Anti-Reunification Forces in S. Korea Denounced

    Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- The Association of Koreans in the United States on November 15 reportedly released a statement titled "Let's bring to justice principal culprits who cut off Internet links" as regards the fact that the south Korean authorities cut off the links to the Internet sites of such organizations of Koreans overseas as Minjok Thongsin and the Institute of Reunification Studies on the charge of being "pro-north sites." Noting that the anti-reunification forces including the Grand National Party, the Ministry of Information and Telecommunication and the Intelligence Service infringed upon the people's right to know and the freedom of expression on the strength of the outdated "National Security Law", the statement said those violators of human rights must be punished by the people.
    We will strengthen solidarity with patriotic compatriots and reunification movement organizations in all parts of the world and patriotic civilians and organizations in south Korea and wage a vehement struggle to have the NSL scrapped and punish those who took the step of cutting off the links to the Internet sites, the statement declared.

Seminar on Repeal of "North Korean Human Rights Act" Held in S. Korea

    Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- A seminar on the "danger of 'North Korean Human Rights Act' and counter-measure" was reportedly held under the sponsorship of the Democratic Workers' Party of south Korea on Nov. 10. Speakers at the seminar said that it is nonsensical for the U.S. to talk about north Korean human rights issue and termed the "North Korean Human Rights Act" a legislation aimed to bring down the system and regime in the north.
    The essence of the act is to tame the north which does not comply with the U.S. strategy for supremacy over Northeast Asia, they noted, calling for forming a network among political parties and civic and pubic organizations to strongly react against the act which has already entered the phase of its enforcement and checking the Grand National Party-introduced "bill on human rights in the north" in the "National Assembly."

Greetings to Lebanese Foreign Minister

    Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- Paek Nam Sun, foreign minister of the DPRK, sent a message of greetings to Mahmoud Hammoud, minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigrants of Lebanon, on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of its independence. The message sincerely wished him greater success in his work, expressing the belief that the friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries will continue to develop on good terms in the future, too.

U.S. Interference in Internal Affairs of Korean Nation Flailed

    Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- The United States recently announced that it would transfer at least 20 persons including the secretary of its side to the Military Armistice Commission to the joint security area of Panmunjom and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and leave them permanently there to let them perform the duty of "approving" and "permitting" the entrance and exit of south Koreans and materials into and out of the DMZ. Commenting on this, a Rodong Sinmun analyst Monday says this reveals the sinister intention of the U.S. to put the joint security area and the DMZ under its permanent control and hamstring inter-Korean economic cooperation including the construction of the Kaesong Industrial Zone. Branding this move as a wanton violation of the sovereignty of the Korean nation and an open interference in inter-Korean cooperation, the analyst goes on:
    The U.S. has no justification to interfere in inter-Korean economic cooperation including the construction of the Kaesong Industrial Zone as it is an undertaking to be carried out by the Korean nation itself for its common prosperity.
    The Korean nation has never asked the U.S. to help it in its economic cooperation. It is quite nonsensical to leave the sovereignty and dignity of the nation at the tender mercy of the U.S. imperialists, a gang of robbers who broke into its home.
    The U.S. has hamstrung the construction of the Kaesong Industrial Zone ever since its start, displeased with it. Some time ago, it made its government officials grumble that the project was arousing concern and too much expectation must not be hinged on it, thus manifesting in public its stand against the project. As if it were not enough, the U.S. is now openly poking its nose into the internal affairs of the Korean nation to scuttle the project.
    The reality once again makes it plain that the U.S. is a disturber and aggressor who unreasonably interferes in everything the Koreans do between them.
    We can never tolerate the high-handed arbitrary acts of the U.S. to besmear and infringe upon the dignity and sovereignty of the Korean nation.

