Kim Jong Il's Work Published in Ethiopia

    Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- The famous work of leader Kim Jong Il "Socialism Is a Science" was published in booklet by the Bole Publishing House of Ethiopia on May 27. The work, brought out on November 1, Juche 83 (1994), clarified the truth that Korean style socialism based on the Juche-oriented socialist theory is the most scientific and viable one and the principled issues arising in defending socialism.

Children Fall Victims to Aggression

    Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- June 4 is the International Day of Innocent Children, Victims of Aggression. It was decided to set the day at an extraordinary meeting of the UN General Assembly held in August 1982.
    Over the last two decades numerous children have fallen victims to aggression across the world, contrary to the intention of the United Nations.
    Wherever the U.S. imperialist aggression forces reach, children shed their blood.
    On May 19 the U.S. occupation forces indiscriminately air-raided a village of Iraq where a wedding ceremony was being held, killing a lot of people in cold-blood. Among the dead were children.
    Such killing by U.S. troops has been seen in Afghanistan, too.
    It was none other than GIs who ran an armored car over Sin Hyo Sun and Sim Mi Son, middle schoolgirls of south Korea, on June 13, 2002.
    For some ten years from the Gulf War in 1991 to air-raids on Serbia and Montenegro in 1999, military action in Afghanistan and war of aggression against Iraq in 2003, the U.S. showered new-type missiles and bombs over civilians, killing a large number of children. It used without hesitation napalm and cluster bombs and even depleted uranium bullets which have been banned internationally.
    It is urgent for all nations to put an early period to the high-handed practice of the United States, build a new independent world and protect the precious dream of the children with concerted efforts.

"250-Mile Journey for National Liberation" Schoolchildren's Palace

    Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- The "250-Mile Journey for National Liberation" Schoolchildren's Palace is located in Jonchon County, Jagang Province in the northern part of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Standing in front of the palace building, covering 25,000 square meters, is a statue of President Kim Il Sung making the journey for national liberation at the age of 14.
    Leader Kim Jong Il saw to it that the palace was opened on June 6, Juche 66 (1977) and, taking into account the schoolchildren's desire to learn from the President's imperishable feats, named it "250-Mile Journey for National Liberation" Schoolchildren's Palace.
    The palace has 26 rooms of various circles including political and ideological education, natural science, culture and art. It is also fully equipped with facilities necessary for schoolchildren's study and extracurricular circle activities.
    There are a theater and gymnasium on both sides of the palace building.
    Thousands of pupils enjoy activities in their circles according to their taste and aptitude at the palace every day.
    Teachers train them as reliable reserve scientists, athletes and artistes by teaching methods suitable for their age and mental character.
    Through concert, oratorical contest, poem-reciting session, scientific seminar, art performance, sports meet and other activities, the pupils fully demonstrate what they have learned.
    The palace has won some ten national schoolchildren's art festivals and gathered more than 230 gold medals and some 450 silver and bronze medals in tournaments.

Unconditional Abolition of "Security Law" Demanded in S. Korea

    Pyongyang June 4 (KCNA) -- Officials of the National Professors Union, the National Part-time Professors Union, the National Council of Professors for Democracy and other professor organizations of south Korea reportedly demanded unconditional abolition of the "Security Law" at a press conference in Seoul on May 31. At the press conference speakers accused the judicial authorities of still invoking the "Security Law", leftover of the Cold War era, even after the publication of the June 15 joint declaration.
    A statement made public at the press conference dismissed the "Security Law" as an evil law which incriminates all scholarship and ideologies to prevent intellectuals and people from dreaming of future and encourage only confrontation and discord, violence and oppression as the medieval theology did.
    It is the duty of all our intellectuals living in the 21st century to abrogate the "Security Law" as early as possible and make the Korean peninsula peaceful, the statement stressed.
    The organizations said that they have planned to present a written opinion concerning the repeal of the SL to the "National Assembly" and, if necessary, visit every political party to convey their views.

