KCNA Urges Japan to Make Public Truth behind DNA Test

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- A member of a south Korean organization, to the astonishment of the public within and without, recently testified that the Japanese government, when requesting Teikyo University to test the remains of Megumi Yokota, prearranged the branding of the remains as fake. He exposed that the Japanese government and the "Society for Relief" were abusing the "Megumi issue" for a political purpose and they even took some "defectors from the north" to Japan and forced them to make poorly founded testimonies, while giving money to some south Koreans concerned to make them distort the "abduction issue".
    As already known, the DPRK has made sincere efforts to settle the "abduction issue".
    In this course, the husband of Megumi Yokota handed her remains directly to the head of the Japanese government investigation team in response to the repeated entreaties of the Japanese side when the team was visiting Pyongyang in November 2004.
    Furthermore, early in July this year, he complied with coverage by Japanese media and made clear once again the background of Megumi's death and the disposal of the remains.
    But the Japanese side concluded and declared that the remains were not of Megumi on the basis of results of a DNA test bereft of scientific and objective accuracy. Moreover, the Japanese side broadly spread fantastic public opinion that the dead woman was still alive, quite contrary to the efforts to settle the "abduction issue", crying that it would "tackle the settlement of the issue on the assumption that all the victims to the abduction are alive".
    Let us see the course of the DNA test of her remains. The Japanese side has ignored the elementary rules, the common knowledge in the transport, transfer, keeping and handling of remains and DNA test and publication of its results. It has not yet made public the test paper.
    The results of the test made public by Japan have become a target of strong doubts and questions not only in other countries but in Japan. The British science magazine Nature also pointed to some points open to question.
    The above-said south Korean testifier stated he heard from Japanese government officials concerned that the Japanese authorities had been informed of the death of Megumi and that Kaoru Hasuike who had been close to Megumi and her husband testified to her death after returning to Japan.
    Japan continues to bring forward the already settled abduction issue, while sticking to the fiction that "Megumi is alive". What it seeks in this is to evade the settlement of its past and mislead public opinion, thus speeding up the revision of the constitution for overseas aggression and the building of a military giant.
    Judging from the seeking of a sinister purpose by Japan so zealously as to make a perfunctory test on the assumption of the remains being fake, no one can deny the possibilities of some intrigue or fabrication such as the addition of remains of a third one.
    With a clue furnished, Japan is not hesitant in such shameless gangster-like acts as blackmailing the testifier every day.
    A Japanese of conscience and discretion should feel ashamed of the dastardly drama of Japan.
    Japan should make clear the truth behind the DNA test of the remains of Megumi to the international community and human conscience, punish those responsible and return the remains in their original state without delay.

All Koreans Called Upon to Force U.S. Imperialists to Redress Their Crimes

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- The Korean nation will never forget the 140-year long history of the U.S. imperialists' aggression against Korea but force the U.S. to pay for it a thousand times. Rodong Sinmun Friday says this in a signed article. It goes on:
    The U.S. imperialists have worked hard to realize their design for aggression and domination over Korea for nearly one and a half centuries since the intrusion of their aggression ship "General Sherman" (August, 1866).
    Their aggression and plunder of Korea have never ceased even since the shameful defeat of the ship. After the defeat of the Japanese imperialists in the middle of the 20th century the U.S. imperialists landed in south Korea under the mask of "liberator," intensifying their military aggression against Korea. The U.S. imperialists are the sworn enemy of the Korean nation as they divided the homogeneous nation with a 5,000-year long history, imposing all sorts of national misfortune and pain upon it for such a long period of time.
    Already in the early period of their occupation of south Korea they divided Korea into the north and the south by staging a "separate election" and cooking up a "separate government." It was none other than the U.S. imperialists who cracked down at the point of the bayonet upon the patriotic struggle of the south Korean people to achieve national reunification against national division including the April 3 popular uprising on Jeju Island, the April 19 popular uprising and the Kwangju popular uprising. It was again they who torpedoed the inter-Korean dialogue for implementing the June 4 joint statement in the 1970s and the north-south agreement and the joint declaration for denuclearization in the 1990s. The U.S. moves against the reunification of Korea are still going on though the Koreans live in the June 15 era of reunification.
    The Korean war ignited by the U.S. imperialists in the 1950s brought unspeakable disasters and misfortune to the Korean nation. Since the ceasefire they have watched for a chance to provoke another war against the DPRK as evidenced by the incident of the armed spy ship "Pueblo," the incident of large spy plane "EC-121” and the Panmunjom incident. In the new century they have put spurs to bolstering up their combat forces under the pretexts of the relocation of their forces in south Korea and their "strategic flexibility." They are frantically staging almost every day such large-scale joint military exercises targeted against the north as "RSOI," "Foal Eagle" and "Ulji Focus Lens."
    They perpetrated all sorts of violence and pillage against south Koreans, regarding them as "inferior people of a colony" and "field mice." As if it were not enough with this, they did not bother to shoot and stab civilians to death and drive their armored cars over them to kill them. This group of cannibals is the descendents of "General Sherman."
    The above-said history of the U.S. imperialists' aggression of Korea is a history of the most monstrous and horrendous crimes against humanity as they wantonly violated the dignity and sovereignty of the Korean nation and inflicted unspeakable misfortune and disasters upon the people. They are the sworn enemy of the entire Korean nation.

