Japanese Prime Minister to Visit DPRK

    Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) -- Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi will visit the DPRK in late May to implement the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration and restore the relations of confidence between the DPRK and Japan.

Films on Theme of Anti-Japanese Education Screened

    Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) -- A series of films on the theme of anti-Japanese education are now shown at cinemas and houses of culture and other places across the country. Among them are the documentary film "History Indicts" and feature films "Japan Provokes War in Year Imjin," "Emissary Unreturned" and "Kwangju Calls."
    Cinema-goers feel bitter hatred for the Japanese imperialists, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation, and renew their firm determination to take revenge upon them.
    Also showing there are feature films "Blood-stained Route Map," "An Jung Gun Shoots Ito Hirobumi" and "The Souls Protest." The first one clearly tells what cunning and brigandish methods Japan employed to take Tok Islet, part of the inviolable territory of Korea, the second one deals with the fact that the Japanese Samurais resorted to the most despicable method in the world history of diplomacy to deprive Korea of its sovereignty and the last one shows how brutally the Japanese imperialists killed Koreans by exploding the ship carrying them who were their way back to their beloved country, rejoiced over its liberation.
    Seeing the films, people from all walks of life and school youth and children evince their firm pledge to deal merciless blows at the Japanese reactionaries with the matchless strength built up under the banner of Songun, should they start reckless invasion, oblivious of the lesson drawn from their past, and give vent to their pent-up grudge.

Senior Officials of Political Parties and State Visit Revolutionary Museum

    Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) -- The newly arranged Revolutionary Museum of Kim Il Sung University was visited by senior officials of the Workers' Party of Korea and the state, chairpersons of friendly parties, members of the Cabinet and leading officials of working people's organizations, ministries and national institutions on Thursday. The visitors laid bunches of flowers before the statue of President Kim Il Sung on Mt. Ryongnam and paid high tribute to him.
    They went to the introductory room where they were briefed on facts that the three generals of Mt. Paektu performed immortal revolutionary exploits for the development of the Juche-based highest seat of learning and that the revolutionary museum has been arranged with exhibits new and diverse in scale, style and content in a short span of time thanks to the concern and support of the whole society.
    They looked round with deep emotion the rooms devoted to the relics and materials on the noble revolutionary feats of the President and Kim Jong Suk, anti-Japanese war hero, on display according to chronological order.
    The President set up the first university for the people right after the liberation of the country and gave on-the-site guidance to it more than 100 times in his lifetime, indicating the road for the university to follow and wisely leading its work. Kim Jong Suk saw to it that the university conducted its work true to the intention of the President.
    Then they moved to the rooms devoted to many relics and materials on Kim Jong Il's wise guidance to the university in the days when he was conducting his revolutionary activities at it and in the subsequent period. Seeing them on display according to thematical and chronological order, they once again deeply grasped the greatness of his idea and leadership and his personality as a great young man.
    They were briefed on the fact that during his revolutionary activities at Kim Il Sung University he experienced the reality of the country and acquired outstanding personality and qualification as a popular leader in all fields including politics, economy, military affairs and culture while devotedly assisting the President in his field guidance.

End to U.S. Military Presence in S. Korea Called for

    Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland and the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland released a joint appeal to the fellow countrymen in south Korea on May 13. Noting that the returns of the recent 17th "National Assembly" election represented a great victory of the new over the old, the appeal said that this irresistible trend of the times means the victory of the June 15 joint declaration, the victory of the spirit of our nation itself and the victory of reunification and patriotism.
    If the south Korean people are to truly enjoy something new, they should build a truly independent new society without the U.S. military presence and free from its domination, the statement said, and continued:
    It is a shame and disgrace for all the Koreans that they have not yet got rid of the yoke of the U.S. military occupation and domination over south Korea. All the political parties, groupings and people from all walks of life should rise up to put an end to the U.S. military occupation and colonial rule over south Korea in the same spirit as they displayed to win the victory in the "general election".
    We should make the year 2005, the 60th year since the U.S. occupation of south Korea, the year the U.S. troops will be forced to withdraw from south Korea so as to put a definite end to the U.S. domination over it.
    Every political party and grouping and all the people from all walks of life in south Korea should convert the "cooperation with the U.S." into the national cooperation and thus take an active part in the nation-wide struggle to build the structure of the entire Korean nation's confrontation with the U.S. under the banner of the Korean nation-first spirit.
    The appeal expressed the belief that the south Korean people would demonstrate the national spirit and wisdom to the whole world to build a new society without the presence of U.S. troops and make a new history of independence and reunification.

