S. Korean Organization Calls for Independent Reunification

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- The Reunification Solidarity of south Korea reportedly held a rally in Seoul on May 12 at which "a 2005 declaration of elder members of the Reunification Solidarity" was made public. Present at the rally were Han Sang Ryol, permanent representative chairman of the Reunification Solidarity, and its advisers, Ri Su Ho, chairman of the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, and more than 80 other members of civic and public organizations.
    Speakers at the rally noted that the Koreans can no longer tolerate the outrages the U.S. has perpetrated by interfering in the issues related to the Korean nation's destiny, while keeping south Korea under its occupation for over half a century.
    They stressed the need for the Koreans in the south and the north to form a joint measure committee for the withdrawal of the U.S. forces at an early date and bring about a turning phase in independent reunification at any cost at a time when a new history of reunification is being opened.
    Independent reunification is the unanimous will of the fellow countrymen in the south, they said, calling for making the year 2005 a year of independent reunification and a year of the withdrawal of the U.S. forces without fail not to be ashamed before the generations to come.

Books "Legendary Great Man" and "Great Succession" Published in@Russia

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- Books "Legendary Great Man" and "Great Succession" were published and distributed by the Publishing House of the Russian Association for the Development of Friendship and Cooperation with Foreign Countries on the occasion of the Day of the Sun. A portrait of smiling President Kim Il Sung is printed on the front cover of the book "Legendary Great Man" against the background of a sunrise on Mt. Paektu.
    The book contains 8 articles written by S. Z. Umalatova, chairperson of the Party for Peace and Unity of Russia, and other Russian figures.
    In the book the authors highly praise the life of Kim Il Sung as a brilliant life of the great statesman and legendary great man produced by the 20th century and a life recorded with the exploits performed by him for the cause of independence of the Korean people and other people of the world. Edited on the front cover of the book "Great Succession" is a photograph of smiling leader Kim Jong Il against the background of royal azaleas on Pass Chol, one of the eight sceneries in the Songun era.
    The book carries 7 articles written by Irina Pirogova, former political commentator of the Russian paper Patriot, and other personages.
    Their authors write that Kim Jong Il is the great thinker and theoretician in the present times and the supreme leader of the party, the state and the army of the DPRK who, endowed with total dedication to the country and the people and noble personality, has successfully carried forward the Juche revolutionary cause started by Kim Il Sung.
    What merits particular attention in his political activities is that he unrolled the Songun politics, a unique political mode, and has wisely led the country's defence buildup and socialist construction, putting forward the People's Army as a mainstay, they notes, adding:
    By pursuing the Songun politics he has frustrated the imperialists' moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK and their high-handed practices and demonstrated the honor and dignity of the country and the nation to the whole world, opening a new chapter of building a great prosperous powerful socialist nation.

Decisive All-out Anti-U.S. Struggle Called for

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front in a statement on May 17 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the heroic Kwangju Popular Uprising called on all south Koreans to turn out in a decisive all-out anti-U.S. struggle to put an end to the colonial domination of the U.S. imperialists that has lasted since the middle of the last century, according to Kuguk Jonson Internet site. He stressed that the Kwangju uprising was a heroic great deed as it demonstrated the indomitable will of the people for independence, democracy and reunification and a historic turning point in bringing about a new phase in the anti-U.S. movement for independence. The ardent desire of the participants in the uprising to see a society free from outsiders has not yet come true, he said, and went on:
    All people should indict the U.S., the arch criminal which orchestrated the massacre of Kwangju citizens, before the world public, force the U.S. to apologize and compensate for it and wage a vigorous struggle to frustrate the U.S. moves for domination, interference and a war against the north.
    They should also struggle to smash Japan's moves for reinvasion while waging the struggle to put an end to the U.S. colonial rule.
    It is necessary to foil Japan's brigandish attempt to grab Tok Islet and its moves to distort history and the machinations of the U.S. and Japan to ignite a war against the north.
    All people should realize the three forms of cooperation in the spirit of "By our nation itself" and drive the U.S. imperialist aggressors out of south Korea and surely accomplish the historic cause of national reunification by the concerted efforts of all Koreans.
    We the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front will join the people from all walks of life in their dynamic struggle to make this year a year of the withdrawal of the U.S. forces and a year of the country's reunification in the same spirit as was displayed during the heroic Kwangju Popular Uprising.