140-Year-Long History of U.S. Aggression against Korea under Fire

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- The History Society of the DPRK made public a memorandum on Sept. 1 140 years since soldiers and people in the Walled City of Pyongyang waged a patriotic struggle against the U.S. imperialists' aggression ship General Sherman's illegal intrusion into the River Taedong to commit atrocities and sent it to the bottom of the river. The lengthy memorandum has three parts under the following sub-titles: "1. The true colors of USS General Sherman and the U.S. imperialists' start of war to invade Korea," "2. The U.S. imperialists' positive support to the Japanese imperialists' occupation of Korea and colonial rule over it" and "3. The chief architect of division of Korea and chieftain of war for dominating it."
    The memorandum cites concrete facts to prove that the U.S. imperialists have ceaselessly committed all sorts of moves for aggression against Korea in every form and by all means for 140 years.
    According to the memorandum, the ship was a scout ship dispatched by the U.S. imperialists to Korea under the disguise of "a trade ship" to reduce it to their commodity market and a base for looting raw materials.
    It says:
    According to the data about the ship Princess Royal, the predecessor of USS General Sherman, recently available from the San Francisco Museum in the U.S., it was a developed warship with a steam engine and the canvas belonging to the U.S. Navy in those times. It was equipped with four guns and had "a great many rifles, shotguns and swords and a large quantity of shells and bullets aboard.
    Needless to say, it was a heavily armed ship for aggression.
    The mission of the ship was to play the role of an advance and scout party in order to carry out the U.S. government's Korea policy aimed at "forcing Korea to open to it." The ship had operated according to the instructions of the U.S. government. It can be clearly evidenced by the fact that the ship sailed to China to "protect the interests of the U.S. in China" and was dispatched to Korea from there under the guise of a trade ship.
    The U.S. was beaten hard by the defeat of the largest-ever expeditionary force since the civil war. It gave up its plan to conquer Korea single-handedly and started to look for its ally. It thus chose Japan as its suitable one.
    When Japan forced Korea to sign the Kanghwa Island Treaty in February of 1876 the U.S. shouted for joy and worked out a scenario for aggression which called on Japan to impose an unequal treaty upon Korea. Taking advantage of "good offices" of Japan and the contradictions between the Ching Dynasty and Japan, the U.S. forced Korea to sign the "Korea-U.S. Treaty" on the 6th of April, 1882.
    The U.S. imperialists, while keeping their ambition to invade Korea under wraps, worked in the direction of openly instigating its ally Japan to occupy Korea.
    The Japanese imperialists perpetrated two wars of aggression (Sino-Japanese war and Russo-Japanese war) to seize Korea, a product of such cunning and insidious policy of the U.S. imperialists.
    The U.S. imperialists fabricated with Japan the "Taft-Katsura Agreement" as a memorandum on the 29th of July in 1905, thus legally assuring Japan of their support to its occupation of Korea.
    The tragic "Ulsa Five-point Treaty" and "Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty" imposed upon Korea were products of the criminal conspiracy and tie-up between the U.S. and Japan to all intents and purposes.
    The Japanese imperialists' occupation of Korea and their more than 40 year-long colonial rule over Korea always received strong support from the U.S. imperialists.
    After emerging the ringleader of world imperialism at the end of the World War II the U.S. imperialists schemed to start "Crusade" for the domination of the world from the Asian continent, the Korean Peninsula, in particular. They started this operation by dividing Korea, a crime against her people.
    The 38th parallel was, from the outset, no more than a temporary line from which the forces of the Soviet Union and the U.S. were meant to wrest surrender from the imperial Japanese army. But the U.S. imperialists were so crafty as to use it for realizing its strategy to put the world under its domination. They brought into bolder relief their ambition to put south Korea under their permanent occupation and turn it into "an outpost in the Far East."
    After staging a separate election on May 10, the U.S. imperialists ignited a war in Korea on June 25, 1950.
    During the three-year-long war the barbarous U.S. imperialists killed millions of innocent Koreans in the north and the south of Korea.
    They have not given up their moves to put Korea under their domination since the ceasefire. On contrary, they have become all the more undisguised in their moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK. The U.S. Korea strategy pursued from Eisenhower to the present Bush administration is to stifle the DPRK with nuclear weapons by provoking another war against it.
    Such large-scale war drills as "Team Spirit", "Foal Eagle" and "Ulji Focus Lens" staged by the U.S. imperialists across south Korea numbered more than tens of thousands with a total of 20 million troops involved.
    Their frantic and reckless moves to start a war have always pushed the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the brink of war since the ceasefire. They had perpetrated more than 150,000 cases of military provocations against the DPRK up to 1999 since the ceasefire.
    Their moves for aggression, domination and war against Korea have reached an extreme phase due to the vicious moves of the present Bush administration to isolate and stifle the DPRK and its anti-reunification moves.
    The U.S. imperialists are a stumbling block lying in the way of reunification of Korea as they have pursued a separatist policy for such a long period of time.
    The above-said history of the U.S. imperialists' aggression against Korea self-exposes before the world that the U.S. is the sworn enemy of the Korean nation as it imposed only subjugation, division and war upon the people century after century, the memorandum noted, stressing the Korean people will surely settle accounts with the U.S. imperialist aggressors for their crime-woven history under the uplifted banner of Songun.