Joyful Camping of Korean Schoolchildren

    Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- Camping of schoolchildren is at its height at the camps of the Children's Union in scenic spots of the DPRK. Campers are spending joyful days with a wide range of activities, mainly marine sports, at the Songdowon International Children's Camp and camps on the east coast including the Munchon, Soho and Kyongpho areas. At the camps in mountains and on lakesides such as Mangyongdae, Sokam, Mt. Jangja, Phophyong, Lake Yonphung and Lake Sohung, the campers are enriching the knowledge they have gained at their schools while engaging themselves in mountaineering, plant collecting, boating, swimming and so on.
    At many other camps schoolchildren are spending fruitful days with recreation gathering, group dancing, sports games and folk games including rope jumping and drop-the-handkerchief game.
    Over 140,000 schoolchildren on an average go camping every year.
    According to Choe Yong Gu, secretary of the Central Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, the state fully covers the cost for the management of the camps and the camping life of schoolchildren from mid-February to mid-November despite the difficult condition of its economy.

Vigilance against U.S. "Aid" Called for

    Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- The U.S. "aid" is a noose of plunder and subjugation to wrest ten or a hundred after giving one and a dangerous poison to Americanize other countries, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in a signed article. Recalling that the U.S. has in the past period seized the economic lifeline and interests of other countries by means of various forms of "aid" to curb their economic development and subjugate them economically, the article continues:
    At present, the strings the U.S. attaches to its "aid" have become more subdivided under the pretext of "anti-terrorism". It claims that the politico-economic confusion in other countries would give rise to "terrorism", "international crimes", "illegal emigration", etc. and, therefore, "democratic politics", "economic opening," and "guarantee of human rights" are necessary, and it lays them down as the main condition for its "aid." A typical example is what it calls "Mid-east proposal."
    That the U.S. "aid" is a means of its strategy for dominating the world is well proved by its content. In case of its "aid" to some countries, it is mainly "military aid" and in case of other forms of "aid" to other countries the U.S. defines its use or demands its own interests.
    Thus, the U.S. "aid" is an important means for its strategy of world supremacy. In the countries which failed to see through the reactionary nature of the U.S. "aid" and received it, the national economy has gone bankrupt and their people's living has became more difficult and these countries are eventually falling into the abyss of political and economic dependence on the U.S.
    The U.S. is loudmouthed about its "aid" being conducive to the social and economic development of other countries, but, in fact, it results in the decline and ruin of the national economy, political confusion and disorder.
    It is clearly evidenced by the realities of the East European countries.
    Illusion about and expectation for the U.S. "aid" immediately lead to dependence and national ruin. All the countries desirous of peace and progress should see through the poisonous nature and danger of the U.S. "aid" and heighten their vigilance against it and solve all the problems arising in social life by their own strength and efforts.

Korean Nation-First Spirit Is Invincible Banner of Reunification and Prosperity

    Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- The Korean nation-first spirit is the cornerstone on which it can legitimately exercise its sovereignty, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in a signed article. It goes on:
    The distress and disgrace our nation has suffered during the 40-odd year long Japanese imperialists' colonial rule and the U.S. forces' occupation of south Korea for 59 years call on all the Koreans to build up sovereignty of the nation at an early date and achieve reunification and prosperity by fighting in unity in our nation-first spirit.
    The spirit is the banner of defense of the nation enabling it to guard its destiny on its own.
    Our national character has been inherited all along for more than five thousand years by driving back the aggression of all outside forces. There will be no more grave crime and shame than allowing it to be trampled underfoot by the United States, the empire of evil.
    Our nation-first spirit is the very source of the strength that helps our fellow countrymen defend peace and security of the country from the U.S. imperialists' aggression and interference and guard the destiny of the nation.
    Matchless is the united strength of the 70 million fellow countrymen in fighting with the confidence that our nation is not inferior to anyone and the will to enhance the honor and pride of the country with a history spanning 50 centuries. When all the Koreans in the north, the south and overseas hold ever higher the banner of our nation-first spirit, no aggression forces boasting of their "mightiness" would dare trifle with the destiny of our nation and it would defend its destiny on its own and display its honor and dignity to the full.
    The key to achieving the reunification of the country at an early date in compliance with the demand and interests of the nation lies in holding aloft the banner of our-nation first spirit.
    All the Koreans will powerfully demonstrate the dignity and grand sight of the nation with a time-honored and admirable history and surely build an independent and reunified great prosperous powerful country on this land by holding high the banner of our nation-first spirit, the everlasting lifeline of the country and the nation.