Japan's Shameless Claim to Tok Islet Assailed

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- Japan recently claimed again that Tok Islet is "a part of Japan's territory," according to KBS of south Korea. The minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, while going round a primary school in Tokyo, was asked by schoolchildren: "What do you think about the issue of Takeshima (Tok Islet)?" And the minister was shameless enough to bluster: "You must clearly remember that Takeshima is a part of Japan's territory."
    With regard to the issue of history textbooks, he justified the distortion of history, saying he thought that the textbooks were proportionate ones and there is no reason to complaint about them."
    The ridiculous balderdash let loose by the minister when Japan's moves to revive militarism were becoming more blatant was an intolerable insult to the whole Korean nation which touched off the anger of all the Koreans.

Intensified Anti-U.S. Struggle Urged

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland Tuesday made public an indignation statement upon the passage of 25 years from the day of the Kwangju Popular Uprising in May 1980, a massive anti-U.S. resistance in which youths, students and citizens of Kwangju rose up with ardent desire for independence and democracy. The statement says:
    The Kwangju Popular Uprising, which holds a shining page in the history of the anti-U.S., anti-fascist movement of the south Korean people, was the most heroic massive uprising without precedent in the modern history of the East in which the whole city without reference to age and sex turned out in a death-defying resistance against the colonial military fascist rule of the United States. And it was a bloody all-people resistance which demonstrated the unyielding spirit of independence, strong mettle and indomitable fighting spirit of the Korean nation.
    The resistants brought a raging storm against the U.S. and opened a broad way of the movement for independence to south Korea by their heroic fight. The uprising, however, left a grievous and painful tragic wound owing to thrice-cursed brutal massacre by the U.S. and its stooges, the south Korean military fascist clique.
    Under the aegis of the U.S., the south Korean military fascists put down the uprising in cold blood by letting loose heavily armed south Korean soldiers administered with hallucinogen, insulting the resistants as "mobs".
    It is none other than the United States which converted Kwangju into a city of death and a sea of blood. It is a disgrace and tragedy for the Korean nation to leave south Korea under the occupation of this U.S. till today.
    May is a month of struggle and an anti-U.S. month in south Korea.
    The south Korean youths, students and people, carrying forward their proud tradition of struggle, should bring again a volcanic eruption against the U.S. in this stirring May and thus realize at any cost the desire left unrealized by the resistants of Kwangju.
    The U.S. imperialist aggressor forces in south Korea should go back to their den at an early date, withdrawing their blood-stained hands from south Korea in response to the unanimous demand of the Korean nation.
    We express the belief that the south Korean youths, students and people of all social standings will set off another fierce anti-U.S. storm in the same fighting spirit as was displayed during the Kwangju Popular Uprising and usher in a turning phase in accomplishing the patriotic cause of justice to put an end to the U.S. military occupation and colonial rule and open a new era of independence.