Friendly Meeting Held in Laos

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- A friendly meeting was held at the Laos-Korea Youth Friendship Centre on Aug. 24 on the occasions of the 58th founding anniversary of the DPRK and the Youth Day. Its participants laid a floral basket before the portraits of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il at the centre and paid tribute to them.
    The deputy secretary of the C.C., the Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union, addressing the meeting, said that the young Korean people have achieved a great advance in building a great prosperous powerful nation despite all sorts of difficulties and trials entirely thanks to the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il.
    The Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union will extend full support to the Korean youths in their just cause and make all efforts to develop the friendly ties between the young peoples of Laos and the DPRK, he stressed.
    An art performance was given by members of the centre at the meeting.

Joint War Games Denounced

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- The British Association for the Study of Songun Policy and the British Branch of the Association for Friendship with the Korean People issued a joint statement in denunciation of the U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises "Ulji Focus Lens". The statement said that the exercises vividly reveal the intention of the U.S. imperialists to put sustained military pressure on the DPRK and invade it, come what may.
    Saying that "Ulji Focus Lens" poses a grave threat to the peace and security of the Korean Peninsula, the Asian-Pacific region and the rest of the world, it demands a prompt stop to the drill which is being staged at a time when the U.S. imperialists' hostile policy against the DPRK has reached an extremely grave stage.

