Work of Kim Jong Il Published in Finland

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il's famous work "On Having a Correct Viewpoint and Understanding of the Juche Philosophy" was published in pamphlet on February 4 by the Finnish National Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea. This work, published on October 25, Juche 79 (1990), deals with important issues clearly elucidated by the Juche philosophy such as the originality of Juche philosophy and the intrinsic nature of man and the co-relation between the transformation of nature and society, and the remoulding of human-beings.
    The pamphlet in its preface said that the Korean socialism, based on the Juche Idea, has fully demonstrated its vitality over the last 14 years since this work was published, stressing that the Juche Idea has served as an invincible weapon in the anti-imperialist struggle of the world progressive people.

"Period of Celebrating the Sun of the 21st Century" Set in Denmark

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- A meeting to set a period of celebrating the sun of the 21st century was held by the Denmark-DPRK Friendship Association on February 6 with the birthday of leader Kim Jong Il in the offing. The chairman of friendship association in a speech said it was the desire of the world progressives including Danish people to auspiciously celebrate the birthday of Kim Jong Il and called on the association to set a celebration period and organize colorful functions.
    At the meeting all participants unanimously agreed to set the days from Feb. 6 to 16 as "a period of celebrating the sun of the 21st century".

Former Unconverted Long-term Prisoner Dies

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- An obituary of former unconverted long-term prisoner Kang Tong Gun, a man strong in faith and will, was released on Feb. 12. According to the obituary Kang died to our sorrow at 6:00 am on Feb. 12, Juche 93 (2004) at the age of 87 after suffering from MOF for a long time due to the aftermath of harsh torture in a jail of south Korea.
    It went on:
    He was born in a poor peasant family in Myongho-ri, Chongam-myon of Hadong County, South Kyongsang Province, on November 19, 1916. He suffered bitter sorrow as member of a stateless nation under the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule and wandered about in a foreign country in quest of means of living. It was not until President Kim Il Sung liberated Korea that he came to lead a worthy life as a human being under the care of the DPRK.
    He joined the Korean People's Army right after the liberation of the country true to the President's line on building the army. During the Fatherland Liberation War he bravely fought in many battles but was unfortunately arrested by the enemy.
    He was forced to make an "ideological conversion" during his 37 years of his life in jail but he did not yield to the savage torture and appeasement and deception of law enforcement agents, thus remaining true to the revolutionary faith in the Party and the leader and constancy as a member of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    Since he came into the care of the Party after the publication of the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration provided by leader Kim Jong Il he remained loyal to the Party to the last moments of his life with his single-hearted determination to repay the profound solicitude of Kim Jong Il.
    Though the heart of Kang ceased to beat, the feats he performed for the prosperity of the country and national reunification will remain long, it stated.

Spokeswoman for KDWU Requests Strong Action against Japan

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- A spokeswoman for the Central Committee of the Korean Democratic Women's Union (KDWU) released a statement on Feb. 12 denouncing the Japanese reactionaries for having recently adopted the "amendment to the law on foreign exchange" which calls for halting the remittance to and trade with the DPRK and unilaterally applying sanctions against it without any UN resolution and international agreement. This is a wanton violation of international law, an act going against the trend of the present times towards independence and peace, reconciliation and cooperation and a grave infringement upon the DPRK's sovereignty as it diametrically runs counter to the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration, the statement said, and continued:
    Japan adopted economic sanctions against the DPRK as a state policy through the revision of the "law on foreign exchange." This reveals Japan's black-hearted design to fish in the troubled waters, pursuant to the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK.
    If Japan continues to go reckless at a time when the situation on the Korean peninsula remains extremely tense due to the nuclear issue between the DPRK and the U.S., it will only precipitate its self-destruction.
    The DPRK has already clarified more than once that it will consider any kind of "sanctions" or "blockade" against the DPRK as a declaration of war and take corresponding self-defensive counter-measures against it.
    The Central Committee of the KDWU, on behalf of all the women, requests the DPRK government to shut out Japan from the six-way talks, considering that it is very clear that the participation of Japan in the talks would not be helpful to the talks as it runs reckless, going against the trend of the times.