Anti-U.S., Anti-War Struggle Rages in S. Korea

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- Kwangju and South Jolla Province were reportedly a theater of a furious fight against the U.S. and war and for the withdrawal of the U.S. forces on May 14 and 15 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the heroic Kwangju Popular Uprising. It brought together members of civic and public organizations across south Korea, unconverted long-term prisoners, Kwangju citizens and residents of South Jolla Province numbering tens of thousands.
    On May 14 "a national workers' rally to inherit the May spirit, win a legislation protecting the rights of the part-timers and achieve peace against war" was held at the Kwangju Democratic Plaza in front of the South Jolla provincial government building stained with the blood of Kwangju resistants with the attendance of more than 5,000 members of the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions.
    The resolution read out at the rally said the majority of the people who defended the provincial government building to the last moments, ready to lay down their lives, in the midst of the uprising in May 1980 were none other than workers. "The enemy of May, the enemy of the worker masses, is the United States," declared the resolution.
    At the end of the rally the workers showed sky-high spirits, clapping their hands to the tune of the popular anti-U.S. song "Dirty United States."
    That evening witnessed "a night memorial service for the May 18 popular resistance" of workers, youths and students at Chosun University in Kwangju. On the morning of May 15, there took place a people's democratic joint worship in front of the Monument to the May 18 Popular Resistance in the Mangwol-dong cemetery in Kwangju to honor the memory of the fallen uprisers.
    The plaza in front of the provincial government building was the venue of "a people's rally commemorating the 25th anniversary of the May 18 Popular Resistance" involving at least 10,000 people at around noon that day.
    A "2005 people's declaration for peace against war and for the withdrawal of the U.S. forces" on the occasion was published at the rally.
    It strongly demanded an immediate renunciation of the plans for a war on the Korean Peninsula including a plan for a preemptive nuclear strike at the north and the total withdrawal of the U.S. forces, the source of war, from south Korea.
    Meanwhile, cultural events prepared by different organizations, a signature campaign, a photo exhibition showing the struggle of the martyrs and so forth were held around the venue of the rally.
    At 3 p.m., over 10,000 Kwangju citizens and members of civic and public organizations held "an oath-taking meeting for the closure of the U.S. Patriot base and withdrawal of the U.S. forces" at the gate of the First Fighter Wing of the U.S. Air Force in Kwangju.
    After the meeting the participants formed columns and staged a fierce protest. It was the first time that a massive anti-U.S. protest took place in front of a U.S. military base as part of the commemorations of the May 18 Kwangju resistance.
    Shouting angrily "U.S. forces in south Korea, the source of war, get out", the protesters tried to pull down the multi-row barbed wire entanglements surrounding the base.
    They trampled upon the broken barbed wire entanglements and, bursting into cries, poured polluted water flowing from the base upon the combat police. Much upset, the U.S. forces even called the south Korean army in addition to the combat police in the crackdown on the protest.
    Defying the water guns of the police, the protesters surrounded the entanglements of the base and chanted "Let us crush the U.S. forces in south Korea."
    At about 5 p.m. they held a concluding meeting.

KCNA Refutes U.S. Lie bout DPRK's Scrapping of AF

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- Recently Bush war-like forces keep floating misinformation that DPRK scrapped the DPRK-U.S. Agreed Framework. In a word, this is nothing but a desperate attempt of the present U.S. administration to evade its responsibility for its foreign policy failure and soothe the criticism and derision of the U.S. at home and abroad.
    The international community had looked forward to a change in the foreign policy of the 2nd-term Bush administration while criticizing the unilateral and high-handed foreign policy of the U.S. whereby it ignited the Afghan and Iraqi wars, engulfing various parts of the world in wars.
    Challenging this, the present Bush administration has carried its foreign policy into extremes. It asserted a more high-handed and excessive role of the U.S. in handling global issues and let loose a whole string of provocative remarks such as an "axis of evil" and "outposts of tyranny".
    The April 26 issue of the New York Times in a by-lined article noted that the Bush administration committed the biggest mistake in its foreign policy in handling the north Korean issue.
    Its writer claimed that Bush's Korea policy triggered off resentment of north Korea, pushing it to the manufacture of nuclear weapons, resulted in increasing the possibility of the outbreak of the second Korean war and boosted the danger of Japan and other Asian countries going nuclear and the possibility of terrorists acquiring nuclear substance.
    As already known, the DPRK resolutely pulled out of the NPT to cope with the evermore undisguised moves of the Bush administration to isolate and stifle it and had access to nukes for self-defense.
    The ever-increasing U.S. pressure over the nuclear issue and the reality today proved that a powerful force alone can defend justice and uphold truth.
    This being a hard fact, the U.S. again raised a hue and cry over the DPRK's abrogation of the AF. This is little short of a foolish attempt to evade its blame for having created the present complicated situation and justify its moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK.
    The U.S. is chiefly to blame for scrapping the AF.
    The basic spirit of the AF calls on both the DPRK and the U.S. to put an end to the long-standing abnormal bilateral relations and fully normalize the political and economic ties on the basis of respecting each other's sovereignty and giving up hostile intentions.
    The Bush administration, however, has not stood for a peaceful solution to the issues related to the relations between the DPRK and the U.S. but has worked hard to bring the DPRK to its knees, disarm it and swallow up it by force of arms in the end.
    What the U.S. has sought in the several rounds of the six-country talks in the past is nothing but leverage for stifling the DPRK. These facts clearly indicate that the responsibility for having scrapped the AF entirely resides with the U.S.
    It is the common understanding of the international community that the nuclear issue can never find a solution unless the U.S. drops its hostile policy toward the DPRK and has a political will to co-exist with it.
    No matter how hard the U.S. tries to label somebody as a "war-like state", it can never conceal its true colors as the chief criminal who reneged on the points agreed upon between the two sides and disturbed world peace and stability.