British Organization Lodges Protest with U.S. President

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- The British Branch of the Association for Friendship with the Korean People sent a protest letter to the U.S. president on Aug. 24, slamming the U.S. for staging the "Ulji Focus Lens" joint military exercises in south Korea. Hitting hard at the exercises, the letter branded them as a grave provocation to the DPRK and a malicious challenge to the peace of Asia and the rest of the world.
    No one can guarantee that the military rehearsal will not go over to a real war, considering the aggressive nature and bellicose hysterics of the U.S. imperialists, it said, adding: The U.S. imperialists' military threat to Korea has turned into reality today.
    The joint maneuvers, it further said, indicate that the U.S. imperialists' drive to unleash a second Korean war has entered a practical phase. The British Branch of the Association demands the U.S. imperialists immediately stop the provocative maneuvers.

"Ulji Focus Lens" Sharply Denounced in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- Members of the Reunification Solidarity, the People for Achieving Peace and Reunification, the People's Solidarity and other civic and public organizations of south Korea held a meeting in the vicinity of the U.S. embassy in Seoul on Aug. 26 and strongly denounced the "Ulji Focus Lens" joint military exercises, according to Internet Thongil News of south Korea. The meeting was addressed by Ri Kyu Jae, chairman of the South Headquarters of the National Alliance for the Country's Reunification, Kim Zong Il, joint secretary general of the People for Achieving Peace and Reunification, and others.
    They said the "Ulji Focus Lens" is a highly dangerous war game apparently designed to invade the north and there lurks behind it the sinister intention of the United States to gain hegemony on the Korean Peninsula and, furthermore, in Northeast Asia.
    A resolution was read out at the meeting.
    It was preceded by an event of the fourth Seoul regional monthly joint action against the U.S. and war.

Anniversary of Sinking of U.S. Aggression Ship Observed

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- The sinking of the U.S. imperialist aggression ship General Sherman was a historic event as it powerfully demonstrated the heroic stamina and indomitable will of the Korean people to resolutely fight against any moves of foreign forces for aggression, not yielding to them, says Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary. The commentary goes on:
    The history of the U.S. imperialists' aggression against Korea that began with the intrusion of their ship General Sherman in August of 1866 is a crime-woven history which the Koreans can neither forget nor pardon down through generations. They should, therefore, force the aggressors to pay for it without fail.
    The U.S. imperialists, the Korean nation's sworn enemy, began stretching their tentacles of aggression to Korea 140 years ago. Their moves for invading the DPRK have reached an extremely reckless phase. The large-scale "Ulji Focus Lens" joint military exercises now being staged by the U.S. in south Korea are a dangerous prelude to a preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK. The extremely provocative joint military maneuvers aimed to invade the DPRK are a clear proof that the U.S. imperialist war maniacs are set to unhesitatingly resort to a military adventure to realize their long-harbored ambition to seize the DPRK.
    The U.S. imperialists' moves for aggression and war have done tremendous harm to the Korean nation striving hard to carve out its destiny by itself and achieve uniform development of the country.
    Rodong Sinmun calls upon all Koreans in the north, the south and abroad to turn out as one in the nation-wide anti-U.S. struggle to put an end to the U.S. imperialists' military occupation and domination over south Korea and smash their moves to provoke a war against the north.

Rodong Sinmun Observes NAM Day

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Friday dedicates an article to Day of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). The author of the article says:
    The purpose and desire of humankind to see a just and peaceful 21st century is still facing a serious challenge. Urged by its idea and mission, the NAM should wage a more relentless struggle for independence against imperialism and peace against war.
    The NAM is a mighty anti-imperialist revolutionary force in the present era. The key to a victorious advance of the NAM lies in advancing under the uplifted banner of the struggle for independence and peace against imperialism.
    Openly pursuing a double and discriminative policy, the United States is wallowing in one-man show and arbitrariness and is getting more outspoken in the threat of preemptive nuclear attack on the anti-imperialist independent countries. The strong-arm practices of the U.S. are reducing the international nuclear non-proliferation system including the NPT to dead wood and pushing non-nuclear states toward the possession of nuclear deterrent for their self defense.
    The NAM should pay due attention to the injustice and consequences of the application of double standards to the international relations and put up a collective rebuff to it.
    The U.S. imperialists' "war on terrorism" is a gangster-like act of aggression on sovereign states and an escalation of the war for the conquest of the world. If such aggressive "war" is overlooked and the struggle against it is neglected, its victims will, in the long run, be the non-aligned and developing countries.
    It is non other than the U.S. that drives a wedge among NAM countries and split and sow discord among them and egg them on to dispute and conflict. The guarantee for the preservation of the NAM and its development lies in the struggle to defend peace against imperialism and war.
    It is essential now for the NAM countries to intensify the joint action so that the principle of respect for sovereignty may be strictly guaranteed in handling outstanding major international problems including disarmament, human rights and UN reform.
    The efforts to intensify the NAM and rejuvenate its activities should be promoted in such a manner as to uphold its principle and idea and strengthen the unity and solidarity of its member states.
    Righteous are the idea and purpose of the NAM. No one can block the process of its advance.
    The DPRK government is making every possible effort to invariably adhere to the basic principles and idea of the NAM, ensure its purity and steadily strengthen and develop it.

