First Batch of Relief Goods from South Side Here

    Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- Medicines, blankets, clothes, foodstuff, etc. worth one million U.S. dollars, arrived at Nampho Port today as the first batch of relief goods donated by the south side to the north side free of charge in the wake of an explosion that occurred at Ryongchon Railway Station in North Phyongan Province. The goods were handed over to an official of the Central Committee of the Red Cross Society of the DPRK by a relevant official of the south Korean Red Cross at the port.

Message of Sympathy from Fidel Castro

    Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, and Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, received a message of sympathy from Fidel Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, president of the Council of State and president of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, on April 26 as regards an explosion that occurred at Ryongchon Railway Station, North Phyongan Province. The message said:
    It was with profound sorrow that we received the news that a train accident at Ryongchon Railway Station claimed many casualties.
    @Availing myself of this opportunity, I express our deepest condolences to you, the WPK, the government of the DPRK, the victims and their bereaved families and the noble Korean people on behalf of the party, the government and the people of Cuba.

Message of Sympathy to Kim Yong Nam from Cambodian King

    Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, received a message of sympathy from Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk on April 26 in connection with the explosion at Ryongchon Railway Station in the DPRK. The message said that upon hearing with profound sorrow the news released by the DPRK government that a very big accident occurred recently at a railway station near the border with China he expressed the deepest condolences to leader Kim Jong Il and, through the president, to the families of the victims.
    It noted that he was donating $20,000 in token of his greatest modesty and sincerity to help the Korean people in their cause to relieve the people in the afflicted area through Kim Jong Il and the president.

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Meeting of Working Group of Six-way Talks

    Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA Thursday as regards the opening of the meeting of the working group of the six-way talks: A meeting of the working group of the six-way talks is slated to open in Beijing on May 12 under an agreement reached at the second round of the six-way talks.
    Public attention is now focused on the agenda items to be taken up at the meeting and diverse rumors are afloat in this regard.
    It is very important for the meeting of the working group to adopt proper agenda items to attain its purpose.
    The DPRK side will attend this meeting to discuss the proposal "reward for freeze" under any circumstances.
    As already known, the DPRK side advanced the flexible proposal "reward for freeze" as the first-phase measure at the last round of the six-way talks taking into consideration the fact that there exists no confidence between the DPRK and the U.S. and Washington is not yet ready to accept the proposal for a package solution based on the principle of simultaneous actions all at once.
    A bright prospect will be opened for the solution of the nuclear issue if Pyongyang commits itself to scrap its nuclear weapons program in return for Washington's announcement of its commitment to renounce its hostile policy toward the former on the principle of "verbal commitment" and "action for action" and the U.S. and the countries concerned make compensation for Pyongyang's freeze of its nuclear program.
    The U.S. seems to stick to its stand to demand Pyongyang's CVID of its nuclear program. But that will only throw a higher hurdle in the way of the talks.
    The U.S. is putting pressure upon the DPRK, talking about "irreversible" or something like that although it is not a defeated nation. If the U.S. insists on this stand, the DPRK does not feel any need to sit at the negotiating table with it.
    The DPRK will participate in the above-said meeting with patience and magnanimity but any efforts made by it alone are not enough to make the meeting successful.
    Everything will depend on the U.S. attitude.
    The U.S. attempt to while away time, insisting on its wrong assertion, would not do it good, either.
    The DPRK is by no means impatient.

Period of Joint Action for May Day Set in S. Korea

    Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- The (south) Korean Confederation of Trade Unions reportedly declared a period of joint action to observe May Day from April 23 to May 1. It decided to conduct diverse practical activities for the withdrawal of the decision to send troop to Iraq pursuant to the U.S. war of aggression, repeal of discrimination against part-time workers, guarantee of the three rights of labor and the workers' right to health, stop to structural readjustment, and so on.
    It held a declaration ceremony in front of Kukmin Bank in Seoul on April 23. More than 300 trade union representatives were present there.
    Senior Vice-Chairman of the KCTU Kang Sung Gyu, Chairman of the Federation of Metal Industrial Workers Unions Paek Sun Hwan, Chairman of the Reunification Committee of the KCTU Choe Yong Gyu and others, addressing the ceremony, said the KCTU should check with a life-and-death fight the troop dispatch to Iraq which serves the U.S.-led globalization. They called upon all the unionists to unite close in the fight for the raise of minimum wages, guarantee of the workers' right to health and settlement of the issue of part-time workers.
    The ceremony was followed by a human tower building symbolic of joint action.
    The KCTU announced that its affiliated unions would conduct propaganda activities, while hanging large suspension posters demanding the withdrawal of the decision on additional troop dispatch, conversion of part-time work into full-time work and stop to the unreasonable labor actions on May Day.