U. S. Accused of Its Double Standards

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- It was disclosed by words of a senior official of the U.S. government that the United States has a "plan" for limiting the right to uranium enrichment to Japan and four other non-nuclear states and allowing only Japan to conduct reprocessing aimed at extracting plutonium from spent nuclear fuel, according to a recent report of the Japanese paper Asahi Shimbun. In this regard Rodong Sinmun Wednesday says in a signed commentary:
    This has once again brought to light the brazen-faced nature of the U.S. unjust double standards concerning its nuclear policy.
    The U.S.-proposed "plan" is, in essence, a self-righteous move to deprive non-nuclear states of their rights to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. The United States has connived at and encouraged its allies in their development of nuclear weapons in violation of the principle of impartiality in international relations. Japan's moves for nuclear weaponization have reached a very grave phase due to the U.S. connivance and patronage. Japan is keen to secure at least 15,000 tons of plutonium by carrying out its plan for massive reprocessing of plutonium. Had the U.S. been fair in its stance, it would have called Japan's nuclear ambition to task.
    The U.S. is, however, fanning up Japan's nuclear weaponization. Its "plan" is designed to justify Japan's moves to go nuclear and encourage them. The U.S. is pulling up those countries which incur its displeasure merely because of their differing ideologies and social systems. It is working hard to stop them from conducting even nuclear activities for peaceful purposes under the pretext of groundless "information" faked up by it against them.
    Meanwhile, it is transferring nuclear technology to pro-U.S. and allied forces and conniving at and supporting their development and access to nuclear weapons. This is a clear proof of the biased and unreasonable nature of the U.S. policy of applying double standards.
    If the U.S. is truly concerned for the nuclear non-proliferation, it should abandon its unjust double standards over the nuclear issue.

Japan's Bid for Permanent Membership of UNSC Flailed

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- The reactionary nature of Japan's bid for permanent membership of the UN Security Council lies in that it intends to build a political foothold for realizing its ambition for reinvasion by taking advantage of the leading position of the UN. Minju Joson Wednesday says this in a signed commentary. It goes on:
    Japan is making a strong pitch for permanent membership of the UNSC by taking advantage of the trend of the UN reform. It strongly covets a responsible post at the UN in a bid to create favorable conditions for realizing its design for militarist overseas expansion.
    Japan is indifferent to peace, security and development of the world.
    Germany, once a war criminal state, is taking the road of a new development after drawing a lesson from its past wrongs. This helped Germany gradually improve its image and win deep confidence of the international community.
    This can be viewed as a positive and desirable development in the light of peace and development of the world.
    But quite different is the case with Japan.
    Japan has evaded its honest repentance and settlement of its past criminal acts though nearly 60 years have passed since the defeat of the Japanese imperialists in the war. On the contrary, it has worked hard to revive militarism while whitewashing and distorting history.
    Supporting the Japanese reactionaries' bid for a permanent seat on the UNSC may entail such grave consequences as giving the green light to their attempt at overseas aggression.