Maltreatment of Iraqi Prisoners Denounced in S. Korea

    Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) -- The Network for Peace in Iraq, the Citizens' Solidarity for Democratic Society, the Environment Movement Association and the Women's Society for Peace reportedly held a rally in front of the building of the Ministry of Information and Communication in Seoul on May 10 to denounce the U.S. troops for their inhuman maltreatment of Iraqi prisoners. Speakers at the rally said the U.S. makes no bones about such inhuman acts as sex torture against war prisoners for its own interests. They stressed that such brutal manhandling cannot be overlooked by man.
    They called on all the people to join in the movement against the tortures and maltreatment of Iraqi prisoners by the U.S. troops.
    A joint statement was read out at the rally.
    It denounced the south Korean authorities for keeping utter silence about the killing and tortures of prisoners by the U.S. troops which go against peace in Iraq and strongly demanded them withdraw the planned additional troop dispatch to Iraq before it is too late

News Conference at Russian Embassy

    Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) -- A news conference was held at the Russian embassy in Pyongyang Thursday on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet people in the great patriotic war. Present there were newspaper, news agency and radio reporters in the city.
    Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov addressed the news conference.
    Noting that the Soviet people and army dealt a telling blow to the aggressors and honorably defended the motherland by displaying mass heroism, he underlined the significance of the victory in the patriotic war.
    He said the soldiers of new generation of the Russian Federal Armed Forces, succeeding the heroic tradition of the patriotic war, are engaged with zeal in military service for the military security of the country and increase of the combat capacity of the army.
    The Russian people significantly celebrate historic May 9 as the day of victory over fascist Germany, he noted.
    Answers were given to questions.
    The participants saw video scenes of a military parade celebrating the 59th anniversary of the victory in the great patriotic war.

U.S. Plan to Erect Monument in S. Korea under Fire

    Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the North Headquarters of the Nationwide Special Committee for Probing the Truth behind GIs' Massacres issued a statement on May 13 in which he denounces the deceptive and hypocritical plan of the United States to erect a "memorial monument in Rogun-ri" in south Korea as a mockery of and intolerable insult to the dignity of the entire Korean nation. He said:
    In July 1950 the U.S. imperialist murderers herded at least 400 defenseless civilians and refugees in Yongdong County, North Chungchong Province, promising them to take them to a "shelter" and summoned a flying corps by radio to indiscriminately strafe them, then drove them under an arch bridge and fired machine guns at them, killing them in cold blood. This is what is called "the case of massacre of civilians in Rogun-ri".
    The murderers say they will erect a "monument" in Rogun-ri, south Korea, the very site of massacre, to the memory of the victims. This cannot but be an impudent farce that can be staged only by Yankees and cannibals in human skin.
    The U.S. is greatly mistaken if it thinks that it can lull the pent-up grievances and wrath of the south Koreans and their anti-American sentiments with such burlesque as erecting a "memorial monument." The Korean nation will never forget the hideous massacre committed by the U.S., but will certainly force it to pay for its crimes a thousand times.
    The U.S. should promptly stop such farce and frankly apologize and compensate for its shuddering atrocities in Rogun-ri and take its aggression forces to their den from south Korea right away.
    The statement expressed the expectation that the organizations and people of all strata in south Korea will resolutely foil the U.S. policy of aggression toward Korea and vigorously turn out in a just struggle to accomplish the cause of the independent reunification of the country through national cooperation under the banner of Korean nation-first spirit.