EU-Sponsored Anti-DPRK Resolution Dismissed

    Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- An EU-sponsored anti-DPRK "resolution" was railroaded through the recent 60th meeting of the UN Commission on Human Rights held in Geneva. The European Union had already unilaterally suspended the favorably developing dialogue and cooperation with the DPRK in the field of human rights and sought all of a sudden the passage of an anti-DPRK "resolution" on human rights at a meeting last year. This time, too it spearheaded the railroading of another resolution full of lies and fabrications through the meeting.
    As the DPRK has clarified more than once, it is the consistent policy of its government to guarantee all its citizens their rights in a responsible manner.
    They enjoy genuine freedom and rights under the man-centered Korean-style socialist system whereby the whole country has become a large family and the leader, the Party and the masses are single-heartedly united.
    Nevertheless, the EU got the "resolution" passed in utter disregard of this actual human rights performance in the DPRK. This only goes to prove that the EU has become undisguised in conspiring with the U.S. in its hostile policy towards the DPRK aimed to impair the image of the DPRK and isolate and stifle it.
    It is preposterous for the EU to deliberately say about someone's "human rights situation," behaving as if it were an international "judge of human rights."
    In fact, the U.S. should be forced to sit in the dock before any other countries when international and regional organizations discuss the issue of human rights.
    The lives and inviolable rights of the people are constantly infringed upon in the U.S. society where firearms flood and various kinds of crimes including murder are rampant. It is the U.S. where racial discrimination and human rights abuses are the worst.
    The U.S. not only is beset with the most serious human rights issues at home but has turned the international arena into an abattoir of man slaughter, a graveyard of human rights.
    The Iraqi war started by the U.S. last year in disregard of the UN and the international community is turning Iraq into a sea of blood as defenseless peaceable civilians are indiscriminately killed.
    The U.S. killed at least 10,000 civilians and children and contaminated the Iraqi land with radioactive fallout by using about 1,700 tons of depleted uranium shields and over 10,000 cluster bombs.
    The U.S. crimes against humanity are not confined to Iraq but are ceaselessly reported in Afghanistan, Kosovo and other parts of the world.
    The pressing issue in the field of human rights is rights to life and existence.
    The U.S. is killing people in cold blood and trampling down upon their right to existence, under the signboard of "protection of human rights." It is strange enough for the EU to turn aside from this genocide when claiming that it discusses the issue of human rights.
    If the EU considers as its "human rights standards" the jungle law that any crime of the strong should be regarded as a good deed and any good deed of the weak as a crime, then where is justice?
    If the EU is truly concerned about human rights, it should call the U.S. inhumane killing to task and hold it accountable for it.

People's Inspection of Negotiations for Transfer of U.S. Military Base Demanded

    Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- The People for Achieving Peace and Reunification in south Korea reportedly called a press conference in front of the building of the Board of Audit and Inspection on April 23 demanding people's inspection of the negotiations for the transfer of the U.S. military base in Ryongsan. The press conference was called in connection with the opening of a "meeting at the board to examine the request made for people's inspection" of the negotiations for the transfer of the U. S. military base in Ryongsan.
    A press release read out at the press conference said: The transfer of the U.S. military base in Ryongsan is, to all intents and purposes, aimed to carry out the U.S. new military strategy. Yet these negotiations demanded south Korea cover the expenses amounting to astronomical figures incurred by this transfer. These negotiations are therefore totally unequal.
    Saying that if a humiliating decision is made at the negotiations it will seriously infringe upon the people's interests and the sovereignty of the nation, the press release demanded the board inspect the negotiations as demanded by the people.
    If the authorities turn down the request of the people for inspection under the pretext of keeping what was discussed secret, they will not escape the people's protest and denunciation, it warned.