Maintenance of Principle of Collectivism Called for

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- The principle of collectivism should be firmly maintained in all fabrics of social life in order to shatter the U.S. imperialists' frantic moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK and defend and advance Korean socialism to victory, says Rodong Sinmun today in a signed article. Collectivism is what keeps socialism alive, the article notes, and goes on:
    The principle of collectivism was not observed in socialist construction in a number of erstwhile socialist countries. This caused individualism to prevail in all sectors of the state and social management, including politics, economy and culture, and led to the collapse of socialism.
    Today our country has become a forefront of the most acute struggle against imperialism and the United States. While intensifying the moves for military aggression, the U.S. imperialists and other reactionaries have made desperate efforts to infuse individualism into our country by all means and methods such as the infiltration of bourgeois idea and culture in an attempt to disintegrate our socialism.
    It is the sinister intention of the U.S. imperialists to foster egoism among people by spreading the corrupt bourgeois lifestyle and weaken the principle of collectivism in all spheres of social life and thus undermine our socialism.
    The might of the Korean-style socialism precisely means the might of the single-minded unity and collectivism constitutes a fundamental cornerstone of the single-minded unity of the Party, the army and the people.
    It is the consistent policy and unshakable will of the Workers' Party of Korea to hold fast to collectivism as the lifeline for accomplishing the socialist cause.

KCNA Urges U.S. to Rebuild Groundwork of Six-party Talks

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- The U.S., turning aside from the DPRK's just proposal for the resumption of the six-party talks, has recently floated the misinformation that the talks have not been resumed due to the latter's attitude. Boucher, spokesman for the U.S. State Department, asserted that the six-party talks have not been resumed due to north Korea, blustering that Pyongyang would gain nothing unless it returns to the talks. Hill, U.S assistant secretary of State who is also chief delegate of the U.S. side to the talks, argued that the prospect of north Korea returning to the talks remains untransparent.
    This is a gangster-like assertion reminding one of a thief crying "Stop the thief!" It glaringly shows the impudent double-dealing nature of the U.S., a past master of plot and deception.
    It is none other than the U.S. which is chiefly to blame for the deadlocked six-party talks and the delay in the settlement of the nuclear issue between the DPRK and the U.S.
    Ever since the outset of the talks the U.S. has insisted on its assertion that the DPRK scrap its nuclear program first, sticking to its wrong stand that "dialogue is possible but not negotiation", thus deliberately rendering the talks fruitless.
    No sooner had the third round of the six-party talks ended in June last year than the U.S. instructed senior officials of its administration to appear to insist on CVID and clarify its official stand that there would be no reward unless the DPRK dismantles all its nuclear programs.
    The U.S. went the lengths of creating an unprecedented atmosphere hostile to the DPRK, completely destroying the groundwork of the talks.
    Even after the appearance of the second-term Bush administration, the U.S. did not drop its hostile policy toward the DPRK but totally rejected its system, terming it "a tyrannical regime", thus making it impossible for it to participate in the six-party talks.
    The reality indicates that the U.S. has shown no interest in settling the nuclear issue between the DPRK and the U.S. through the six-party talks but sought to keep the talks going on without any result in a bid to buy time to achieve its black-hearted purpose.
    The DPRK has already clarified through statements of the DPRK Foreign Ministry and statements of a spokesman for the ministry that if the U.S. truly wants the settlement of the nuclear issue between the DPRK and the U.S., it should stop disregarding and insulting its dialogue partner and doing so would be helpful to creating an environment for the resumption of the talks.
    The U.S. propaganda falsifying all these facts is aimed at dragging on the settlement of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula at any cost in a bid to invent a pretext for its sustainable interference in the Northeast Asian issues. For the present, it is designed to bring up the nuclear issue of the DPRK for discussion at the UN Security Council in an effort to create circumstances necessary for sanctions against the DPRK.
    The U.S. lip-service to the negotiated peaceful settlement of the nuclear issue without any effort to rebuild the groundwork of the talks and the resumption of the talks is nothing but a cheap trick to evade its responsibility.
    The DPRK still remains unchanged in its will to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and seek a negotiated settlement of the nuclear issue between the DPRK and the U.S.