GNP's "Rescue Operation" Ridiculed

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- The south Korean National Assembly recently approved a resolution on releasing So Chong Won. This is nothing but a rescue operation of a shield style to prevent him from getting vexed and disclosing the dirty illicit financial scam of the Grand National Party in case help is not given to him. . Rodong Sinmun says this in a signed commentary today.
    It goes on:
    So, who was set free recently thanks to the arbitrary practices of the NA, is not only a heavyweight of the GNP whose politicians were taken to prison one after another after the disclosure of a chain of illicit presidential election financial scams in south Korea but a kingpin of those scandals.
    The NA released such a criminal even before interrogating him. This clearly shows that the arbitrary practices of the GNP, the treacherous party, have reached their height.
    The GNP is now breathing loud, driven to a tight corner by the disclosure of the presidential election fund scandals. Civic organizations angered by this are conducting a campaign to vote down the corrupt GNP candidates at the upcoming general election. It is as clear as noonday that if those detained GNP members confess to more financial scams, the party will find itself in a bottomless abyss.
    So the party staged a political strike accusing the present chief executive of conducting biased investigation and abusing government power and carried out a shake-up in quest of a way out, talking about the changed times and reform. As all these proved futile, it resorted to such a rescue operation despite scorn and public accusing finger pointing at it.
    The days of the GNP clan are numbered as they are keen only on treachery and robbery, forsaken by the nation .Their rash acts and disgusting behavior only precipitate their ruin.

Japan Hit for Negating History and Evading Redemption of Past Crimes

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- The Japanese organization called "the National Consultative Council for Rescuing Japanese Abducted to North Korea" published "a protest statement" demanding the exclusion from the marking item of the issue of forcible drafting of Koreans in the examination of world history held at the examination center for entry into universities in Japan. A spokesman for the Association of Korean Victims of Forcible Drafting and Their Bereaved Families issued a statement Thursday sharply denouncing it. The spokesman said:
    It must not go unnoticed that the organization, quoting the view of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice of Japan, let out the nonsensical sophism that there was no forcible drafting and most of those crossed over to Japan from Korea were those who came at their free will.
    The crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in forcibly drafting Koreans, in which they drafted at least 8.4 million young and middle-aged Koreans before and after the start of the Sino-Japanese war and took them away overseas, to say nothing of Korea, to reduce them to army and labor slaves after occupying Korea by armed forces in the past are a historical fact that can neither be erased nor denied as they were the biggest crimes against humanity in the 20th century. It is utterly nonsensical to assert that Koreans went to Japan and other countries at their free will, ignoring the fact they were separated by force from their families and relatives and taken away under the jackboots of the Japanese police and gendarme, deprived of their freedom and elementary rights to existence by the Japanese imperialists under their colonial rule.
    The association vehemently denounces the council's shameless act of denying history and evading the redemption of its past crimes as an intolerable mockery of the Korean victims to forcible drafting and their bereaved families and another hideous human rights abuse.
    If the Japanese government plays a double-game, conniving at and defending the shameful negation of history by such anti-DPRK plot-breeding organization as the council, it will only result in tarnishing its image and it will never be able to shake off the ill fame of a crafty political dwarf.

Japan's Claim for Tok Islet Assailed

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- The Swiss Committee for Supporting Korea's Reunification sent a statement to the Japanese chief executive on January 19 in protest against Japan's claim to Tok Islet. Tok Islet has been a part of the Korean territory since the ancient times, the statement said. Japan's unjust assertion that it belongs to Japan is an arrogant and shameless act of aggression against the whole Korean nation and it shows Japan's plan for aggression of Korea, the statement said.
    Japan should not insist that Tok Islet is part of its territory but apologize for the crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in Korea and compensate the Korean victims and their families, the statement said, adding: Japan should withdraw its claim to Tok Islet and stop stretching its tentacles to the islet, part of the inviolable territory of Korea.
    The statement expressed solidarity for all the steps taken by the DPRK to defend the islet.