Powel's Remarks on Dispatch of S. Korean Troops to Iraq under Fire

    Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- U.S. Secretary of State Powel, when interviewed by south Korean media, talked rubbish that the U.S. was pleased with the decision of the south Korean authorities to dispatch additional troops to Iraq and people's support to it and he felt proud of south Korea's troops dispatch to Iraq and hoped that south Koreans would also feel proud of that decision. The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland issued information bulletin No. 867 on April 28 blasting these reckless remarks.
    His behavior was an unpardonable mockery and debasement of the south Korean people who have risen up in the campaign to defend the national dignity and interests while bitterly denouncing the additional troop dispatch to Iraq and undisguised pressure upon the south Korean authorities to implement the decision, the bulletin noted, and continued:
    The U.S. is employing all sorts of tricks to plug south Korea into implementing its policy of aggression and occupation of Iraq at any cost.
    His arrogant utterance revealed the sinister intention of the Bush administration and reflected the U.S. way of thinking and logic that young south Koreans may be killed for the U.S.
    The people from all walks of life in south Korea should foil the criminal attempt of the U.S. to take away their dear sons and daughters as bullet-shields and thus decisively stand up against its insolent and vicious moves and clearly show that they are no longer what they used to be in the past when they unconditionally obeyed the U.S.

KCNA on Japanese Dietmen's Visit to Yasukuni Shrine

    Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- 84 Japanese Dietmen including the former prime minister of Japan recently visited the Yasukuni Shrine. This visit to the shrine took place at a time when a Japanese local court's ruling that the visit paid by the chief executive to the shrine was a violation of the constitution sparked a great stir at home and abroad. It is, therefore, a matter of serious concern not only for Japan but for other Asian countries.
    The shrine keeps mortuary tablets of war criminals who imposed catastrophic disasters not only upon the Japanese but upon all other Asian people in the past. Their visit to such a place is a rash act of insulting the war victims and seriously getting on the nerves of its surrounding countries.
    The Japanese politicians have become evermore zealous in paying group visit to the shrine after forming what it called "society of Dietmen" in a bid to politically legalize their worship for and praise of the symbol of militarism and ultranationalism.
    In October last year, visits were paid to the shrine by 19 Dietmen and 49 others on behalf of Dietmen, sparking furor and inviting strong criticism at home and abroad. But the recent visit drew more Dietmen than the previous one. This clearly shows how reckless the ultra-right reactionary forces have become in their moves for turn Japan to fascism and to the Right under the patronage of the Japanese government and at its tacit connivance.
    The desperate efforts of the chief executive and Dietmen to justify the visits to the shrine, blatantly challenging history, clearly prove the dangerous militarist and ultranationalist tendency of Japan and its wild ambition for reinvasion.
    Japan's blood-stained history of aggression in the 20th century has its origin in militarism and ultranationalism.
    Hence, the controversial issue of the visit to the shrine is not only a domestic political issue of Japan as it is related to rooting out the origin or not but a serious issue of its foreign policy to verify its stand and view toward the Asian countries which suffered tremendous damage due to the Japanese imperialists.
    It is preposterous, indeed, for the chief executive and his close associates and other politicians to assert that other countries' criticism of visits to the shrine is interference in Japan's internal affairs. If the Japanese politicians are to sincerely repent of its history of wars of aggression and get rid of the ill-fame of "enemy state", they should stop such reckless acts as visiting the shrine to incite anachronistic idea of militarism and ultranationalism.

