DPRK FM. Spokesman on Stand to Implement Spirit of DPRK-Japan Summit

    Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wednesday gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA as regards the prospect of the DPRK-Japan relations following the Japanese prime minister's visit to the DPRK: As already reported, the top leaders of the DPRK and Japan at a summit meeting and talks in Pyongyang on May 22 exchanged wide-ranging views on all the issues arising between the two countries including the issues of implementing the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration and restoring the bilateral confidence.
    In this regard, the DPRK is taking note of a series of practical and constructive moves taken by the Japanese side recently.
    The DPRK favorably appreciates a congratulatory message sent by Prime Minister Koizumi to the 20th Congress of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, in particular, in which he expressed his intention to make utmost efforts to normalize the Japan-DPRK ties.
    It is the DPRK's stand to remain true to the spirit of the DPRK-Japan summit meeting and materialize it.
    The DPRK, too, is doing necessary work to implement the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration and advance the matters discussed between the two sides.

U.S. Occupation Policy in S. Korea under Fire

    Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- The U.S. imperialists have, since their military occupation of south Korea, pursued a policy of colonial occupation there in defiance of the Korean nation's will and desire to carry their hegemonic ambition into practice, notes Rodong Sinmun Wednesday. The author of the article says:
    Over half a century has passed since the U.S. military occupation began.
    South Korea, however, is still under the U.S. rule with the noose of subordination around its neck.
    The U.S. occupation of south Korea is a wanton violation of the Korean nation's sovereignty.
    The cunning U.S. imperialists have talked glibly about "alliance" and "friendly nation." But, in actuality, they have become the ruler and bound south Korea in bondage up to the hilt in all domains, political, economic, military and cultural.
    Completely dependent on the U.S. in military affairs, too, south Korea still begs for its "security umbrella" and serves as the shock brigade for the U.S. policy of north-south confrontation and its maneuvers for a war against the north.
    For nearly 60 years the U.S. imperialist aggression troops have committed an unbroken chain of most brutal human rights abuses, killing a great many south Koreans right and left, assaulting them and raping women.
    An immediate end must be put to the occupation of south Korea by the U.S. imperialist aggression forces as it is the source of all crimes that inflict misfortunes and sufferings of all descriptions on the people and violate their dignity and human rights. It is an urgent demand of the nation and the times to terminate the U.S. imperialists' military occupation and colonial rule in south Korea.
    It is an intolerable national disgrace that the south Korean people are still robbed of sovereignty and have their dignity violated under the occupation of the U.S. troops when all the countries and nations are fighting for independence and dignity.
    The Korean nation should decisively clamp a lid on the U.S. occupation and rule in south Korea, if it is to defend peace and achieve independent reunification under the uplifted banner of the June 15 joint declaration.
    The south Korean people of all social standings who value independence and dignity should turn out as one man in the righteous struggle to force the U.S. imperialist aggressor troops out of south Korea under the banner of national independence.

Bright Faces of Children Show Future of Korea

    Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- Foreign women told a KCNA reporter their impressions after participating in a joint friendship gathering held Tuesday on the 54th June 1 International Children's Day. The wife of the Chinese ambassador to the DPRK said she saw the bright future of Korea in the looks of the children who are growing cheerfully and gaily, full of life, under the care of leader Kim Jong Il.
    Caridad Adela Galan Pelegrino, political counselor of the Cuban embassy in Pyongyang, said the pains and love of Kim Jong Il for the children are unparalleled, adding: Inheriting the noble view of President Kim Il Sung on the younger generation, he took measures to create all conditions for nursing and educating children even when the country was undergoing hard ordeals.
    The wife of the Mongolian ambassador to the DPRK said in the DPRK founded by the President and glorified by Kim Jong Il, children are treasured as the "king".

Headquarters of Students' Movement Inaugurated

    Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- The Headquarters of the Movement of the Seoul District Federation of University Student Councils for Checking the TroopDispatch to Iraq, Achieving Peace in the Korean Peninsula, Judging the Crimes of the U.S. Troops and Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration reportedly made public an inaugural declaration on May 28. The declaration said that all youth and students would come out in the struggle to check the troop dispatch to Iraq and the war moves in the Korean peninsula and force the U.S. troops, the root cause of evil, out of south Korea.
    We anti-U.S. young people will hold our national meeting commemorating the fourth anniversary of the June 15 joint declaration as a grand joint function of the nation for reunification, so that the north and the south may make it a place to harden their determination to pool efforts to wage a vigorous anti-U.S. struggle, the declaration pointed out.

Relief Goods to DPRK from South Side

    Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- The south side sent medicines, medical appliances, daily necessaries and other relief goods several times as regards the accident of explosion at Ryongchon Railway Station. Meanwhile, different south Korean organizations, enterprises and individuals in China sent various kinds of relief goods.
    Relief goods including medicines and medical appliances were conveyed to the Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea by a delegation of south Korean trade unions which visited Pyongyang to participate in the May Day reunification meeting of workers in the north and the south in 2004 for the implementation of the June 15 joint declaration.