Military Attaches Visit Exhibition of Works on Juche Idea

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- Military attaches of foreign embassies here Thursday visited the Exhibition of Works on the Juche Idea on the occasion of the birthday of leader Kim Jong Il. They saw with keen interest works and materials on display, while being briefed on the immortal contributions made by President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il to shaping the destiny of the popular masses and accomplishing the human cause of independence by writing many famous works.
    At the end of the visit they made entries in the visitors' book.
    Military Attache of the Iranian Embassy Abdullah Hamidi Benam wrote that their works gave him better knowledge about the feats performed by them for the era and the revolution.
    Mahmud Mohamed Osman Atik, military attache of the Egyptian Embassy, wrote that their many works are a wealth not only of the Korean people but of the world progressives. The immortal feats of the great men will shine long with the century, he added.

Visit to Revolutionary Museum of Ministry of Culture

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- Foreign diplomatic envoys and representatives of international organizations here Thursday visited the Revolutionary Museum of the Ministry of Culture on the occasion of the birthday of leader Kim Jong Il. The guests laid bouquets and flowers before the statue of President Kim Il Sung at the Korean Film Studio and made a bow. Then they entered the museum to see with deep interest mementoes and materials, while being briefed on the immortal leadership feats of Kim Jong Il in opening a great heyday of Juche arts.
    At the end of the visit they made entries in the visitors' book.
    Shaher Mohammed Abdlah, Palestinian ambassador to the DPRK who is doyen of the diplomatic corps here, wrote that Kim Jong Il is a great man with profound knowledge of all fields.
    Chinese Ambassador Wu Donghe wrote a poem.
    Foreign diplomatic envoys, embassy officials, representatives of international organizations here and other foreign guests appreciated a concert of the merited women's instrumental group of the Mansudae Art Troupe at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre on the same day.

Film Show Hosted by Pyongyang City People's Committee

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- The Pyongyang City People's Committee arranged a film show at the Taedonggang Club for the Diplomatic Corps on Feb. 12 on the occasion of the birthday of leader Kim Jong Il. Present there on invitation were Chinese residents in Pyongyang.
    The participants saw the Korean documentary film "Song of General Kim Jong Il Reverberating through the World.
    Then followed a singing of Chinese residents in celebration of his birthday.

Reception at Foreign Ministry

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK hosted a reception Thursday evening on the threshold of the birthday of leader Kim Jong Il. Present there on invitation were foreign diplomatic envoys and representatives of international organizations here.
    Speaking at the reception DPRK Foreign Minister Paek Nam Sun said the birth of Kim Jong Il as the lodestar on Mt. Paektu was a great fortune of the nation promising the vast future of the revolutionary cause of Juche and the broad road ahead of the country.
    There are not a few ordeals and difficulties on the way of our advance owing to the hostile forces' moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK but the Korean people will vigorously accelerate the building of a great prosperous powerful nation and the cause of independent reunification, upholding the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il, full of conviction of certain victory and optimism, he stated.
    Palestinian Ambassador to the DPRK Shaher Mohammed Abdlah who is the doyen of the foreign diplomatic corps, in his speech extended the wholehearted and warmest congratulations to Kim Jong Il. The ambassador hoped that he would lead the DPRK to progress and prosperity in good health.
    Noting that there have been multi-channel contacts and cooperation between the north and the south of Korea since the publication of the historic June 15 joint declaration, he expressed the expectation that such cooperation would continue, wishing that all the issues between the north and the south would be settled in a peaceful way.