International Commodity Fair Goes On

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- The 8th Pyongyang International Commodity Fair which has opened on the 16th is going on amid great public interest. Participating in it are more than 100 companies from the DPRK, China, Thailand, Romania, Italy, Malaysia, UK, Taiwan, Sweden and Netherlands. The fair showcases at least 20,000 pieces of over 5,000 items such as steel ware, machine tools, poultry equipment, medical supplies, agricultural medicines and chemical fertilizers, petrochemicals, electric and electronic goods, foodstuffs and daily necessities.
    Catching the eyes of visitors are evaporation tools for high-speed and high precision processing and up-to-the-minute machines and equipment including NC lathes exhibited by the Korea Pugang Company and the Korea Kwangsong Trade Company. Also conspicuous are the electronic products and functional materials presented by the Korea Hyoksin Trade Company, which gives high-tech service.
    The electric, electronic, fiber and chemical goods of many companies from China are appreciated.
    The current fair, which continues till the 19th, will mark an important occasion in strengthening and developing friendship and cooperation among nations and promoting common progress and prosperity with wide-range contacts and trade transactions.

Blood-Purifying Finger Ring

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- A blood-purifying finger ring is attracting great interests of visitors at the ongoing 8th Pyongyang International Commodity Fair. The patented ring has been put on show by the Samhung Koast Joint Venture Company of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It is popular at home and abroad for its potent efficacy for hypertension, hypotension, cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infraction, arteriosclerosis and other diseases causing ischemic brain and heart disorder. Of late it has been proved to be efficacious for diabetes, too.
    It is also called "Pitsam" because its efficacy is not less than that of Koryo insam (ginseng). It controls immunity, kills inflammation, pain and stress and promotes vasodilatation and tissue regeneration.
    The ring gives no harmful effect to human body. It is made with the application of the bio-physical action of sun-rays or light of incandescent electric lamp passing through a specially processed natural jewel.
    The company has developed various other kinds of blood-purifiers to treat malignant diseases. The blood-purifying finger ring, bracelet and treatment apparatuses made by the company have obtained patents at home. They have applied for international patent and their indications translated into seven languages to be introduced in 107 countries.
    The finger ring was highly appreciated at the International Exhibition of Patented Technologies and Goods held in China in August last year.
    It is popular in China, Russia, Pakistan and other countries and regions.

Kim Yong Nam Receives Credentials from Turkish Ambassador

    Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, received credentials from Selim Kuneralp, ambassador e.p. of Turkey to the DPRK, at the Mansudae Assembly Hall on May 18. Present there were Kim Yong Il, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, and staff members of the Turkish embassy here.
    After receiving credentials, Kim Yong Nam had a conversation with the ambassador.