Tok Islet, Inalienable Territory of Korea

    Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) -- Members of a right-wing organization of Japan attempted to land on Tok Islets, on May 4 with Japanese politicians claiming that they belong to Japanese territory. This shows what extent Japan's ambition for territorial expansion has reached.
    Korea has had the islets in possession from more than 1,500 years ago.
    "The Chronicles of Three Kingdoms", "Geography in the True Records of Sejong," "Account of Expedition to Korean Land", "Taedongyo Map" (Korean Map) and others clarify that Tok Islets belonged to the State of Usan which had been under the rule of Korea from 500 A.D. ago.
    According to "The History of Koryo," "The True Records of the Ri Dynasty" and others books, since the appearance of the State of Usan the islets had been recorded as Usan Islets, Sambong Islets (1476), Kaji Islets (1794) and Tok Islets (after 1881).
    Such geographical books and historical documents as the "Territory Map," "New Account of Expedition to Korean Territory" and "Newly Supplemented Reference Book" write that Tok Islets, along with Ulrung Island, belong to Uljin Hyon (sub-county), Kangwon Province.
    Different materials of Japan also clearly prove that Tok Islets belong to the Korean territory.
    The report on survey of Korea written by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in May 1870 notes that Song Islets (Tok Islets) are neighboring islets of Juk Island (Ulrung Island). Director of the Recording Department Watanabe and Director of Meritorious Officials Department Tanabe of the Foreign Ministry in their recommendations in December 1878 said that the islets called Song Islets in Japan belong to Ulrung Island of Korea.
    "Korea's Hydrographic Book" (1908), "Hydrographic Book on Korean Coasts" (1923 and June 1945), "Traveling Expenses and Expenditure Calculation" (December 1938), the Modern Map (1951) attached to textbooks for Japanese schools and other books and materials published in Japan after 1905 correctly record Tok Islets as part of the Korean territory.
    The Korean Government issued royal ordinance No.41 dated October 25, 1900 to reconfirm the dominium over Tok Islets to suit the then international legal system.
    Defying this stark reality, however, Japan is resorting to every despicable means, asserting that Tok Islets belong to Japan.
    One of the "legal grounds" for its assertion is the "Incorporation of Tok Islets into Shimane Prefecture" according to "Shimane Prefecture's Announcement" No.40 in 1905.
    The announcement legally "confirmed" and "recognized" Japan's dominium over the islets, alleging that it had been possessed by nobody until Japan found them.
    This document was neither issued in the government's official gazette nor open to other countries. It was carried only in a prefectural official gazette.
    It goes totally against the principle concerning prior occupation reflected in traditional international law. It can neither be the Japanese state's external notice nor law on occupation of and sovereignty over the islets.
    This illegal document which had been concealed was brought to public by Japan as a "legal ground" for its claim to Tok Islets after the defeat of the Japanese imperialists in World War II.
    The Korean people will never tolerate the brazenfaced Japanese reactionaries for their persistent, illegal claim to Tok Islets.

People Called Upon to Have Transparent Anti-Imperialist Class Consciousness

    Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) -- All the servicepersons of the People's Army and people of the DPRK should live and struggle in a strained and revolutionary manner with more transparent anti-imperialist class consciousness than ever before, says Rodong Sinmun today in an editorial. It goes on: Transparent anti-imperialist class consciousness serves as a weapon of conviction that should be firmly maintained in the present confrontation without gunfire. The world greeted the new century and old generation is replaced by a new generation but there should not be any change in the class consciousness and fighting tradition of the revolutionary ranks.
    Everybody should judge and treat all issues arising in the revolution and construction from the viewpoint of the anti-imperialist class struggle as required by the Songun idea and deal merciless blows at the U.S. imperialists hatching sinister plots to gnaw at the ideology and system of the DPRK and destabilize it. The servicepersons and people should have bitter hatred for the reviving Japanese militarists and strong ideological awareness and determination to revenge themselves on the Japanese militarists, the sworn enemy of the Korean people, at any cost and give vent to their pent-up grudge.
    They should live and struggle in a revolutionary and militant manner with the firm stand and viewpoint that they should wage a do-or-die battle with the U.S. and Japanese imperialists any time and they emerge victorious in it without fail.
    It is necessary to learn from the staunch anti-imperialist class consciousness and revolutionary and militant spirit displayed by the People's Army standing firm guard over the anti-imperialist military front, the main front of the Songun revolution.
    The editorial calls for always maintaining high revolutionary vigilance against the imperialists' ideological and cultural poisoning and psychological offensive, thoroughly reject and oppose them, firmly defend the ideology and system of the DPRK, the Korean style political mode, economic management system and way of living and give full play to their vitality.

Liaison Officers of North and South Contact for General-level Military Talks

    Kaesong, May 14 (KCNA) -- Liaison officers of the north and the south had a contact in the area under the control of the north and the south on the west coast Friday for the general-level military talks between the two sides. At the contact both sides discussed practical issues concerning the opening of the general-level military talks for discussing military issues arising in implementing the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration.
    They agreed to hold the first north-south general-level military talks at Mt. Kumgang resort on May 26.