Festive Gathering of Women's Union Members

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- A celebration meeting of members of the Korean Democratic Women's Union took place at the Women's Hall Thursday to hold Kim Jong Il, the illustrious commander of Mt. Paektu, as ever in high esteem as the great sun of the 21st century. Pak Sun Hui, chairperson of the Central Committee of the women's union, made a speech for the occasion, which was followed by other speeches.
    The speakers called upon all the officials and members of the women's union to speed up production and construction and take an active part in assisting the army and, furthermore, building up the streets, villages and work sites into a fairyland of socialism and establishing revolutionary traits of cultural and emotional life under the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il, thus making positive contributions to building a great prosperous powerful nation.
    A choral poem "Let Us Uphold with Loyalty Comrade Kim Jong Il, the Sun of the 21st Century" was recited at the meeting.
    Present there were Kim Jung Rin, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, and officials and members of the women's union. .

Portrait Art Show Opens

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- An art show displaying portraits of anti-Japanese revolutionary comrades-in-arms and related persons who are recalled in the reminiscences of President Kim Il Sung "With the Century" was open at the Pyongyang International Cultural Centre. On show are more than 100 pieces of works - art works depicting the immortal great personality of the three commanders of Mt. Paektu and portraits of Kim Chaek, Kim Il, O Jung Hup and Ryu Kyong Su who were anti-Japanese revolutionary comrades-in-arms of Kim Il Sung, Kim Hyok and Cha Kwang Su who were young communists, O Tong Jin and Son Jong Do who were champions for Korea's Independence, and Ryom Po Bae and Choe Il Hwa who were related to Kim Il Sung's revolutionary activities.
    The works vividly show that the glorious revolutionary history of Kim Il Sung is a history of deepest trust and love for the revolutionary soldiers and people, a history of struggle started and led to victory with comradeship.
    The opening ceremony took place Thursday.
    Present there were anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters, bereaved families of revolutionary martyrs, those related to Kim Il Sung' revolutionary activities, scientists of distinguished services, artists and working people in Pyongyang.
    Sim Tong Gol, vice-minister of Culture, made an opening address.

U.S. New Operation Plan against DPRK Denounced

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- It was recently revealed that the U.S. mapped out a "new operation plan 5026" for a war of aggression against the DPRK, which is arousing great apprehension at home and abroad. In this regards, a spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland Thursday released a statement, which said that the "new operation plan 5026" is a very dangerous plan aimed to make a surprise preemptive nuclear strike against the DPRK with the U.S. troops in and around south Korea any time.
    He continued:
    For the completion of the operation plan the U.S. forces conducted test bombings by bombers from their military base in Japan two times everyday under simulated conditions of a Korean war during the Iraqi war and already made a geological and topographical survey of the DPRK in cooperation with Japan.
    The "new operation plan 5026" shows that the U.S. warhawks' remarks that a target after Iraq is north Korea are not a threat but a preliminary declaration of a nuclear war against the north.
    This more clearly proves that the United States has stepped up in a planned way its preparations for a war against the DPRK behind the curtain of the six-way talks.
    The U.S. is now pushing ahead with the over 150-point "plan of arms buildup" with the investment of 11 billion US dollars and is busy redeploying its troops in south Korea in an effort to put the war plan into practice at an early date.
    Branding the U.S. bellicose forces' desperate moves for nuclear war provocation against the north as an intolerable challenge to the DPRK's patient efforts for peace and an unpardonable criminal act damping the aspiration and desire of the whole Korean nation and the world peace-loving people for peace and stability in the Korean peninsula and the region, the committee bitterly condemns this in the name of all the Koreans.
    Now that it has become clearer that the U.S. anti-DPRK nuclear racket is to exterminate the DPRK, it is not worth arguing that the DPRK has no other option but to strengthen its nuclear deterrent.
    The U.S. should not run amuck but immediately cancel its reckless new operation plan against the north, mindful that the army and people of the DPRK are filled with the spirit of annihilating the enemy under the Songun policy.

