KCNA Refutes U.S. Smear Campaign against DPRK

    Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- The U.S. hard-line conservatives have become evermore undisguised in their campaign to label the DPRK a "lawless state." They painted the DPRK as "the only country in the world which is actively sponsoring crimes", "a criminal state linked with an organized criminal group" and "an abnormal state," asserting that it is linked with the "group engaged in issuing counterfeit notes."
    This is the most malignant mud-slinging at the dignified DPRK and its system.
    It is neither surprising nor new to the DPRK that the U.S. is misleading the public opinion with sheer lies intended to give impression that the DPRK is sponsoring crimes.
    The DPRK can not but take note of the fact that the U.S. hard-line conservatives have escalated the campaign to slander the DPRK as a "lawless state" in a phased manner after the publication of the September 19 joint statement.
    This campaign is part of the U.S. psychological operation to brand the DPRK as "a lawless state", tarnish its image and isolate and stifle its system at any cost.
    By making the story about a "lawless state" an established fact the U.S. seeks to plug the countries participating in the six-party talks and many other countries into an offensive to pressurize the DPRK to "scrap its nuclear program first."
    A principle on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula was agreed upon at the six-party talks and this laid groundwork for a substantial discussion for its implementation.
    The U.S., however, is staging ceaseless anti-DPRK psychological operations of all sorts aimed at realizing a "regime change" in it and forcing it to "scrap its nuclear program first" behind the scene of dialogue. This is spawning serious problems.
    It is something unimaginable to discuss the issue of forcing the DPRK to "scrap its nuclear program first" given that the U.S. offensive to pressurize the DPRK has gained in an unprecedented dimension.
    The U.S. groundless smear campaign against the DPRK would only increase the skepticism about the former's expression of the willingness to implement the September 19 statement the keynote of which is peace, stability, respect for sovereignty and co-existence. It arouses apprehension as to the fact that the U.S. will escalate its offensive to stifle the DPRK although the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is realized in the future. The U.S. pressure campaign, therefore, throws a stumbling block in the way of the six-party talks.
    The DPRK's laws assume most popular nature and serve as powerful weapons in providing genuine freedom and democracy to the Korean people. Neither slander nor calumny will ever make those laws to cease to exist as they are strictly observed thanks to the Koreans' conscious enthusiasm and sense of obligation as citizens.
    Such being a hard fact, the U.S. is terming the DPRK a "criminal state" and a "lawless state". This is a base political farce that can be orchestrated by the U.S. only, a country accustomed to fabricating lies.
    The DPRK and Korean-style socialism under which the entire party and all the servicepersons and people are united in single mind will remain unfazed in any storm and stress.
    The U.S. hard-line conservatives would be well advised to clearly understand this and behave themselves.

"NA"'s Passage of Proposal on Rice Negotiations Denounced

    Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- The south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the south Korean Women's Association against the United States reportedly denounced the "National Assembly" for passing a proposal on rice negotiations. The confederation in a statement issued on Nov. 23 charged that the "NA" committed a crime to be recorded as a disgrace in history and put the south Koreans into despair by passing the humiliating proposal.
    With nothing can those advocates of "the opening of the rice market" from ruling and opposition parties ever justify the crime they perpetrated by unilaterally passing the proposal that threatens the farmers' right to existence, the statement noted.
    Terming the passage of the above-said proposal a criminal act of meeting the interests of lawmakers, high-ranking government officials and entrepreneurs of business groups who have stayed in power, wallowing in luxury, the statement warned that the confederation would use every possible means and method to check the opening of the rice market and certainly punish them.
    The above-mentioned association in a statement issued on Nov. 24 declared that it would never recognize the "NA's" ratification of the proposal but wage a widespread struggle for annulling the proposal by all means and methods.
    All members of the association will firmly solidarize with all other people in a do-or-die spirit so as to take a thousand-fold revenge upon the south Korean "government" and the political camp that drive the farmers to death.