Songun Politics Based on Juche Idea

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- Songun politics is an independent one based on the Juche idea, which displays an invincible might in revolutionary practice. It is the fundamental principle of the Juche idea to defend and realize the independence of countries, nations and popular masses in a most thorough-going way.
    This requirement of the Juche idea is materialized by the Songun politics. The politics demands to solve all the problems arising in the revolution and construction on the principle of giving a preference to the military affairs and carry on the socialist cause as a whole with the People's Army as the motive force of the revolution and in reliance on it.
    Independence is the lifeblood of the popular masses as well as a country and nation.
    The revolution for independence of people is accompanied by fierce confrontation of strength with counterrevolutionary force, and thus the victory or defeat in the struggle depends on military power.
    The Songun politics makes it possible to strengthen the army as an invincible force so that it can frustrate any aggressive moves of the imperialists at a stroke and defend the sovereignty of the nation with credit.
    The justice and vitality of the Songun politics have been proved in the practice of the Korean revolution and are becoming more pronounced as the days go by.
    In Korea where the anti-imperialist military front is the main front of the revolution, the People's Army should make up the driving force of the revolution and the sovereignty of the country and the nation and the independent position of the popular masses are ensured by the army.
    It is entirely thanks to the great Songun politics that today the Korean people are vigorously building a great prosperous powerful nation, resolutely smashing the U.S. moves to stifle the DPRK.
    Inviolable is the sovereignty of the DPRK guided by the Songun politics based on the Juche idea, the most thorough independent idea.

New Stamps Issued

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- New stamps have been issued in the DPRK on the lapse of 140 years since the sinking of the U.S. ship of invasion General Sherman. General Sherman, a scout ship for the invasion on Korea, sailed upstream the River Taedong in August 1866, committing predatory and murderous acts at random.
    Enraged at the brutalities of the invaders, Kim Ung U, the great-grandfather of President Kim Il Sung, and Pyongyangites formed a death-defying corps and sent the ship to the bottom of the river with a fire-attack tactics on September 2.
    Reflected in the stamp are words "Sinking of the U.S. Imperialist Aggression Ship 'General Sherman'" and "140 Years" and a scene showing the ship in a blaze.
    The face value of the stamp is 130 won.
    Four kinds of stamps showing the motorcycle and owl were also issued.

Juche-oriented Aesthetic Seminar Held

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- A Juche-oriented aesthetic seminar on feature films "Diary of a Girl Student" and "Pyongyang Nalpharam" took place at the Pyongyang International Cinema House Thursday. The Korean Film Studio recently produced the above-said new films as masterpieces which ushered in a new golden age of the Juche-oriented moviedom in the Songun era. This was the result of the successful embodiment of the Juche-oriented aesthetic idea of Kim Jong Il.
    Speakers at the seminar recalled that he led creators and artistes with warm care, watching the films.
    They noted that the creative activities to embody the Juche-oriented aesthetic idea of the Workers' Party of Korea helped them keenly realize that one can find profound idea and significant theme in everyday life and any attempt to depict what happened in the past from a dogmatic point of view when dealing with any historical event would not have any impact on the ideological and moral aspects of the Korean people's life in the Songun era.
    Those activities also helped creators and artistes overcome the tendencies of naturalism and creating masterpieces ignoring truth of life and producers remarkably raise the level of their dramaturgy and editing skill and actors and actresses present truthful and impressive acting, they added.
    They pointed out that the Juche-oriented aesthetic idea gave perfect answers to all theoretical and practical questions arising in the creation of masterpieces such as an issue of shooting anything to make it appear real, issue of theme song and music to go with scenes and the issue of recording dialogues and sound effects to suit the atmosphere and environment of any activity.
    They called on all creators and artistes to create more masterpieces in the Songun era in hearty response to the Party's Juche-oriented idea and theory of literature and art.