DPRK Go Players Win Title for 15th Int'l Amateur Mixed Go Championships

    Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- DPRK go players won the title for the 15th International Amateur Mixed Go Championships in Tokyo on Nov. 13 and 14. They brought together over 60 players of 32 teams from 22 countries.
    Ri Pong Il and Jo Saebyol of the Pyongyang City Sports Group placed first at the championships by beating all challengers with high skill.

U.S. Cultural Infiltration Must Never Be Allowed

    Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- The countries and peoples desirous of justice, progress and socialism should take thorough-going measures to prevent the infiltration of reactionary bourgeois ideology and culture and put up a stiff fight against it, says Rodong Sinmun in its article Monday. Having set it as its strategic goal to establish an order of global domination in which the U.S. would play a one-man show, the U.S imperialists are getting more desperate in their moves for ideological and cultural infiltration, along with unilateral strong-arm practices for its attainment, the author of the article says, and continues:
    The U.S. imperialists are becoming ever more malicious in their activities to implant corrupt bourgeois ideology and culture and mode of life into the DPRK. According to sources, they are now planning to smuggle reactionary propaganda materials into it by illegal channels .They are going to throw millions of U.S. dollars every year into the extension of the hours of slanderous broadcasting toward it.
    In the past, they have carried on tenacious radio propaganda and psychological warfare to destroy the unity in mind of the Korean people which is more powerful than the nuclear weapon, create an internal disorder and bring ideological and mental degeneration and collapse to the DPRK.
    Through their psychological plot-breeding tools and bases around the DPRK, the U.S. imperialists are now trying to infiltrate capitalist publications of all shades into the DPRK, while spreading superstition. They have gone into extremes in their psychological warfare and reactionary ideological and cultural intrusion.
    The world progressive people should heighten their vigilance and wage a vehement struggle to frustrate the reactionary ideological and cultural infiltration of the U.S.-led imperialists and hasten the victorious advance of the cause of independence.

Water Resources of River Taedong Extensively Developed

    Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- Great efforts are being directed to making an effective use of water resources of the River Taedong flowing in the western part of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The river, one of the five longest rivers in the country, has been comprehensively utilized for the economic development of the country according to the Workers' Party of Korea's far-reaching nature-remaking plan.
    Hydro-power development takes the biggest share in the utilization of its water resources.
    The Power Resources Development Department of the Ministry of Electricity and Coal Industries already chose several hundred sites of hydro-power stations long ago through field surveys of the river and study of data.
    The government has energetically pushed forward with the construction of power stations, while giving precedence to drawing their designs.
    When completed, these power stations will turn out billions of kWh.
    Various kinds of power stations have already been built in the river.
    Among them are the West Sea Barrage Power Station with nearly zero water-fall, and the Taedonggang Power Station and Mirim, Ponghwa, Songchon and Sunchon Barrage power stations which have a rapid current or high water-fall.
    The completion of the construction of large and minor power stations including the Nyongwon and Taegak Youth power stations along the river will create a greater amount of generating capacity within one or two years.
    They have already come into shape.

Children Vaccinated in DPRK

    Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea took measures to administer Vitamin A and Mebendasol to the children under five and inoculated them at ri (village) people's hospitals, clinics and nurseries throughout the country on May 20 and November 20 this year, too. The resident UNICEF representative also took part in the vaccination.
    For this purpose, medical officials of central and local public health institutions underwent technical trainings. And diversified medical activities were conducted for children's health.
    Public health institutions at all levels are in charge of vaccinating the nursery and kindergarten children against hepatitis-B, polio, tetanus, parotitis, tubercle, measles and other diseases in accordance with the yearly vaccination time-table issued by the Ministry of Public Health.
    Choe Ung Jun, chairman of the National Sanitary Inspection Agency, told KCNA that the government has directed deep attention to the vaccination of the children and is taking every possible step to manufacture medicines necessary for the vaccination though the country's economic situation is still difficult.

Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Companies

    Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, inspected companies of KPA Unit 109 honored with the title of O Jung Hup-led Seventh Regiment. He was accompanied by KPA Generals Ri Myong Su and Hyon Chol Hae and Secretaries of the Central Committee of the WPK Kim Kuk Thae and Kim Ki Nam.
    The first leg of his inspection was a motor vehicle company of the unit.
    He dropped in at a technical lecture room to learn about the training of its servicemen.
    He was greatly satisfied to learn that they are building up a-match-for-a hundred combat capacity by always making the best use of time in the spirit of standing in the battlefield in the lecture room arranged well to suit the nature of their mission.
    He acquainted himself with the service and living of the soldiers, going round an education room, a bedroom, a mess hall, a kitchen, a washroom, a daily provision store, a barn and other places.
    He highly appreciated the achievements made by the servicemen of the company, greatly pleased to know that they have organized all aspects of their work and life in an orderly manner and brought about a signal turn in the development of the sideline job, in particular.
    Seeing the stores fully stocked with agricultural products for subsidiary food produced by themselves and barns crowded with fat domestic animals of various species, he said that the servicepersons of the KPA have created really great ideological, mental and material wealth to be handed down to posterity with the era of Songun. This admirable change represents a symbol of heroism and devotion of our army which steers the era, he added.
    He had a memorable photo session with the servicemen of the company.
    The next leg of his inspection was Kim Il Sop Hero Company of the unit.
    This company is well known as it produced seven heroes of the Republic during the last Fatherland Liberation War.
    After learning about the company's performance of duty, he watched a poem reciting meeting of its soldiers held in front of the billboard introducing heroes.
    He watched the training of its servicepersons.
    He set forth tasks to be fulfilled to increase the combat capability of the company, satisfied with the fact that the commanding officers and men of the company have acquired a match-for-a hundred combat capacity to successfully undertake any combat mission.
    All the servicepersons of the KPA have been trained as indomitable fighters through tireless combat and political trainings, he said, adding: Our country is invulnerable as these ranks are standing guard over the Party, the people's power and the socialist system.
    After familiarizing himself in detail with the company's sideline job, he expressed great satisfaction over the fact that its commanding officers and men have brought about an eye-opening turn in the sideline farming and stock-breeding by their concerted efforts.
    He gave the servicepersons of the company a pair of binoculars and an automatic rifle as gifts and had a photograph taken with them, expressing the conviction that they would perform greater exploits as a heroic company.

For Spanish-speaking people

Gobernador general de Jamaica recuerda a Kim Il Sung

    Pyongyang, 22 de noviembre (ATCC) -- El gobernador general de Jamaica, Howard Cooke, al recibir el dia 9 cartas credenciales del embajador extraordinario y plenipotenciario de Corea, Pak Tong Chun, recordo con profunda emocion su encuentro en Pyongyang con el Presidente Kim Il Sung. El dijo que leyo muchas obras alusivas a la idea Juche creada por el Presidente y senalo que su idea y teoria se las lleva adelante Su Excelencia Kim Jong Il, lo cual es una cosa digna de apreciarse altamente.
    Deseo que el Norte y el Sur de Corea fomenten la paz y la reconciliacion y logren cuanto antes la reunificacion del pais.

Inoculacion de ninos

    Pyongyang, 22 de noviembre (ATCC) -- En Corea se presta siempre profunda atencion a la inoculacion de ninos. El 20 de mayo y el 20 de noviembre del ano en curso fueron adoptadas las medidas estatales para ingerir a los ninos menores de 5 anos de edad la vitamina A y Mebendazol, mientras en los hospitales populares de comuna, policlinicas y guarderias infantiles de todo el pais se desarrollo la vacunacion de los ninos.
    El representante del Fondo Internacional para la Infancia en Corea observo la vacunacion.
    Se suministraron a los ninos la vitamina A y Mebentazol para liquidar ascarides y proteger el higado y el poder visual.
    Para este fin, como pasos de preparacion, los organos centrales y locales de la sanidad dieron a los trabajadores asistenciales un cursillo de tecnica pertinente y desarrollaron diversas actividades para cuidar la salud de los menores.
    Los organismos de salud a todos los niveles cumplen con responsabilidad la labor de vacunar a los infantes contra hepatitis de tipo B, paralisis infantil, tetano, papela, tuberculosis, sarampion, etc.
    Los galenos de los organismos de curacion y prevencion realizan esta labor segun el programa anual trazado por el organo central.
    Segun el director del Centro de Inspeccion Higienica del Estado, Choe Ung Jun, pese a la situacion economica dificil del pais, el Estado presta atencion especial a la vacunacion de los ninos encargados del futuro de la patria y toma todas las medidas para asegurar la produccion de las medicinas necesarias.