Greetings to Italian Prime Minister

    Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- Pak Pong Ju, premier of the DPRK Cabinet, sent a message of greetings to Silvio Berlusconi, prime minister of Italy, on the ccasion of its national day. The message expressed the expectation and belief that the friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries would continue to grow stronger in different fields.

Credentials to President of SPA Presidium

    Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, was presented with credentials by Sule Buba, new Nigerian Ambassador e.p. to the DPRK, at the Mansudae Assembly Hall Wednesday. Present there were Kim Yong Il, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, and staff members of the Nigerian embassy here.
    After receiving the credentials, the president had a conversation with the ambassador.

DPRK Delegation Leaves for Cambodia

    Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- A delegation of the DPRK State General Bureau of Tourism led by General Director Ryo Hak Song left here by train on Wednesday to participate in the 41st Meeting of the East Asia-Pacific Regional Committee of the World Tourism Organization to be held in Cambodia.

More Stones Donated to Tower of Juche Idea

    Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- More commemorative stones have been sent to the Tower of the Juche Idea by Juche idea study groups and followers in different countries. This year, the Russian Youth Association for the Study of the Juche Idea and the managing director of the Dandong Mingyuan Commercial Corporation of China donated commemorative stones to the tower standing on the bank of the River Taedong in Pyongyang.
    In recent years rare stones were sent to the tower by many study groups including the National Liaison Council of the Japanese Society for Study of Kim Jong Il Works, political figures and businessmen.
    Inscribed on the stones are such words as "The Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung is always with us," "Long live the great Comrade Kim Jong Il!" "May the Juche idea be ever-lasting" and "Rays lighting the whole world" in praise of President Kim Il Sung, who founded the Juche idea to clearly indicate the way of shaping the destiny of the humankind, and leader Kim Jong Il, who has further developed it as the great guiding idea in the era of independence.
    Until now some 600 stones have come to the tower from nearly 90 countries.

Pyongyang Trade Fair Proves Successful

    Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- Many of the exhibits at the recent 7th Pyongyang International Trade Fair attracted attention of local and foreign visitors. Typical of them were ironware, high-speed steel, plastic asbestos slate, hydrogen-nickel rechargeable battery, various sizes of aluminum-plastic pipes, numerical control machine tools, super electronic tubes, medicine made of natural plants and other drugs exhibited by trade companies of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
    The aluminum-plastic pipes produced by the Korea Hyoksin Trading Corporation are so hard that they can be used as heating pipes for public buildings and dwelling houses.
    The pipes can be curved according to their use in any place without help of jig.
    The hydrogen-nickel rechargeable battery does not self-discharge electricity. Its serviceable life is longer than other kinds. Each battery can be recharged 500 times and the minimum recharge time is two hours.
    Chongungbaekhwa, one of medicines made of natural plants, exhibited by the Korea Pugang Pharmaceutical Company, is efficacious for reducing aging and curing or preventing various symptoms including impotence.

Greetings to Italian President

    Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK, Wednesday sent a message of greetings to Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, president of the Republic of Italy, on the occasion of its national day. Expressing the belief that the friendly and cooperative relations between the DPRK and Italy would continue to expand and develop on good terms, the message wished the Italian president success in his work for the country's prosperity and the well-being of the people.

South Side's Delegation Here

    Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- The south side's delegation headed by Kim Kwang Rim, vice-minister of Finance and Economy of south Korea, arrived here Wednesday to participate in the 9th meeting of the North-South Committee for the Promotion of Economic Cooperation. It was greeted at the airport by members of the north side to the committee.

KCNA Delegation Leaves for Malaysia

    Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- A delegation of the Korean Central News Agency led by Vice-Director General Kim Pyong Ho left here Wednesday to participate in the 12th general meeting of the OANA to be held in Malaysia. It was seen off at Pyongyang Railway Station by KCNA Vice-Director General Kim Chang Gwang and Malaysian Ambassador to the DPRK MD. Yusoff Bin MD. Zain.