Greetings to Vietnamese President

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, today sent a message of greetings to Nguyen Minh Triet, president of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the foundation of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The message sincerely wished the president greater success in his responsible work and expressed conviction that the long-standing friendly and cooperative relations between the DPRK and Vietnam would continue favorably developing in the interests of the two peoples and in conformity with their desire.

Greetings to Uzbek President

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, Friday sent a message of greetings to Islam Karimov, president of Uzbekistan, on the occasion of the 15th national day. The message sincerely wished the president greater success in his responsible work for the stability of the country and the wellbeing of the people and expressed belief that the friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries would continue to favorably develop in the future, too.

Greetings to Vietnamese PM

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- Pak Pong Ju, premier of the DPRK Cabinet, sent a message of greetings to Nguyen Tan Dung, prime minister of Vietnam, on the 61st anniversary of the founding of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The message wished the prime minister and government of Vietnam successes in their work for an earlier industrialization and modernization of the country and expressed the belief that the friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries would continue developing favorably in various fields.

DPRK Advances to Gold Medal Round of FIFA Women's World Championship

   Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- The DPRK booked a berth in the final of the 3rd FIFA U-20 Women's World Championship by beating Brazil in the semi-finals. In the semi-final match at Lokomotiv Stadium in Moscow on August 31, the DPRK players threatened the goal of Brazil with medium and long passes, duo or trio teamwork and fierce attack while maintaining tight defense against the opponent as its players were physically strong and had techniques as high as men's.
    In the first half of the match, Kim Kyong Hwa of the DPRK strongly kicked the ball only to hit the post of the goal. And there were several more chances to score a goal.
    Kim Kyong Hwa kicked the ball from the left corner around the 41st minute of the second half before sweeper Ri Un Hyang kicked the ball into the opponent's net when there was confusion. Thus the DPRK team defeated the Brazilian team 1:0.
    The DPRK team will meet the Chinese team in the final on Sept. 3.