Arrangements Completed to Re-erect Monument to Victory in Battle in Northern Area of Korea

    Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- Preparations to re-erect the "monument to the victory in the battle in the northern area of Korea" have been rounded off in the DPRK. At the 15th north-south ministerial talks held in Seoul in June last the north and the south declared the "1905 Five-point Treaty" totally invalid this year a century since the fabrication of the treaty and decided to take working measures to retake the monument from Japan. The DPRK side set up the Measure Committee for Retaking the Monument to the Victory in the Battle in the Northern Area of Korea and the south side organized the Committee for Promoting the Restoration of the Monument to the Victory in the Battle in the Northern Area of Korea, thus jointly pushing forward the work.
    Researchers of the DPRK Academy of Social Science have already ascertained the place where the monument was erected in 1708 to commemorate the victory won by the Volunteers' Army in North Hamgyong Province during the Imjin Patriotic War (1592-1598).
    The results of the survey proved that the monument was erected on a low hill in Rimmyong-ri, Kimchaek City, North Hamgyong Province. The survey group in the course of the excavation made on the basis of sufficient documents discovered a pedestal on a hill about 300 meters east of the Rimmyong-ri seat, a stone severely destroyed when the Japanese imperialists were looting it a century ago.
    The DPRK side has exerted every sincere effort to restore the monument to its former glory on the principle of historicism. It has repaved roads through which to safely transport the severely damaged monument and built broad steps leading to the monument site on the hill. A fence of modern architectural style was built in areas around the place where the monument will stand, a ground covering 100 square meters was paved for visitors and thick woodland created to add to the scenery of the surrounding areas.
    Kim Sok Hwan, chairman of the measure committee, when interviewed by KCNA, said that the monument was returned to Korea thanks to all Koreans' ardent patriotism.
    The restoration of the monument to its former glory this year will greatly please the Koreans in the north and the south and abroad, he added.

Lao Ambassador Hosts Reception

    Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- Lao Ambassador to the DPRK Chanpheng Sihaphom hosted a reception at the Taedonggang Club for the Diplomatic Corps on Nov. 29 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Lao People's Democratic Republic. Present there on invitation were Yang Hyong Sop, vice-president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, Mun Jae Chol, acting chairman of the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, Kim Thae Jong, vice department director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Yong Il, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, Kim Tang Su, director of the Bureau of Diplomatic Corps Affairs, officials concerned and diplomatic envoys of different countries and representative of international organizations in Pyongyang.
    Staff members of the Lao embassy here also were present there.
    Speeches were made at the reception.

More Assaults Committed by GIs in S. Korea

    Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- GIs' assaults are reported in an unbroken chain in south Korea, according to the south Korean MBC. Two GIs belonging to the U.S. 2nd division assaulted a south Korean taxi driver for refusing to give a lift to them in Tongduchon, Kyonggi Province at dawn of Nov. 25, thus wounding him.
    On Nov. 24 an American passenger, complaining about a loud radio volume on a bus in Jongro Street, Seoul, perpetrated such rash act as beating its driver and kicking the radio to be destroyed.

Arms Build-Up of U.S. and Japan under Fire

    Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- A recent issue of Nihon Keizai Shimbun of Japan reported that the U.S. and Japan have agreed to deploy the new ultra modern nuclear carrier "George Washington" at the U.S. naval base in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture. Rodong Sinmun Wednesday observes in a signed commentary in this regard:
    It is nothing but dangerous military hysteria for Japan and the U.S. to escalate their moves for a preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK in collusion and step up their nuclear arms race in Northeast Asia.
    It is the viewpoint of the U.S. warlike forces that the conquest of the whole of Korea would pave the way for their complete military domination over the Asian region.
    Japan seeks to massively bolster the aggressor forces at the tacit connivance of the U.S. and under its protection and backing, pave the way for military overseas expansion under the pretext of "assisting the U.S." and realize the ambition of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" it failed to do in the past. These reckless moves of the U.S. and Japanese reactionaries to accelerate the nuclear arms race in Northeast Asia and increase the danger of the preemptive nuclear attack upon the DPRK compels the latter to bolster its nuclear deterrent.
    It is a just measure for protecting its sovereignty and security for the DPRK to increase its physical deterrent in order to cope with the present grave situation. No one can, therefore, is entitled to take issue with this.
    The U.S. and Japan should stop such criminal moves to step up the nuclear arms race and increase the danger of a nuclear war in Northeast Asia.