U.S.-Japan Military Tie-up under Fire

    Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- The United States and Japan are to expand the scope of the joint use of military bases and transfer some functions of the U.S. army command to the U.S. army in Japan according to the plan for the regrouping of the U.S. forces in Japan following the reexamination of the so-called "frontline deployment strategy" stepped up by the Bush administration. Commenting on this Minju Joson today says:
    These moves are fraught with a great danger which can never be overlooked as they are the biggest in scale in the full-fledged regrouping of armed forces promoted by the United States ever since the end of the Cold War.
    The purpose of the U.S.-Japan military tie-up tightened as never before in areas around the Korean peninsula does not simply lie in itself but in starting another Korean war.
    The moves for tightened military tie-up are laying a serious stumbling block in the way of the negotiated peaceful settlement of the nuclear issue between the DPRK and the U.S. and bringing dark clouds of war over the Korean peninsula. No one can vouch that the new war of aggression sought by the U.S. and Japan against the DPRK would be confined to the peninsula. In the final analysis, this may seriously destabilize the strategic balance in Northeast Asia including the Korean peninsula and touch off a new arms race and another Cold War. This can never be allowed in view of the desire of humankind and the trend of the developments in and around the Korean peninsula.
    The U.S. and Japan should look straight into the reality and immediately stop their moves to strengthen military tie-up for a sinister purpose.

National Meeting of Builders Held

    Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- A national meeting of builders took place here on April 28. It reviewed the achievements and experience attained in carrying through the construction policy of the Workers' Party of Korea in the past period and discussed tasks and ways for effecting a revolutionary turn in the field of construction to meet the requirements of the Songun era.
    Present there were Pak Pong Ju, Han Song Ryong and Kwak Pom Gi and members of the Cabinet, officials of ministries, national institutions, provincial, city and county Party and power bodies and related units and builders of meritorious services.
    Han Song Ryong read out a congratulatory message sent by the Central Committee of the WPK to the participants in the meeting.
    The national meeting of builders convened on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the National Meeting of Architects and Construction Experts, the first of its kind held in Korea, in the presence of President Kim Il Sung will mark an important milestone in bringing about a revolutionary turn in capital construction to meet the requirements of the building of a great prosperous powerful socialist nation, the message said. It expressed the belief that all the officials and working people in the construction domain would successfully fulfill the difficult and vast tasks assigned to them in the building of a great prosperous powerful socialist nation.
    Pae Tal Jun, minister of State Construction Control, in his report said the meeting would be an occasion of a dramatic turn in converting the cities and villages into scenes of socialist fairyland suitable to the requirements of the Songun era and lifting capital construction to a new higher stage, true to the far-reaching plan and intention of leader Kim Jong Il.
    The past 50 years witnessed a history of creation and change in which the foundation of a prospering country has been laid by world-startling miracles and feats, a history of tremendous changes in which a great many grand monumental edifices have been built in this land to usher in a heyday of construction under the wise leadership of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, the reporter said, and went on:
    Kim Il Sung was the first in history to set out the idea of thoroughly establishing Juche in construction and other original ideas, theories and policies to formulate a clear-cut guideline for capital construction, and Kim Jong Il has energetically led architecture and construction.
    Capital construction holds a very big share in realizing Kim Jong Il's plan for building a great prosperous powerful socialist nation, the reporter said, calling upon all the builders and designers to successfully discharge their tasks.
    All the officials and builders should strictly implement the WPK's policy of construction in the revolutionary soldier spirit, cherishing the unshakable faith that "As the Party decides, so we do!" and thus glorify through generations the feats performed by the Party and the leaders in guiding construction and brilliantly realize the Party's plan for construction, the reporter said.
    Jo Yun Hui, minister of Construction and Building-Materials Industries, O Hak Bong, chief of the field headquarters of the volunteer teams of Party information workers from across the country, Pak Hong Nam, vice-chairman of the Pyongyang City People's Committee, and other speakers stressed the need to push forward more dynamically the construction of major objects in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation.