For Spanish-speaking people

Japon debe esclarecer hasta el fondo el caso de Megumi-Comentario de ATCC-

   Pyongyang, 1 de septiembre (ATCC) -- Recientemente, un integrante de una entidad surcoreana declaro que el gobierno japones estuvo decidido a insistir en que no son de Megumi Yokoda ya antes de solicitar al Colegio Deikyo el peritaje de sus restos mortales.  Estas declaraciones producen ahora un gran espanto dentro y fuera del pais.
    El prosiguio que el gobierno japones y una entidad llamada "Encuentro de rescate" malemplean el "problema de Megumi" con fines politicos y trasladaron a Japon a unos "fugitivos norcoreanos" para que hagan declaraciones carentes de fundamentos. Ademas, revelo que sobornan con el dinero a algunos surcoreanos relacionados para facilitar la tergiversacion del "problema del secuestro".
    Ya es de sobra conocido que la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea realizo hasta la fecha esfuerzos sinceros por la solucion de este "problema".
    En noviembre de 2004, a solicitud reiterada del grupo de investigacion gubernamental de Japon, el ex esposo de Megumi entrego de primera mano al jefe de este grupo los restos mortales de su conyuge.
    Ademas, a principios de julio ultimo, a peticion de los medios de prensa japoneses, concedio una rueda de prensa en que aclaro una vez mas como fallecio su esposa (Megumi) y que hizo con sus restos mortales.
    Sin embargo, el gobierno japones afirmo que son de otra persona los restos mortales en cuestion, ateniendose al resultado de la prueba DNA, carente de fundamentos cientificos y objetividad.
    De mal en peor, al tomar el camino opuesto a la solucion del problema, difunde rumores como si la muerta estuviera viva esgrimiendo la consigna de "proceder a la solucion del problema pensando que todas las victimas del secuestro estan vivas".
    Pero, la parte japonesa no observo los mas elementales reglamentos que rigen en el traslado y conservacion de restos mortales, la prueba DNA y la publicacion de su resultado y todavia no ha dado a luz el informe del peritaje.
    Como la revista cientifica britanica "Nature" presentara las controversias al respecto, en otros paises y hasta en el interior de Japon surgen fuertes sospechas e interrogantes de ese resultado.
    Aquel testigo surcoreano confeso que las autoridades japonesas ya sabian de antemano de la muerte de Megumi y que el mismo escucho en boca de los relacionados con el caso dentro del gobierno nipon que Kaoru Hasuike, intimo amigo del matrimonio de la difunta, habia confirmado el deceso de esta despues de repatriar a Japon.
    Hasta a estas alturas, el pais-isla sigue cuestionando el ya resuelto problema del secuestro insistiendo en que "Megumi esta viva". Esta conducta persigue una finalidad de evadir la liquidacion del pasado criminal y distorsionar la opinion publica para acelerar la enmienda constitucional encaminada a la agresion a ultramar y la conversion en una potencia militar.
    Si se tiene en cuenta que partiendo de su malsano intento, Japon desarrollo por pura formalidad ese examen forense que arrojaria en todo caso tal resultado, no se puede descartar la posibilidad de que este pais haya agregado los huesos ajenos a los de Megumi.
    Ya revelada la verdad del caso, en un gesto del gangster, Japon chantajea todos los dias a ese surcoreano.
    Todos los japoneses de conciencia limpia y juiciosos deben sentirse verguenza de ese complot tan sucio de Japon contemporaneo.
    Japon debe esclarecer hasta el fondo el problema del peritaje referido ante la sociedad internacional y la conciencia de la humanidad y devolver ahora mismo en su estado original los polemicos restos mortales tras castigar a los manipuladores del resultado.

Hundimiento de "Sherman" fue castigo merecido a EE.UU.

   Pyongyang, 1 de septiembre (ATCC) -- El hundimiento del barco norteamericano de agresion "Sherman". fue un acontecimiento historico que mostro el temperamento heroico e indoblegable voluntad del pueblo coreano que sabe rechazar con coraje cualesquiera maniobras agresivas de las fuerzas extranjeras. Asi senala el diario Rodong Sinmun en un comentario individual del dia primero y continua:
    La nacion coreana no puede olvidar ni perdonar la criminal y horrenda historia de agresion a Corea de los imperialistas norteamericanos, iniciada desde agosto de 1866 con la intrusion del barco "Sherman".
    Tales maniobras de EE.UU. -enemigo jurado de la nacion coreana- que datan de 1866, entran hoy en una etapa sumamente peligrosa.
     El ejercicio militar conjunto "Ulji Focus Lens" de gran envergadura, que en estos momentos EE.UU. libra en el Sur de Corea, significa una mecha para atizar el fuego al ataque preventivo nuclear contra el Norte de Corea.
     Estas maniobras tan provocativas y agresivas apuntando a la RPDC constituyen una prueba contundente de que los belicistas yanquis tomaron el camino de aventuras militares para realizar a toda cuesta su largamente acariciada ambicion de agredir a Corea.
    Las maniobras de agresion y guerra de los imperialistas yanquis, que perduran durante los 140 anos desde la invasion del "Sherman", perjudican seriamente la forja del destino de manera independiente y el desarrollo unificado de la nacion coreana.
    Todos los coreanos del Norte, el Sur y en ultramar deben levantarse unanimemente en la lucha antiyanqui pannacional por poner fin a la ocupacion militar y la dominacion del Sur de Corea por EE.UU. y frustrar las maniobras de este para desatar una nueva guerra contra el Norte de Corea.