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Cuadros de partido y Estado visitan museo de la Universidad Kim Il Sung

    Pyongyang, 14 de mayo (ATCC) -- Los cuadros directivos del partido y el Estado, presidentes de los partidos amigos, miembros del Consejo de Ministros, funcionarios responsables de las entidades sociales, ministerios y organos centrales visitaron el dia 13 el Museo de la Historia Revolucionaria de la Universidad Kim Il Sung, nuevamente acondicionado. Los visitantes, tras depositar ramos de flores ante la estatua de bronce del Presidente Kim Il Sung en la colina Ryongnam, le rindieron tributo.
    Luego, en el salon de conferencias, escucharon explicaciones acerca de las inmortales proezas revolucionarias de los 3 Generales del monte Paektu impregnadas en este maximo centro docente de tipo Jucheano y de la atencion y el respaldo de toda la sociedad que posibilitaron en un corto tiempo la reestructuracion del museo en forma mas renovada y ampliada tanto en la dimension y el estilo como en su contenido.
    Los visitantes recorrieron con profunda emocion los pabellones que en orden cronologico, muestran los nobles meritos revolucionarios del Presidente Kim Il Sung y la heroina de lucha antijaponesa Kim Jong Suk. El Presidente, desde la fundacion de esta primera universidad para el pueblo en nuestro pais hasta los ultimos momentos de su vida, paso por aqui en mas de 100 ocasiones para fijar claramente el camino a seguir por esta universidad y dirigir sabiamente sus quehaceres, en tanto la heroina de lucha antijaponesa acumulo grandes meritos revolucionarios al dirigir la labor de la universidad segun el proposito del Presidente.
    A su vez, el Dirigente Kim Jong Il, durante y despues del desarrollo de sus actividades revolucionarias en este plantel docente, dirigio paso a paso la labor de este. De esta historia revolucionaria del Dirigente, hablan muchas piezas y datos exhibidos por tematicas y en orden cronologico en los pabellones ampliados donde los visitantes sintieron en lo mas hondo del corazon la grandeza de la idea y la direccion y rasgos del gran hombre que caracterizaban al Dirigente desde su temprana edad.
    En particular, los visitantes se informaron de que el Dirigente, durante los dias de sus actividades en esta universidad, al asesorar activamente la direccion sobre el terreno del Presidente, experimento la realidad de la patria y adquirio de manera excelente rasgos y talentos extraordinarios del dirigente para el pueblo en todos los planos sociales como la politica, la economia, los asuntos militares y la cultura.

"Llamamiento a los compatriotas surcoreanos"

    Pyongyang, 14 de mayo (ATCC) -- Se dio a la publicidad el dia 13 un "llamamiento a los compatriotas surcoreanos" a nombre comun del Comite Central del Frente Democratico para la Reunificacion de la Patria y el Comite por la Reunificacion Pacifica de la Patria. El documento senala que el resultado de las XVII "elecciones generales" en el Sur de Corea constituye la gran victoria de lo nuevo sobre lo caduco y esta corriente indetenible de la epoca es el triunfo de la historica Declaracion Conjunta del 15 de Junio, de la idea de "Con las fuerzas unidas de la nacion coreana" y del patriotismo para la reunificacion, y prosigue:
    Si los habitantes surcoreanos desean de veras disfrutar de lo nuevo, tienen que construir un nuevo mundo verdaderamente independiente donde no hay las tropas norteamericanas ni la dominacion de EE.UU.
    Todavia en ambito pannacional nuestra nacion no se ha librado de la ocupacion militar y el yugo de dominacion de EE.UU. Esto es una gran verguenza y afrenta. Todos los partidos, todas las agrupaciones y habitantes de diferentes estratos del Sur de Corea deben movilizarse en forma general para poner fin a la ocupacion militar y la dominacion colonial de EE.UU. dando pruebas del mismo impetu con que lograron victoria en las "elecciones generales".
    El 2005 es el 60 aniversario de la ocupacion al Sur de Corea por EE.UU. Se debe convertirlo en un ano en que se realice la retirada de los uniformados yanquis del suelo surcoreano y se ponga fin a la dominacion de la superpotencia.
    Para ello, todos los partidos, todas las agrupaciones y habitantes de diferentes capas tienen que cambiar la "cooperacion entre el Sur de Corea y EE.UU." por la "cooperacion entre los nacionales" e incorporarse activamente a la marcha pannaciconal para formar la estructura de confrontacion de toda la nacion coreana vs. EE.UU. bajo la bandera de dar prioridad a la nacion coreana.
    Para finalizar, el documento expresa la conviccion de que los habitantes surcoreanos daran pruebas del temperamento y la inteligencia de la nacion coreana para construir un mundo nuevo sin las tropas norteamericanas y crear una nueva historia de la independencia y la reunificacion.

Sobre visita de premier japones Koizumi a Corea

    Pyongyang, 14 de mayo (ATCC) -- El primer ministro de Japon, Junichiro Koizumi, realizara a segunda quincena de mayo una visita a la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea para fomentar la ejecucion de la Declaracion Corea-Japon de Pyongyang y la recuperacion de las relaciones de confianza.