Human Love Fully Displayed in DPRK

    Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- Human love is being fully displayed among the people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Some time ago doctors of the North Phyongan Provincial People's Hospital and students of Sinuiju University of Medicine completely cured a badly burned patient who had been at death's door, by donating their blood and pieces of skin without hesitation.
    The pieces of skin they grafted to the patient five times amounted to more than 9,800 square centimeters and the blood they transfused 29 times to 3,500 milliliters during some 120 days of treatment.
    Doctors and other employees of Pyongyang People's Hospital No. 2 also recovered scores of wives of mining workers of the Majon Mine in Songchon County, South, from critical conditions caused by an accident.
    For more than 40 days of treatment, they held over 500 consultations, conducted some 20 surgeries, big and small, took over 50 X-ray examinations and carried out over 1,230 tests. A large amount of blood and costly medicines was applied to the patients.
    At the Kim Man Yu Hospital, a crippled girl was treated to walk by herself.
    Foreigners who witnessed such beautiful deeds said that such warm love for people can be seen only in Korean socialist society where all the people live as a big harmonious family with leader Kim Jong Il as their father.

S. Korean Enterprises and Organizations Willing to Assist Ryongchon Accident Victims

    Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- More south Korean enterprises and organizations sent messages of sympathy to organizations concerned of the DPRK including the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee and the National Reconciliation Council in connection with the accident that occurred at Ryongchon Railway Station and expressed their willingness to give assistance to its victims. Hyundai Asan in its message hoped that everything would be rehabilitated and it will return to normal at an early date, expressing deep sympathy with the north over the tragic accident.
    Pak Sang Gwon, secretary general of the "World Peace Federation", expressed his will to help the north recover from the damage, extending heartfelt consolation and encouragement to it.
    The "Student Missionary Council" expressed its will to actively cooperate with other aid organizations, manifesting its expectation for an early recovery from the damage.
    The "Movement of Koreans for Helping Each Other" called for joining efforts to overcome the disaster and turning the tragedy into an occasion of achieving national unity and cooperation. It said that the organizations to assist the north should join their efforts to convey emergency relief materials to it and inaugurate a people's solidarity movement organization to assist the victims of the accident in order to render sustained aid to them.
    Members of the "Society for Friendship between Children in the South and the North" now staying here also voiced their willingness to assist the north, expressing consolation to the victims.

For Spanish-speaking people

Conferencia Nacional de Constructores

    Pyongyang, 29 de abril (ATCC) -- Tuvo lugar el dia 28 en esta capital la Conferencia Nacional de Constructores. En el conclave se hizo balance de los exitos y experiencias acumulados en el pasado en la materializacion de la politica del partido sobre la construccion y se abordaron tareas y remedios para marcar un viraje revolucionario en este sector en conformidad con la exigencia de la epoca del Songun (priorizacion militar).
    Asistieron al evento Pak Pong Ju, Han Song Ryong, Kwak Pom Gi, miembros del Consejo de Ministros, funcionarios de ministerios, organos centrales e instituciones provinciales, urbanas, distritales del partido y el Poder, funcionarios de sectores relacionados con la construccion y constructores de meritos.
    Han Song Ryong dio lectura al mensaje de felicitacion del CC del Partido del Trabajo de Corea enviado a los participantes en el evento.
    Este evento inaugurado en homenaje al 50 aniversario de la Conferencia Nacional de Arquitectos y Tecnicos de la Construccion, primer conclave del ramo en Corea transcurrido con la participacion del camarada Kim Il Sung, gran Lider, constituira un hito importante para marcar un viraje revolucionario en la construccion basica conforme a la demanda de la edificacion de una gran potencia prospera socialista, senala la misiva y continua:
    El CC del PTC expresa la conviccion de que todos los funcionarios y trabajadores del sector de la construccion cumpliran de modo satisfactorio las dificiles y enormes tareas asumidas ante la empresa de la edificacion de la citada potencia.
    A continuacion, Pae Tal Jun, ministro de Control Estatal de Construccion rindio el informe que va como sigue:
    Esta conferencia servira de una oportunidad para el cambio trascendental en decorar las ciudades y aldeas como las escenas pintorescas del socialismo conforme a la demanda de la epoca del Songun y en llevar a una nueva etapa superior la construccion basica del pais en acato al gran proposito y la voluntad del gran Dirigente, camarada Kim Jong Il.
    Los 50 anos transcurridos brillan como una historia de creacion y cambios en que se han sentado los cimientos de la patria prospera con milagros y meritos sorprendentes al mundo bajo la sabia direccion del Presidente Kim Il Sung y el Dirigente Kim Jong Il, y como la de cambios radicales que dieron paso al periodo orgulloso de gran prosperidad de la construccion en que fueron levantadas sobre la tierra patria muchas monumentales obras arquitectonicas de gran tamano.
    El Presidente, al presentar por primera vez en la historia la idea de establecer firmemente el Juche en la construccion y otras originales ideologias, teorias y orientaciones, preparo la guia directriz muy consistente para la construccion basica. Y el Dirigente condujo energicamente la arquitectura y la construccion.
    La construccion basica ocupa un lugar importante en la materializacion del proyecto de la edificacion de una gran potencia prospera socialista disenado por el Dirigente. Todos los constructores y los disenadores tienen que cumplir satisfactoriamente sus deberes correspondientes.
    Todos los funcionarios y constructores, al abrigar la ferrea conviccion de "!Cumplimos si lo decide el Partido!" y materializar cabalmente la politica del partido sobre esta rama con el espiritu revolucionario de los militares, deben hacer brillar para siempre las hazanas de direccion del partido y del lider logradas en este sector y llevar a la practica de modo excelente el proposito del partido en la construccion.
    Acto seguido, intervinieron Jo Yun Hui, titular de la Construccion y la Industria de Materiales de Construccion, O Hak Bong, jefe del mando sobre el terreno de la Brigada Nacional de Choque de los Funcionarios de la Propaganda del Partido, Pak Hong Nam, vicepresidente del Comite Popular de la Ciudad de Pyongyang, etc.
    Los oradores abogaron por acelerar con mas dinamismo la construccion de objetos principales para edificar una gran potencia prospera.