S. Korean Conservatives' Action under Fire

    Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- The riffraff of different circles in south Korea recently formed what they called "National League of New Right," the number of pro-Japanese sites has rapidly increased on the Internet and ridiculous articles blindly praising Japan are openly posted on the Internet site to the surprise of south Koreans. Rodong Sinmun Wednesday observes in a signed article in this regard:
    The pro-U.S. conservative forces in south Korea went so mad as knocking into shape the above-said national league modeled after neo-conservative organizations in the U.S. and this encouraged pro-Japanese elements to raise their heads. This is a treacherous rash act of going against the trend of the era towards national reconciliation, independent reunification and progressive reforms.
    The above-said moves of the conservative forces are aimed at bringing back the era of confrontation and dictatorship. They are a product of the sinister plot of the U.S. to revive the pro-U.S. conservative "government" in south Korea as they are nothing but another base political coup to prolong their remaining days and come to power again.
    Clear is the reason why the pro-Japanese elements are openly kicking off hysteria even today, doing harm to the dignity and interests of the nation. It is attributable to the pro-Japanese treachery of the "Grand National Party", the original progenitor of the pro-Japanese conservative forces. The league of the conservative forces should be destroyed by the united actions of the progressive forces and the pro-Japanese action by the struggle for national independence.
    It is a law governing the historical development that the new is bound to triumph and the old to go to ruin.
    With nothing can those going against the desire of the nation and the trend of the era ever change the direction of the advance of history and the trend of the era. Only disgrace and self-destruction await them.

DPRK Violinist Proves Successful at 3rd Moscow International Paganini Concours

    Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- A DPRK violinist Mun Kyong Jin proved successful at the 3rd Moscow International Paganini Concours. The concours brought together promising young musicians in the world. The participants who had proved successful in the first and second phases of the contest competed in the finals.
    12 violinists including those from the DPRK, Russia, Vietnam, Germany, Ukraine and Japan competed in the second phase of the contest held on Nov. 25 in the wake of its first phase.
    Mun was qualified to compete in the finals by successfully playing music pieces for violin requiring a high artistic skill.
    He came second in the finals held on Nov. 28 amid the keen interest of members of the jury and violin lovers.

Performance of Russian Art Group Goes on

    Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- The Russian State Academic People's Chorus Named after M. E. Pyatnichki is continuing its performance at the Ponghwa Art Theatre. The performance held Tuesday was appreciated by officials concerned, officials in the fields of culture and arts and media and Pyongyangites. The Russian artistes successfully presented folk songs "The peddlers", "Bell in Evening", "My happiness" and "Dance of Russia" popular among the Russians in combination with dances.
    A series of numbers such as chorus "Vast plain", trio instrumental music "Russian masque", song "We are proud of Russia" deeply impressed the audience for the high artistry and refined rendition of their performers.
    When the chorus of the song "Katyusha" resounded through the theatre, the audience sent warm applause to them.

Paek Nam Sun Congratulates His Sri Lankan Counterpart

    Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- DPRK Foreign Minister Paek Nam Sun sent a congratulatory message to Mangala Samaraweera upon his appointment as Sri Lankan foreign minister. In the belief that the bilateral ties of friendship and cooperation would grow stronger in the future, the message wished the foreign minister of Sri Lanka success in his work.