U.S.-Planned "Evacuation Exercise" Denounced

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- It was recently reported by a U.S. newspaper that an exercise of evacuating American civilians including families of the U.S. troops in south Korea would be staged for 3 days from Feb. 19. The exercise will include "a roll-call, checkup of various kinds of documents, a drill how to escape and evacuate, transport of some persons to Japan via a U.S. air base in Osan", etc.
    In this regard Minju Joson today in a signed commentary dismisses the exercise as a "preparatory exercise" to be staged under the simulated conditions of a new war in Korea.
    It continues:
    The "evacuation exercise" the U.S. is going to stage while putting spurs to the preparations for a war of aggression against the DPRK suggests that the war is imminent on the Korean peninsula.
    Another point one should not overlook as regards the exercise to be commanded by the headquarters of the U.S. troops stationed in south Korea is that the U.S. seeks to ignite a war in Korea and achieve its aim by letting Koreans in the north and the south fight each other without any American casualties.
    But the U.S. imperialists should not miscalculate.
    The DPRK's strike at the aggressors is merciless and nobody can escape it.
    If the U.S. imperialists provoke the second war in Korea, they will get nothing but corpse and death. They should bear this in mind.

Seminar of Youth

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- A seminar of officials engaged in work with the youth was held at the hall of the youth league on Feb. 12 to mark the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of the programme on modeling the whole society on the Juche idea. Read at the seminar were papers titled "Modeling the Whole Society on the Juche Idea Is the Supreme Programme of Our Party," "The Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung's Revolutionary Idea Is the Eternal Guiding Idea Representing the Times and the Future of Humankind," "Loyalty to the Leader Is the Most Important Trait of a Revolutionary of Juche Type in the Songun Era,"
    "Strengthened Revolutionary Education and Class Education among the New Generation Is an Important Task for Modeling the Whole Society on the Juche Idea," "Modeling the Whole Youth League on the Songun Revolutionary Idea Represents a New Higher Stage of Modeling the Whole Society on the Juche Idea in the New Century."
    The speakers recalled that leader Kim Jong Il published an immortal classic work on February 19, Juche 63 (1974) in which he formulated President Kim Il Sung's revolutionary idea as an integral system of idea, theory and method of Juche and proclaimed modeling the whole society on the Juche idea as the supreme programme of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    It is an immortal exploit he performed for the times and humankind that he originally clarified the historical position of Kim Il Sung's revolutionary idea, the essence and purpose of the programme of modeling the whole society on the Juche idea and the orientation and ways of its realization, they said.
    They called on all the officials and members of the youth league to glorify generation after generation the noble history and tradition of the WPK and the Korean revolution, upholding the programme of modeling the whole society on the Juche idea.

Floral Baskets to Kim Jong Il

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il received floral baskets from the son and daughter of Zhang Weihua and their party, Tokuji Yanagisawa, deputy chief director of the Japan-Korea Cultural Interchange Association, and Takashi Nada, representative of the Ehime, Japan, Institute for Modern Korean Studies, Kosuke Tokita, chairman of the Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, Society for Korean Studies, and Fusatoshi Fujisawa, representative of "Love and Peace" of Japan, on Feb. 13 on the occasion of his birthday. Written on the ribbons of the baskets were letters "Best Wishes for the Good Health of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il" and "Best Wishes for the Good Health of HE Great General Secretary Kim Jong Il."

Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Unit

    Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, inspected KPA Unit 1549. He was greeted by the commanding officers of the unit on the spot.
    After acquainting himself with the performance of the unit's duty, he saw the soldiers under training at a military lecture room.
    Seeing them bent on the training, he advanced highly important tasks which would serve as guidelines in increasing the combat power of the unit, satisfied to learn that all the soldiers of the unit have grown to be one-match-for-a-hundred fighters equipped with high military technology and combat capabilities through strenuous training.
    It is the primary revolutionary task for the soldiers to train well, he said, stressing the need to always pay primary attention to the work to thoroughly implement the training program.
    Going round an education room, bedroom, mess, kitchen, daily provision store, washroom, outdoor resting place, barn and other places of the unit, he acquainted himself in detail with the service and living of the soldiers.
    After learning about preparations made by the unit for sideline work, he said that a new turn should be effected in this year's sideline production through good preparations and indicated the ways to do so one by one.
    He spared time to enjoy an art performance given by soldiers of the unit.
    He gave the unit apparatuses for entertainment as gifts.
    After enjoying the presentation, he met the performers. He had a warm conversation with them, learning in detail about their entertainment.
    All our soldiers are strong in faith and ideology as they are replete with the strong patriotic determination to readily devote their youth and life to defending the country, he said, adding: Our revolutionary cause is invincible as such a loyal strong army is firmly standing guard over the first line of the anti-imperialist military front.
    He had a photo session with the soldiers of the unit.
    He was accompanied by KPA Generals Ri Myong Su and Hyon Chol Hae, and Ri Yong Chol, member of the Central Military Commission of the WPK and first vice department director of its Central Committee

For Spanish-speaking people

Kim Jong Il recibe cesto de flores del CC del PCCh

    Pyongyang, 13 de febrero (ATCC) -- El Dirigente Kim Jong Il recibio un cesto de flores que le dirigiera, con motivo de su cumpleanos, el Comite Central del Partido Comunista de China (PCCh). Wu Donghua, embajador extraordinario y plenipotenciario de la Republica Popular China en la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea, lo entrego el dia 13 a un funcionario coreano.

Kim Jong Il recibe cestos de flores de chinos y japoneses

    Pyongyang, 13 de febrero (ATCC) -- El Dirigente Kim Jong Il recibio el dia 13 cestos de flores que le dirigieran con motivo de su cumpleanos los hijos de Zhang Weihua y su comitiva y los personajes japoneses: Dokuji Yanakisawa, administrador subjefe de la Asociacion del Intercambio Cultural Japon-Corea; Takashi Nata, representante del Instituto para el Estudio de Corea Moderna de Ehime, Japon; Kosuke Dokita, presidente de la Sociedad para el Estudio de Corea de Ichihara del departamento de Chiba, Japon; Fusadoshi Fujisawa, representante de "Amor y Paz" de Japon. En las cintas de cestos se leia las inscripciones:
    "Deseamos respetuosamente buena salud del gran Dirigente camarada Kim Jong Il", "Deseamos buena salud de su excelencia el gran Secretario General Kim Jong Il".

Fabrica "28 de Septiembre"

    Pyongyang, 13 de febrero (ATCC) -- La Fabrica "28 de Septiembre", situada en la ciudad de Anju de la provincia de Phyong-an del Sur, es una famosa base de produccion exclusiva de bombas de agua de toda clase de Corea. En 1946 cuando se fundo, esta no paso de ser una herreria pequena que reparaba instalaciones y piezas para obras de regadio.
    El Presidente Kim Il Sung y el Dirigente Kim Jong Il visitaron el 28 de septiembre del 57 (1968) de la Era Juche esta planta donde dieron instrucciones preciosas de producir muchas bombas e iluminaron claramente la orientacion a seguir por la fabrica y los medios para aumentar la produccion. Hoy, la fabrica esta dispuesta de modernas bases materiales y tecnicas para la produccion de bombas de varias clases, entre otras, torno vertical, torno, prensa, instalacion de corte de metales y de soldadura.
    En el pasado la fabrica produjo toda clase de bombas y calderas con capacidad de decenas de toneladas y las envio a varios lugares de construccion de la economia nacional, incluidos el canal Complejo Hidraulico del mar Oeste-Thaetan y el Ongjin, el Complejo de Vinalon de Sunchon y la Mina de Komdok.
    Las bombas producidas en esta fabrica se exportan a muchos paises de America Latina y Africa