CRPP denuncia demanda de EE.UU. sobre el envio de efectivos a Iraq

    Pyongyang, 29 de abril (ATCC) -- El Secretariado del Comite por la Reunificacion Pacifica de la Patria (CRPP) publico el dia 28 la informacion No. 867 que senala como sigue: Recientemente, el secretario de Estado norteamericano, Powell, en declaraciones exclusivas a un organo de prensa surcoreano, solto disparates de que "fueron agradables la decision de las autoridades surcoreanas sobre el envio adicional de efectivos a Iraq y el apoyo del pueblo a este particular" y "siento orgullos del envio de efectivos a Iraq del Sur de Corea y deseo que los habitantes tambien tengan lo mismo de la decision del gobierno".
    Esto es una intolerable burla e insulto a los habitantes surcoreanos que se oponen categoricamente al envio adicional de efectivos a Iraq y se levantan en la lucha por defender la dignidad y los intereses nacionales y es abierta demanda coercitiva a las autoridades surcoreanas sobre el envio de efectivos a Iraq.
    EE.UU. se vale de todas artimanas para incorporar a Surcorea a su politica de agresion y de ocupacion sobre Iraq. El disparate que solto esta vez Powell tambien es la revelacion de tal malsana intencion de la administracion Bush y es un reflejo fiel del modo de pensar y logica a estilo norteamericano segun los cuales no importa que los jovenes y adultos surcoreanos mueran para EE.UU.
    Los habitantes de distintos estratos del Sur de Corea, al frustrar la criminal intencion de EE.UU. de llevar como parabalas a sus queridos hijos e hijas, deben hacer frente categoricamente a la arrogante y taimada maniobra de esta superpotencia y demostrar que ya no son aquellos que en el pasado obedecian docilmente a la demanda de esta.

UE debe cuestionar primero el genocidio cometido por EE.UU.