Rodong Sinmun conmemora Dia de NOAL

   Pyongyang, 1 de septiembre (ATCC) -- El diario Rodong Sinmun publico este viernes un articulo individual con enfasis en que el Movimiento de No Alineados (NOAL) debe luchar mas resueltamente por la independencia antiimperialista y la paz contra la guerra en fiel acato a su ideal y mision. Hoy dia, la aspiracion de la humanidad al siglo 21 justo y pacifico tropieza con serios desafios, apunta el articulista y prosigue:
    La clave del avance victorioso del NOAL, que significa poderosas fuerzas revolucionarias antiimperialistas, reside en levantar en alto la bandera de lucha antiimperialista y por la independencia y la paz.
    Al practicar su politica discriminatoria y de doble rasero, Estados Unidos se porta con autoritarismo y amenaza abiertamente a los paises antiimperialistas e independientes con asestar ataque preventivo nuclear. Tal procedimiento rompe el sistema internacional de no proliferacion nuclear incluyendo el TNP (tratado de no proliferacion) y estimula a los paises sin armas nucleares a poseer las fuerzas disuasorias de este tipo para la defensa legitima.
     El NOAL debe prestar mucha atencion a la injusta aplicacion del doble rasero en las relaciones internacionales y rechazarla en colectivo.
    La "guerra antiterrorista" lanzada por los imperialista s estadounidenses deviene una agresion ilegitima contra los paises soberanos y la escalada de las guerras para conquistar el mundo entero. Si hacen vista gorda de ella o aflojan la lucha en su contra, los que se convertiran en sus victimas son precisamente los paises no alineados y en vias de desarrollo.
    Por otra parte, EE.UU. siembra cizanas entre los paises no alineados para dividirlos y hacerlos caer en discordias y conflictos.
     Por lo tanto, la garantia de existencia y desarrollo del NOAL radica en la lucha contra el imperialismo y la guerra y por la paz.
    En la actualidad, es preciso que los paises miembros coordinen sus acciones para garantizar el principio de respeto a la soberania en el trato de los importantes problemas internacionales como el desarme, los derechos humanos y la reforma de la ONU. Tambien deben realizar los esfuerzos por fortalecer el NOAL y activar sus labores en direccion de mantener los principios y el ideal del mismo y consolidar la unidad y solidaridad entre si.
    Son muy justos el ideal y el proposito del NOAL y nadie puede detener el avance de este.
    El gobierno de la RPDC se esfuerza en todo lo posible por mantener invariablemente los principios fundamentales y el ideal del NOAL y fortalecerlo constantemente.

Politica de Songun materializa la idea Juche

   Pyongyang, 1 de septiembre (ATCC) -- El Songun (priorizacion militar), que ostenta su invencible poderio en la practica revolucionaria, es una politica independiente que materializa la idea Juche.  Esta idea tiene por su ideal fundamental defender firmemente la independencia del pais, la nacion y las masas populares.
     Estas demandas se llevan a cabo por la politica de Songun que adhiriendose al principio de dar prioridad a los asuntos militares, permite solucionar todos los problemas que surgen en la revolucion y la construccion e impulsar la causa socialista en su conjunto apoyandose en el Ejercito Popular de Corea, pilar de la revolucion.
     La independencia es la vida de las masas populares y significa lo mismo para un pais y nacion.
     La revolucion para realizar la independencia de las masas populares acompana una pelea encarnizada con las fuerzas contrarrevolucionarias; la victoria y la derrota en ella dependen de las fuerzas armadas.
     La politica de Songun posibilita defender honrosamente la soberania de la nacion al fortalecer los fusiles que constituyen el medio omnipotente para frustrar de un solo golpe cualesquier maniobras de agresion de los imperialistas.
     Su justeza y vitalidad se prueban en las practicas revolucionarias y la realidad de Corea y se agrandan de dia en dia.
     Ya que el frente militar antiimperialista constituye el principal de la revolucion coreana, es natural que el ejercito popular sea el grueso de la revolucion y con el poderio de este se garantizan la soberania del pais y la nacion y la posicion independiente de las masas populares.
     Hoy dia, gracias a la gran politica de Songun, el pueblo coreano frustra rotundamente las maniobras del imperialismo yanqui para atropellar a la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea y da buen impulso a la construccion de una gran potencia prospera socialista.
     Mientras sigue vigente la magna politica de Songun, resulta intocable la soberania de la RPDC.