GFTUK, Sixty Years Old

    Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- The General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea (GFTUK) greets its 60th birthday on November 30. The GFTUK has covered the road replete with victory and glory under the seasoned leadership of Kim Jong Il, who is thoroughly implementing President Kim Il Sung's Juche-based idea of building the trade unions.
    The President, in his r early years of evolutionary activities, opened up a new path for building the trade unions in a unique way in reflection of the desire and demand of the working class. And he made tireless efforts to strengthen and develop the trade unions as reliable political organization which remains true to the guidance of the Party.
    Under his wise leadership the Korean working class stood in the van of building a new democratic Korea by intensifying the general ideological mobilization movement for nation building and emulation campaign for increased production right after the liberation of the country, defended the motherland with blood in the Fatherland Liberation War against allied forces of the imperialists to make a positive contribution to the victory in the war and played the role of vanguard in socialist construction by dashing forward under the slogan "Charge at the speed of Chollima!" in the post-war period. Attaching a great importance to the work of the trade unions, Kim Jong Il published a famous work "On Further Improving the Work of the Trade Unions". He, in the work, sets forth their goal for realizing the cause of modeling the whole society on the Juche idea and gives comprehensive answers to all the theoretical and practical problems arising in their work.
    He has wisely led the efforts to firmly establish the system of leadership of the Party based on the revolutionary outlook on the leader within the trade unions, attain organizational unity of their ranks on a high level and make a positive contribution to carrying out the three revolutions and implementing the Party's policies.
    The single-minded unity of trade unions has been realized on a high standard, various kinds of economic agitation such as oral, visual and art agitation activities have been actively conducted in socialist construction sites and such mass campaigns as socialist emulation drive and "the model machine movement of loyalty for emulating lathe No.26" extensively launched. In this course, the trade unions have discharged their mission and duty as the core unit of the Party.
    Even in the difficult years of the "Arduous March" and forced march the trade unions were strengthened politically and ideologically and displayed to the full honor as the vanguard in the building of the great prosperous powerful nation holding high the torches of Songgang and Ranam. The GFTUK joined the World Federation of Trade Unions in May 1947. Since then, it has deepened solidarity with working people around the world. It publishes "Rodongja Sinmun" as an organ newspaper.

"On the Art of Dance"

    Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il authored a celebrated work "On the Art of Dance" on November 30, 1990. The work is a library and textbook of the socialist art of dance. He saw to it to carry forward the brilliant tradition of dance, the historical root of the Juche-oriented dance art, established during the anti-Japanese revolution and to convert dance into a true art loved by the people.
    Sometimes, he became a choreographer to awaken creators to the profound world of dance ensemble and to minor shortcomings in the formation, music and rhythm of dance works that even experts had missed. And he selected dance music.
    The dance notation to develop dance art on a scientific basis was completed and the opera "Sea of Blood"-style dance created. In this process, a new phase of the Juche-oriented dance has been opened up.
    Under his energetic guidance, a number of dance works including the four famous dances such as Snow Falls, Rich Apple Harvest, Azaleas of Homeland and Winnow Dance have been created.
    The work "On the Art of Dance" comprehends the successes made under his guidance and indicates the orientation and ways for the development of the Juche-oriented dance art.
    Since the publication of the work, many dance masterpieces have been created. Among them are the folk dance suite "People in Walled City of Pyongyang", legendary dance drama "Garden Balsam", the solo dance "I foresee victory of revolution", the male quintet dance "We will never surrender even an inch of land" and group dance "Drum Dance".
    In particular, the dance works of the grand gymnastic and artistic performance "Arirang", an extravaganza of the 21st century, fully demonstrated the development of the dance art of the DPRK to the world for ideological and artistic value and for their originality and perfection of formation. The celebrated work "On the Art of Dance" propels the efflorescence of the Juche-based art.

S. Koreans Concerned with World Conference Arrive

    Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- Sin Ki Nam, chairman of the organising committee for the world library information conference to be held in Seoul in 2006, and other south Koreans concerned with the conference arrived here today by air.

For Spanish-speaking people

ATCC comenta rumor de "Estado ilegal"