CPRF Secretariat Raps at Report of "National Defense Institute" of S. Korea

    Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland Thursday issued information bulletin No. 872 denouncing the "National Defense Institute" under the "Ministry of National Defense" of south Korea which published some time ago the "report on 2003-2004 military strength in Northeast Asia" crying for the increase of the war capabilities of the south Korean army against the north. This is an open whipping up and declaration of military confrontation with the north, which is a challenge to the unanimous desire of the fellow countrymen for national reconciliation and unity and a total denial of the June 15 joint declaration, the information bulletin says, and goes on:
    The official institute of the "Ministry of National Defense" of south Korea peddled the old ware of confrontation getting on the nerves of the dialogue partner when the north-south general-level military talks are under way to dispel the military tension between the two parts of the country and remove war danger. This goes to prove that the south Korean military authorities still resort to the anti-north confrontation moves, regarding the north as the "principal enemy," not the partner of dialogue and cooperation, reconciliation and unity.
    It does not stand to reason that the south Korean military authorities talk about "relaxation of tension" and "dialogue" while pursuing military confrontation with the north. This is an act of causing distrust and conflict between the north and the south by taking advantage of the U.S. war policy against the north.
    The south Korean military authorities should not resort to the strategy of confrontation with the north, going against the popular sentiments, but abandon military cooperation with the U.S. and make a switchover to national cooperation as desired and demanded by the people.
    North-south military talks are needed for evading confrontation and seeking national reconciliation and unity.

Second North-South General-level Military Talks Held

    Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- The second round of the north-south general-level military talks was held at Mt. Solak Resort of the south side on June 3 and 4. Present there were the north side's delegation led by Major General of the Korean People's Army An Ik San and the south side's delegation with Pak Jong Hwa, commodore of the Defence Ministry as chief delegate.
    An agreement on the prevention of accidental conflicts in the West Sea, the suspension of propaganda in the areas along the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) and the removal of propaganda means was reached at the talks Friday.
    The agreement said:
    The Ministry of the People's Armed Forces of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Korea held the second round of the north-south general-level military talks on Mt. Solak resort on June 3 and 4, 2004 and agreed upon the following points:
    1. Both sides have agreed to exert joint efforts to achieve military detente and lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.
    2. Both sides have agreed to take the following measures from June 15, 2004 to prevent accidental conflicts in the West Sea:
    First. Both sides shall strictly deter vessels from standing in confrontation with each other in the West Sea.
    Second. Both sides shall refrain from taking any unreasonable physical actions against each other's warships and civilian vessels in the West Sea.
    Third. Both sides shall use 156.8,156.6MHz ultrashort mobile radios with a view to barring their ships from standing face to face with each other due to navigation error, ship wreck and rescue, etc. and wiping off mutual misunderstanding.
    Fourth. Both sides shall institute and apply regulations on flags and light signals as necessary supplementary means.
    Fifth. Both sides shall share the view that accidental conflicts may occur in the course of intercepting and inspecting fishing boats of third countries illegally catching fish in sensitive waters of the west sea and shall cooperate with each other in the efforts to seek a diplomatic solution to this issue and exchange information about the movements of the illegal fishing boats.
    Sixth. Views on the matters raised in the west sea shall be exchanged for the time being through telecommunication lines available in the west coastal area.
    In order to ensure smooth and swift telecommunications to prevent conflicts in the west sea, both sides shall extend the communication lines from the existing telecommunication lines in the west coastal area to have in place their separate lines in the areas under the control of the north and the south till August 15 in order to set up telecommunication liaison offices in each other's areas and cooperate with each other in the efforts to modernize them.
    3. Both sides decided to stop propaganda in the areas along the MDL and remove its means from there in order to defuse the military tension on the Korean peninsula and dispel mistrust and misunderstanding between the armies of the two sides.
    First. Both sides shall stop all propaganda activities through loud-speakers, bulletin, leaflets, etc. in the areas along the MDL from June 15 which marks the fourth anniversary of the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration.
    Second. Both sides shall remove all the propaganda means at three phases from the MDL area till August 15, 2004.
    a. Both sides shall remove those things in the section from MDL Marker No. 0001 to No. 0100 including the area under the control of the north and the south in the west coastal area and Panmunjom area on a trial basis at the first phase (from June 16 to 30).
    b. The second phase (from July 1 to 20) shall include those things in the section from MDL Marker No.0100 to No. 0640. c.At the third phase (from July 21 to August 15) all the propaganda means shall be eliminated from the section from MDL Marker No. 0640 to No. 1292.
    Third. Upon the completion of the phased removal of the propaganda means, both sides shall inform each other of its results, inspect and confirm the results of their removal in each other's area. They may verify the results each other, if necessary.
    Fourth. Upon the completion of the phased removal of those means both sides shall open it to the media.
    Fifth. Both sides shall in no case set up again such propaganda means and resume propaganda activities in the future.
    4. Both sides have agreed to hold military talks as a follow-up measure to implement the above-said agreed points to the letter.