For Spanish-speaking people

Ensangrentada ciudad de Kwangju llama a la lucha antiyanqui

    Pyongyang, 18 de mayo (ATCC) -- El Comite por la Reunificacion Pacifica de la Patria (CRPP) dio a la publicidad el dia 17 una declaracion con respecto al 25 aniversario de la sublevacion masiva antiyanqui de los jovenes, estudiantes y ciudadanos de Kwangju, Sur de Corea, estallada en mayo de 1980. Este heroico levantamiento popular escribio una pagina orgullosa del movimiento antiyanqui y antifascista, comenzo el documento y prosiguio:
    En rechazo al dominio colonial, fascista y militar de EE.UU. sobre el Sur de Corea, todos los ciudadanos de Kwangju, por encima de las diferencias del sexo y de la edad, se lanzaron a la rebelion con la disposicion de vida o muerte. En este alzamiento sin precedente en la historia moderna del Oriente se puso de manifiesto el fuerte espiritu independiente, el temperamento y la voluntad indoblegable de la nacion coreana.
    Con su lucha heroica los insurgentes de Kwangju ocasionaron un fuerte oleaje de la batalla antiyanqui e hicieron gran aporte al movimiento por la independencia. Sin embargo, lamentablemente el alzamiento fue sofocado tragicamente por el horrendo magnicidio ejecutado por EE.UU. y su titere surcoreano, camarilla militar y fascista.
    A instigacion de su amo gringo, el fantoche surcoreano deshonro a los insurgentes como "revoltosos" y aplasto la insurreccion con los efectivos que se pertrecharon con armas pesadas y hasta tomaron el alucinogeno. Como los hechos delatan, el responsable que convirtio la ciudad de Kwangju en una urbe de muerte y bano de sangre es precisamente EE.UU.
    Sin embargo, los yanquis siguen ocupando el territorio surcoreano hasta hoy dia, lo cual deviene una verguenza y tragedia para la nacion coreana. En el Sur de Corea mayo es el mes de lucha antiyanqui.
    Al dar continuidad a sus brillantes tradiciones de lucha, los jovenes, estudiantes y habitantes surcoreanos deben librar la lucha antiyanqui de gran dimension en este mayo tan convulso para llevar a la realidad el proposito que no pudieron cumplir los insurgentes de Kwangju.
    Las fuerzas agresoras yanquis deben sacar del Sur de Corea sus manos ensangrentadas y regresar cuanto antes a su pais como demandan unanimemente todos los coreanos.
    El CRPP aprovecha esta ocasion para expresar su conviccion de que los jovenes, estudiantes y habitantes de diferentes sectores del Sur de Corea se sumaran a otro oleaje violento de la lucha antiyanqui dando pruebas de aquel espiritu y tenacidad con que lucharon los insurrectos de 1980 para dar una coyuntura trascendental al cumplimiento de la justa y patriotica causa de acabar con la ocupacion militar y dominio colonial de EE.UU. y abrir una nueva era de la independencia.

Rusia: libros "Gran hombre legendario" y "Gran continuacion"

    Pyongyang, 18 de mayo (ATCC) -- En ocasion del Dia del Sol (15 de abril, cumpleanos del Presidente Kim Il Sung), la Editora de la Sociedad Rusa de la Amistad y Cooperacion con Paises Extranjeros publico y divulgo los libros "El Gran hombre legendario" y "La gran continuacion". El primer libro coloca en su portada un retrato del Presidente con sonrisa amplia tomando como el trasfondo el sol naciente en el monte Paektu y redacta 8 articulos escritos por la presidenta del Partido por la Paz y Unidad de Rusia Sazhi Umalatova y otras personalidades. Los escritores elogiaron altamente que la vida del Presidente fue la brillante del gran politico y hombre legendario del siglo XX y la de meritos de quien se dedico a la realizacion de la causa de la independencia del pueblo coreano y la humanidad.
    El segundo libro inserta en la portada el retrato del Dirigente Kim Jong Il sonriendo generosamente ante los rododendros del puerto Chol, uno de los 8 paisajes famosos de la epoca del Songun (priorizacion militar).
    El libro recopila 7 articulos escritos por la ex comentarista politica del periodico ruso Patriot Irina Pirogova y otras personalidades.
    Los escritores senalaron que el Dirigente es el gran ideologo y teorico de la epoca contemporanea, quien lleva adelante la causa revolucionaria del Juche iniciada por el Presidente, y es maximo dirigente del Partido, el Estado y el ejercito que posee infinita abnegacion al pueblo y nobles rasgos.
    Apuntaron que lo mas especial en sus actividades politicas es que practica la politica de Songun, original modo de politica, y dirige con sabiduria la defensa del pais y la construccion socialista tomando por el pilar al ejercito popular y subrayaron que el Dirigente, con la politica de Songun, frustra las maquinaciones de aislamiento y opresion de los imperialistas, exalta a todo el mundo el honor y la dignidad de la nacion coreana y abre una nueva era en la construccion de una gran potencia prospera socialista.