmente, la "guerra antiterrorista" es el sinonimo de la intervencion militar y la agresion de EE.UU. contra otros paises. Bajo esa consigna las fuerzas belicistas norteamericanas intervienen e invaden abiertamente a los paises que no les agradan o estan situados en puntos estrategicos.
     EE.UU. pretende instalar la comandancia en cuestion so pretexto de "prevencion del terrorismo" a fin de ejecutar su estrategia militar para cumplir su codicioso y usurpador proposito sobre el continente africano, otro importante nido estrategico despues del Medio Oriente y "almacen" de recursos energeticos.
    EE.UU. es el caudillo de agresion y guerra y el perturbador de la paz en el siglo actual.
     Cuanto mas resuena la consigna del "antiterrorismo", tanto mas crece el numero de los paises involucrados en la guerra sufriendo incontables perdidas humanas y materiales.
    Si se instala esa comandancia, se complicara mas la situacion regional y muchos paises pueden convertirse en victimas de EE.UU.
     Las maniobras del imperio para el particular chocaran con un rechazo rotundo de los paises africanos que aspiran a la independencia y la paz.
    Por su parte, el periodico Minju Joson senala que el mejor remedio para asegurar la paz y la seguridad del mundo es detener y frustrar las maniobras de expansion militar de EE.UU. y demanda a este sacar sin mas demora a sus tropas y bases militares de la Peninsula Coreana y otras regiones del mundo.

Exposicion de pinturas y artesanias por 80o aniversario de la UDI

   Pyongyang, 4 de octubre (ATCC) -- Quedo montada la vispera en la Casa Internacional de Cultura de Pyongyang la exposicion de paisajes de los lugares de combates revolucionarios y los historicos de la revolucion y de productos artesanales por el 80o aniversario de la fundacion de la Union para Derrotar al Imperialismo (UDI).  En esta ocasion estan presentadas mas de 450 ponencias, entre otras, las pinturas al estilo coreano, las hechas con polvos de piedra preciosa, las al oleo, dibujos editoriales, bordados y productos de artes menores, etc., hechos por los creadores y profesores capitalinos y de otras localidades, en particular, de la Casa de Creacion Mansudae, la Casa Nacional de Bellas Artes y la Universidad de Bellas Artes de Pyongyang.
     El afiche dibujado con computadora "El 80o aniversario de la fundacion de la UDI", la pintura hecha con polvos de piedra preciosa "La manana del 15 de Abril de 1912", el cuadro al oleo "Madrugada de Octubre" y otras obras describen las inmortales hazanas revolucionarias del Presidente Kim Il Sung quien echo raices historicas del Partido del Trabajo de Corea.
     En tanto, dejan profunda impresion a los visitantes las pinturas al estilo coreano "Zona de pesca en Mupho" y "Rododendro en el puerto Chol", el cuadro al oleo "El monte Paektu en junio" y otras alusivas a las inmortales proezas del Dirigente Kim Jong Il, quien conduce siempre a la victoria la Revolucion Coreana.
     De otro lado, las pinturas al estilo coreano "Transformada villa deportiva de Samjiyon", "Las aldeas rurales convertidas en paraisos socialistas" y otras muestran verosimilmente los lugares de combates revolucionarios y los historicos de la revolucion y el magnifico panorama de la patria.

Llanura Phyongchon - cuna de nueva industria armamentista

   Pyongyang, 4 de octubre (ATCC) -- Hoy en dia, la industria armamentista de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea es capaz de fabricar cualesquier armas y equipos tecnicos de combate. Inmediatamente despues de la liberacion de Corea, a principios de octubre del 34 (1945) de la Era Juche, aun antes de acudir a los obreros de la Aceria de Kangson, el Presidente Kim Il Sung visito la llanura Phyongchon para levantar el primer pilar de la industria belica.
    En aquellos dias en que se iniciaba la construccion de nueva Corea y no se habian fundado aun el partido, el Estado y las fuerzas armadas regulares, el Presidente recalco que no habia terminado la lucha contra los imperialistas y que para los triunfadores necesitaban mayor cantidad de fusiles.
    Antes de la liberacion de Corea, los imperialistas japoneses instalaron en este lugar una gran fabrica a fin de producir los armamentos necesarios para la agresion al continente asiatico.
    Pero, en visperas de su derrota en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, los japoneses la destruyeron terriblemente.
     Tras divisar muy adolorido alrededores de la llanura reducida a escombros, el Presidente se persono a fijar el terreno para la construccion de una nueva fabrica.
    Ese dia, enseno que nada es imposible si se trabaja con aquel espiritu con que en el periodo de la lucha armada antijaponesa los guerrilleros producian con muy escasos recursos las "bombas de mano Yon-gil" en los talleres montados en montes. Y destaco la necesidad de fabricar sin falta las armas necesarias con las propias fuerzas.
    Por otra parte, como colofon de los preparativos para la fundacion de la industria armamentista independiente, tomo medidas para formar de manera sistematica al personal tecnico de la rama y proveer con preferencia de los equipos productivos, materias primas y otros recursos.
     Ademas, dispenso gran amor y confianza a los obreros y funcionarios que trabajarian en la nueva fabrica.
    Dos anos despues desde entonces, se inauguro por fin la Fabrica de Armas de Phyongchon, progenitora de la industria belica de Corea, y los obreros fabricaron por propia cuenta el fusil ametrallador a los 20 dias de operacion.
    Gracias a la visita historica a la llanura Phyongchon, que realizo el Presidente, creador de la idea del Songun (priorizacion militar), previendo el futuro de la industria belica del pais, la RPDC exalta hoy su poderio como invencible potencia militar con todos los medios modernos de ataque y defensa.