Vice-President of SPA Presidium Meets German Delegation

    Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Dae, vice-president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, met and had a friendly conversation with a German delegation led by Jutta Limbah, director of the Goethe Research Institute, which participated in the opening ceremony of a distribution chamber of scientific and technological books of Germany, at the Mansudae Assembly Hall Friday. Present there were Hong Son Ok, vice-chairperson of the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries who is also chairperson of the DPRK-Germany Friendship Association, and Doris Hertrampf, ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the DPRK.

Sports Contest for "Pochonbo Torch Prize" Opens

    Hyesan, June 4 (KCNA) -- A sports contest for "Pochonbo Torch Prize" was opened with due ceremony at Hyesan Stadium Friday. Jong In Chol, vice-chairman of the Korean Physical Culture and Sports Guidance Commission, in his address, referred to the significance of opening the contest to mark the 67th anniversary of the victory in the historic Pochonbo battle, calling on all the sportspersons to set new records by fully displaying the technique they have acquired in their day-to-day training.
    The ceremony was followed by football and basketball games.
    Its participants will compete in football, basketball, volleyball, boxing, marathon and other events in Pyongyang and local areas.

Chinese Embassy Officials Help Thaekam Cooperative Farm

    Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- Chinese Ambassador to the DPRK Wu Donghe and embassy officials Friday helped farmers of the DPRK-China Friendship Thaekam Cooperative Farm in Sunan District, Pyongyang, in rice-transplanting. At a break they had a friendly conversation with farmers about the daily developing DPRK-China friendly and cooperative relations.
    The Chinese ambassador said he had a great honor to accompany leader Kim Jong Il during his unofficial visit to China in April this year. He hoped that the farmers would achieve a great success in farming this year.
    The embassy officials handed aid materials over to the farm.

S. Korean Army Commits Military Provocations in West Sea

    Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- The south Korean army Friday committed such military provocations as threatening peaceable fishing boats of the north side by illegally infiltrating warships deep into the territorial waters of the north side in the West Sea, according to military sources. At around 08:50 Friday the south Korean army infiltrated three warships deep into the territorial waters of the north side south of Kuwol Hill in Kangryong County, South Hwanghae Province. At around 09:25 it repeatedly threatened over a loud-speaker peaceable fishing boats of the north side in their normal fishing operation that it would fire at them if they did not go back.
    At the same time it let fighters fly in a two-plane formation several times above Yonphyong Islands, threatening the north side's fishing boats.
    Such military provocations are nothing but premeditated provocations of the south Korean military authorities to deliberately escalate again the tension in the controversial waters where two skirmishes occurred in the West Sea.
    Such military provocations are a continuation of the recent evermore undisguised intrusion of south Korean warships into the territorial waters of the north side. This was prompted by the south Korean military authorities' foolish aim to exercise jurisdiction over these waters, insisting on the so-called "northern limit line" unilaterally drawn by the U.S. imperialists.
    The north will watch with high vigilance the moves to be followed by such provocations committed by the south Korean army right after the adoption of the agreement at the north-south general-level military talks.
    The south Korean military authorities should not run riot, pondering over the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by the possible reoccurrence of armed conflicts in the controversial waters.

For Spanish-speaking people

Etiopia: obra de Kim Jong Il en folleto

    Pyongyang, 4 de junio (ATCC) -- La Editorial Bole de Etiopia dio a luz el 27 de mayo en folleto la imperecedera obra clasica del Dirigente Kim Jong Il "El socialismo es ciencia", publicada el primero de noviembre del 83 (1994) de la Era Juche. La obra expone que el socialismo coreano basado en la teoria socialista del Juche es el mas cientifico y de vitalidad y dilucida los problemas de principios para defenderlo.