Fuerza de detencion autodefensiva es para detener guerra nuclear

    Pyongyang, 22 de noviembre (ATCC) -- El diario Rodong Sinmun inserto en su edicion del dia 21 un articulo individual para justificar la posesion de la fuerza de detencion por parte de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea. El rotativo senala como sigue:
    Durante el mandato de Bush padre, los EE.UU. anunciaron que "habian sacado todas sus armas nucleares" del territorio surcoreano. Pero, los tienen emplazados alli hasta la fecha y desarrollaron periodicamente los ejercicios de lanzamiento de bombas atomicas tras trazar en absoluta confidencia un guion de guerra nuclear contra la RPDC, lo cual es serio problema imposible de pasar por alto.
    En tiempos anteriores, el gobierno de la RPDC considero importante para la existencia de la nacion coreana la eliminacion de la amenaza nuclear de EE.UU. sobre Corea y no dio treguas a la desnuclearizacion de la Peninsula Coreana y a la lucha anti-nuclear.
    Al contrario, pese a susodicho anuncio, las fuerzas nucleares en el Sur de Corea fueron reforzadas en lo cualitativo y cuantitativo.
    De mal en peor, la banda de Bush II emite declaraciones agresivas consistentes en adelantar el "derrumbe" de la RPDC con el uso de todos los medios necesarios incluidas las armas nucleares en lugar de esperarlo como ha hecho la anterior administracion. En este criminal objetivo tuvo su genesis la invencion de la "ley de derechos humanos del Norte de Corea" que refrenda como una politica del Estado el "derrocamiento del sistema" de este.
    Debido a la invalidacion de la Declaracion Conjunta RPDC-EE.UU. y el Acuerdo Basico bilateral y a la politizacion del golpe preventivo nuclear contra la primera en clara violacion del espiritu fundamental del tratado de no proliferacion nuclear por parte de este imperio, que es poseedor de mayor numero de portadores nucleares en este mundo, las negociaciones para la solucion del problema nuclear y el proceso de la desnuclearizacion de la Peninsula Coreana se hallan en estancamiento.
    Pero el muy cinico y farsante Tio Sam habla en tono altisonante de la "solucion pacifica del problema nuclear" con un ya trazado plan del uso de armas nucleares en tiempo de "emergencia" en la Peninsula Coreana.
    Dada la situacion de hoy, el pueblo coreano siente en carne propia cuan justa fue la medida de poseer la potente fuerza de detencion para defender el destino y la seguridad del pais y la nacion frente a las maniobras gringas encaminadas a desatar la guerra nuclear.
    La RPDC ejerce legitimo derecho a poseer potente fuerza de defensa nacional de corte auto-defensivo susceptible de aniquilar de un solo golpe a los agresores al responder al ataque aereo con el ataque aereo y a la estrategia terrestre con la estrategia terrestre. Esta medida sumamente justa nadie la puede cuestionar.
    Mientras los EE.UU. continuan en su intencion de aplastar a la RPDC empleando portadores nucleares, esta a su vez seguira fortaleciendo sus fuerzas para detener la guerra nuclear.
    Los EE.UU. deberan darse clara cuenta de la posicion de principios y la concepcion de guerra de la RPDC y renunciar a su temeraria politica de aplastarla con el uso de armas nucleares.