    Pyongyang, 29 de abril (ATCC) -- En la 60a sesion de la Comision de Derechos Humanos de la ONU, efectuada recientemente en Ginebra, la Union Europea aprobo por fuerza una llamada "resolucion" matizada de mentiras y falsificaciones contra la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea. Ya en la sesion del ano pasado, la UE anulo unilateralmente todo el dialogo y cooperacion con la RPDC en materia de DDHH que se desarrollaban favorablemente y dio luz verde de modo brusco a la "resolucion" sobre DDHH a disfavor de la RPDC.
    Como ya hemos declarado en reiteradas ocasiones, el gobierno de la RPDC practica la invariable politica de proteger con responsabilidad hasta las ultimas consecuencias los derechos humanos de todos los ciudadanos.
    El pueblo coreano goza de la libertad y derechos genuinos en nuestro sistema socialista centrado en las masas populares en que el pais entero forma una gran familia con la unidad monolitica entre el lider, el partido y las masas.
    La llamada "resolucion" aprobada por la fuerza por la UE en desprecio a la realidad de DDHH en nuestro pais es una expresion elocuente de su adhesion abierta a la politica hostil a Corea de EE.UU. enderezada a desvirtuar la imagen de esta en la escena internacional y a aislarla y aplastarla.
    Es del todo impermisible que la UE haga "evaluaciones" a su albedrio sobre la "situacion de DDHH" de algun pais al arrogarse el papel del "juez internacional en esta materia".
    De hecho, cuando las organizaciones internacionales y regionales discuten sobre el problema de DDHH, EE.UU. es el que debe ser llevado primero al banquillo de acusados.
    En la sociedad norteamericana donde se difunden desenfrenadamente armas de fuego y se reportan incesantemente asesinatos y otros casos delictivos, el derecho a la vida y a la inviolabilidad de la gente se ve atentado permanentemente. Es precisamente EE.UU. el pais gravisimo en la discriminacion racial y archi-violador de los DDHH.
    Esta superpotencia tiene internamente los problemas mas graves en esta materia y convierte la escena internacional en un matadero de seres humanos y en un pandemonium de violacion de DDHH.
    El ano pasado, EE.UU., al desoir la voz de la ONU y la sociedad internacional, provoco la guerra iraqui que se extiende en estos momentos a la matanza humana indiscriminada contra los civiles pacificos e inermes.
    Si es verdad que la UE tiene interes en los DDHH, debe cuestionar primero el genocidio inhumanitario cometido por EE.UU. e imputarle la responsabilidad por el respecto.

Minju Joson denuncia contubernio de EE.UU. y Japon

    Pyongyang, 29 de abril (ATCC) -- Segun el plan de reorganizacion de las tropas norteamericanas anidadas en Japon en virtud de la revision de la llamada "estrategia de despliegue en zona avanzada" a la que en estos tiempos da espuelas la administracion Bush, se entiende que EE.UU. ampliara la utilizacion comun de la base militar con Japon y transferira cierta funcion de la comandancia de fuerzas terrestres norteamericanas a sus tropas acantonadas en Japon. Esto es de mayor envergadura de entre los movimientos de reorganizacion de fuerzas armadas que EE.UU. promueve intensamente despues del fin de la guerra fria y entrana la gran peligrosidad de que no se puede estar indiferente.
    Asi senala el periodico Minju Joson en un comentario individual del dia 29 y continua:
    La abierta complicidad militar entre EE.UU. y Japon en torno a la Peninsula Coreana, que se intensifica mas que nunca, no persigue meramente la finalidad de si misma sino tiende a provocar la nueva guerra coreana.
    Por el fortalecimiento de la coligacion militar de EE.UU. y Japon se crea un gran obstaculo en el proceso de solucion negociada del problema nuclear entre Corea y EE.UU. y sobre la Peninsula Coreana se cierne nubarron de guerra. No hay garantia de que la nueva guerra de agresion a Corea que pretenden desatar EE.UU. y Japon se limitara solo a la Peninsula Coreana. En fin de cuentas, tal complicidad militar de EE.UU. y Japon puede destruir gravemente el equilibrio estrategico del Nordeste Asiatico incluyendo la Peninsula Coreana y puede acarrear a esta region una nueva carrera armamentista, viento de guerra fria.
    Esto es un acto intolerable tanto a la luz de la aspiracion de la humanidad como en vista de la tendencia de evolucion de la situacion en la Peninsula Coreana y su contorno.
    EE.UU. y Japon deben distinguir claramente la realidad y poner inmediatamente fin a tal contubernio militar con que persiguen un malsano proposito.