Rey de Cambodia ofrece banquete

    Pyongyang, 4 de junio (ATCC) -- Su Excelencia Norodom Sihanouk, rey de Cambodia, de visita en la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea, ofrecio el dia 3 un banquete en el Pabellon Mokran. Fueron invitados el canciller Paek Nam Sun, el vicecanciller Kim Yong Il y otros funcionarios coreanos, los representantes diplomaticos de varios paises y delegados de las organizaciones internacionales y sus esposas, acreditados en Corea. Tambien participaron Su Excelencia la reina, el embajador extraordinario y plenipotenciario del Reino de Cambodia Oum Mannorine y la comitiva de Su Excelencia el rey.
    En la ocasion Norodom Sihanouk hizo uso de la palabra.
    Expreso profundo agradecimiento a Su Excelencia el Mariscal Kim Jong Il, Comandante Supremo, por haberle dispensado amable y cordial hospitalidad durante su estancia en la RPDC y rogo que le transmitiera el saludo de agradecimiento sincero de si mismo y de la reina.
    Apunto que ellos son los mas intimos amigos no solo del pueblo coreano que tiene el sentimiento de amistad sobre el pueblo camboyano sino tambien de las misiones diplomaticas de varios paises y prosiguio que Cambodia, que establecio y desarrollo las relaciones de amistad con varios paises del mundo, continuara fortaleciendolas y desarrollandolas tambien en el futuro.
    Le siguio en pronunciar un discurso Shaher Mohammed Abdlah, embajador extraordinario y plenipotenciario del Estado de Palestina, en representacion de los representantes diplomaticos y los delegados de organizaciones internacionales.
    El orador se refirio a las hazanas que Su Excelencia el rey logro en varias esferas y deseo que Su Excelencia el rey conduzca a la amistosa Cambodia a la prosperidad y la paz.
    Acto seguido, Paek Nam Sun pronuncio un discurso.
    Este ano en que se cumplen los 10 anos de la realizacion de la causa de la eternidad del lider, Su Excelencia el rey visito nuestro pais, lo cual es una senal de sentimiento de respeto y verdadera fidelidad al Presidente Kim Il Sung quien invariablemente apoyo la causa patriotica del rey, senalo y continuo:
    Nuestro pueblo esta complacido de que Su Excelencia el rey se esfuerza activamente por el desarrollo de las relaciones de amistad entre Corea y Cambodia.
    Las relaciones de amistad entre los pueblos de ambos paises se desarrollan cada dia mas por la noble obligacion moral del estimado General Kim Jong Il y la fidelidad de hermandad de Su Excelencia el rey.
    Deseo de todo corazon que bajo la acertada direccion de Su Excelencia el rey, el pueblo camboyano logre mayores exitos en la lucha por alcanzar la unidad nacional y la estabilidad socio-politica.
    En el banquete se ofrecio una funcion artistica.

CRPP denuncia sofisma de aumento de capacidad belica de Sur de Corea

    Pyongyang, 4 de junio (ATCC) -- Recientemente, el "Instituto de Defensa Nacional" bajo la egida del "Ministerio homonimo" del Sur de Corea, en el llamado "informe sobre la potencia militar del nordeste asiatico de 2003-2004" abogo por el aumento de la capacidad belica del ejercito surcoreano de hacer frente al Norte de Corea. Esto es una abierta declaracion de la confrontacion militar con la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea, un reto frontal a la unanime aspiracion de toda la nacion a la reconciliacion y unidad de la nacion y una negacion total a la Declaracion Conjunta del 15 de Junio.
    Asi senalo el secretariado del Comite por la Reunificacion Pacifica de la Patria (CRPP) en la informacion No. 872 publicada el dia 3 y continuo:
    Tal agitacion a favor de confrontacion coincide con las conversaciones militares a nivel de general Norte-Sur encaminadas a aliviar el estado de tension militar entre ambas partes de Corea y eliminar el peligro de guerra. Esto demuestra que la cupula militar surcoreana recurre invariablemente a las maniobras contra la RPDC al tomarla como "enemigo principal" en vez de considerarla como contraparte del dialogo, cooperacion, reconciliacion y unidad.
    Las autoridades militares surcoreanas, por una parte, hablan del "alivio de tension" y "dialogo" y por la otra, persiguen la confrontacion militar con la RPDC. Este acto contraproducente con la palabra provoca solo la desconfianza y conflicto entre el Norte y el Sur y la misma version de la politica belica de EE.UU. contra la RPDC.
    No deben perseguir la estrategia de confrontacion con la RPDC, que contraviene a la voluntad del pueblo sino renunciar su conspiracion belica junto con EE.UU. conforme a la aspiracion y demanda del pueblo y tomar el camino de la cooperacion nacional.
    Las conversaciones militares entre el Norte y el Sur son necesarias para evitar la confrontacion y lograr la reconciliacion y la unidad.