    Pyongyang, 30 de noviembre (ATCC) -- En estos dias, las fuerzas ultra-conservadoras norteamericanas se acaloran mas que nunca en una campana contra la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea acusandola de un "Estado ilegal". La censuran como "pais relacionado con un colectivo de billetes falsificados", "unico pais en el mundo que dirige activamente la criminalidad", "Estado criminal relacionado con un grupo de crimenes organizados" y "Estado anormal".  Esto es la mas siniestra difamacion y calumnio a nuestra digna republica y regimen.
     No podemos menos que prestar atencion al hecho de que despues de publicada la declaracion conjunta del 19 de septiembre (cuarta ronda de la cita a 6 bandas) las fuerzas ultra-conservadoras de EE.UU. amplian en forma escalonada una campana anti-RPDC acusandola de un "Estado ilegal".  Esta campana es un eslabon de una guerra psicologica para enrarecer la imagen de la RPDC y asilarla y aplastarla a toda costa.  El imperio pretende hacer consumado el rumor de "Estado ilegal" e introducir a los paises participantes en las conversaciones a seis bandas y otros muchos paises a la ofensiva para oprimir la RPDC a la "renuncia nuclear, primero".
     En la cita a seis bandas se acordo el principio sobre la desnuclearizacion de la Peninsula Coreana y asi se echo una base que posibilita discutir practicamente su ejecucion.
     Sin embargo, detras de la cortina del dialogo EE.UU. no cesa de desplegar la campana psicologica encaminada al "derrocamiento del regimen" y la "renuncia nuclear, primero" de la RPDC, lo cual ocasiona un serio problema.
     No es imaginable discutir la renuncia nuclear de la RPDC bajo la opresion sin precedente de EE.UU. sobre esta.
     Si EE.UU. sigue acusandola sin fundamento, se agrandara solo la duda sobre la voluntad de la ejecucion de la declaracion conjunta del 19 de septiembre cuyo contenido principal es la paz, la estabilidad, el respeto a la soberania y la coexistencia. Por anadidura, nos hace tener una precaucion de que aunque en el futuro se logre la desnuclearizacion de la Peninsula Coreana, se intensificaria el aplastamiento de EE.UU. contra la RPDC.  En fin de cuentas, la ofensiva de presion de EE.UU. constituye un obstaculo decisivo en el progreso de las conversaciones a seis bandas.  La RPDC y la ley de esta revisten el caracter mas popular y son las armas potentes que aseguran a nuestro pueblo la autentica libertad y la democracia.   Nuestra ley, que se observa verdaderamente por el entusiasmo consciente y la obligacion civica del pueblo coreano, no se elimina por la censura y difamacion de alguien.
     A pesar de esto, EE.UU. la acusa de un "estado criminal e ilegal", lo cual es una vil intriga politica que puede inventar solo EE.UU. acostumbrado a la falsificacion e invencion.
     Son inmutables ante cualquier torbellino la RPDC y el regimen social a nuestro estilo donde todo el partido, todo el ejercito y todo el pueblo estan unidos monoliticamente en torno al Lider.
     Las fuerzas ultra-conservadoras norteamericanas deben conocerlo correctamente y actuar con prudencia.

Actos imprudentes de EE.UU. y Japon

    Pyongyang, 30 de noviembre (ATCC) -- El numero reciente del periodico japones Nihon Keizai Shimbun dio a conocer que Estados Unidos y Japon acordaron ubicar el portaaviones nuclear de punta "George Washington" en la base naval norteamericana en Yokosuka del departamento de Kanagawa de Japon.  Estos dos paises se confabulan para intensificar las maniobras de ataque preventivo nuclear contra la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea e impulsar la carrera armamentista nuclear en el Nordeste Asiatico, lo cual es una peligrosa locura militar.
     Asi senala el diario Rodong Sinmun en un comentario individual insertado en su edicion del dia 30 y prosigue:
     Las fuerzas belicosas norteamericanas opinan que solo cuando ocupen a Corea, seria posible tomar la completa hegemonia militar en la region asiatica.  Bajo la tolerancia, el amparo y el apoyo de EE.UU. Japon aumenta en gran escala sus fuerzas agresoras y pretende tomar el camino de expansion militar a ultramar so pretexto de la "cooperacion con EE.UU." para realizar su ambicion de la "esfera de co-prosperidad de la gran Asia Oriental" no lograda en el pasado.
     Tales tejemanejes imprudentes de los reaccionarios de EE.UU. y Japon empujan a la RPDC a fortalecer la capacidad de detencion nuclear. Nuestro pais intensifica la fuerza de detencion fisica para hacer frente a la situacion que se torna cada dia mas grave. Esto deviene la justa medida para mantener la soberania y la seguridad del pais. Por eso nadie podra censurarla.
     EE.UU. y Japon deben poner fin a tales actos criminales destinados a acelerar la carrera armamentista nuclear y aumentar el peligro de guerra nuclear en el Nordeste Asiatico.