For Spanish-speaking people

Actos festivos en varios paises por efemeride de Corea

    Pyongyang, 2 de junio (ATCC) -- Con motivo de cumplirse los 40 anos desde cuando el Dirigente Kim Jong Il iniciara su trabajo en el Comite Central del Partido del Trabajo de Corea, tuvieron lugar del 21 al 26 de mayo mitines, conferencias, simposios, cenaculos de lectura, proyecciones filmicas, fotoexhibiciones en la sucursal de Lahore de la Asociacion de Amistad Pakistan-Corea, el Secretariado del Movimiento Panafricano, el Grupo de Estudio de la Idea Juche Kim Jong Il y el Grupo de Estudio de la Idea Juche de los jovenes en Congo Democratico y el Comite del Partido Democratico de Guinea Ecuatorial en la ciudad de Luba. En los lugares de fotoexhibicion se veian las fotos alusivas a las hazanas del Presidente Kim Il Sung y del Dirigente Kim Jong Il en la construccion del Partido y en la direccion mediante el Songun (priorizacion militar).
    El secretario general de la Sucursal de Lahore, en su discurso en un mitin, senalo que Su Excelencia Kim Jong Il ha dirigido sabiamente el PTC y acumulado inmortales hazanas durante los 40 anos pasados desde el 19 de junio de 1964 en que comenzara a trabajar en el CC del PTC y subrayo que la idea Juche que el Dirigente ha desarrollado y profundizado sirve de idea directriz de la epoca y la nacion y de bandera de la causa de la independencia de todo el mundo.
    El presidente del Partido Socialista de Pakistan, en su intervencion durante un conclave, destaco que el PTC, bajo la sabia direccion de Su Excelencia Kim Jong Il, ha conducido la causa del socialismo a la brillante victoria sin cometer ningun error de linea.
    El director del Departamento Politico del Secretariado del Movimiento Panafricano, en una conferencia intitulada "Poderoso PTC que goza de la direccion del distinguido Dirigente", se refirio al hecho de que el Dirigente definio la idea Juche como guia directriz del PTC y logro la unidad monolitica entre el Partido y el ejercito y apunto que el PTC seguira siendo invencible bajo la direccion del Dirigente.
    En el simposio sobre las hazanas del Dirigente en la construccion del Partido y el poderio invencible de la politica de Songun, efectuado en el Grupo de Estudio de la idea Juche Kim Jong Il en Congo Democratico, los oradores hablaron concretamente de las proezas del Dirigente acumuladas en la construccion del partido y en la direccion mediante el Songun.
    En las proyecciones filmicas se proyectaron la "Funcion gimnastico-artistica masiva en homenaje al 55 aniversario de la fundacion del Partido del Trabajo de Corea, ", "El Ejercito Popular de Corea, fila de acero" y otros documentales coreanos.

Donacion de piedras de recuerdo al Monumento a la Idea Juche

    Pyongyang, 2 de junio (ATCC) -- Las organizaciones de estudio y adeptos de la idea Juche de varios paises del mundo hacen llegar de continuo piedras de recuerdo al Monumento a la Idea Juche erguido majestuosamente a la orilla del rio Taedong que bana esta capital. Este ano, la Asociacion de Estudio de la Idea Juche de Jovenes de Rusia y el gerente general de la Compania General Comercial Mingyuan, Dandong de China donaron piedras de recuerdo.
    En los ultimos anos, el Consejo Nacional de Enlace de Sociedades para el Estudio de las Obras de Kim Jong Il de Japon y otras organizaciones de estudio, personalidades de los circulos politicos y empresarios hicieron llegar materiales de piedra raros al Monumento a la Idea Juche que simboliza la inmortal hazana ideologica del Presidente Kim Il Sung.
    En las piedras estan inscritas las letras de elogio al Presidente quien creo la idea Juche iluminando el camino de la forja del destino del ser humano y al Dirigente Kim Jong Il quien la profundiza y desarrolla en la gran idea directriz de la epoca de independencia: "El gran Lider, camarada Kim Il Sung estara para siempre con nosotros", "!Viva el gran camarada Kim Jong Il!", "Seran eternos los rayos de la idea Juche", "Luz que ilumina todo el mundo", etc.
    Hasta ahora, cerca de 90 paises enviaron mas de 600 piedras al Monumento.
    Hoy, aprender esta magna idea deviene la tendencia de la epoca y este Monumento, sustentado por la fuerza ideo-espiritual de sus adeptos, lanza sus brillos esplendidos a todo el mundo.

Mercancias de fuerte atractivo

    Pyongyang, 2 de junio (ATCC) -- Muchos productos exhibidos en la recien terminada VII Exposicion Internacional de Mercancias de Pyongyang, Corea, acapararon la atencion de los visitantes nacionales y extranjeros. Entre las mercancias de mas fuerte atractivo figuran variedades de productos de hierro asi como acero rapido, pizarra de amianto resinosa, bateria recargable H-Ni, tuberia hecha de aluminio y resina, maquinas herramientas de manejo numerico, tubo electrico para el uso especial, alimentos dieteticos preparados con vegetales naturales, medicamentos, etc. Todas estas son ponencias de las firmas comerciales del pais anfitrion.
    La Compania Comercial Hyoksin de Corea expuso la tuberia hecha en mixtura de aluminio con resina que por su dureza es muy provechosa economicamente a la hora de usarla como materiales de calefaccion para las instalaciones publicas y viviendas.
    Es facil doblarla segun los usos y en cualquier lugar sin accesorios o dispositivos.
    La nueva bateria recargable H-Ni es muy durable y no reporta descargas. Una bateria es recargable para 500 veces y es posible usarla al cabo de 2 horas de recarga a lo minimo.
    Chongungpaekhwa es uno de los favoritos de la Empresa Farmaceutica Pugang, Corea. Este alimento dietetico preparado con vegetales naturales surte efectos especiales en el alivio de los sintomas del envejecimiento y la terapia, la prevencion de la atonia y otros atisbos de decaimiento. Chongungpaekhwa, alimento vegetal para la longevidad, se prepara a traves del procesamiento con tecnologia de punta de sustancias beneficiosas extractas de Fpimedium koreanum silvestre que en la antiguedad, era privilegio de reyes, reinas y damas de la corte en el Palacio Real de Corea.