Kim Jong Il's Songun Policy Praised

    Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- Miguel Madeira, president of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, said after visiting the DPRK that the Songun policy enforced by the DPRK provides a sure guarantee for defending peace on the Korean peninsula where the worst situation prevails due to the U.S. highhanded and its moves for a war. Leader Kim Jong Il unrolled an effective Songun policy unprecedented in history, decisively frustrating the U.S. moves and honorably protecting the sovereignty of the country and the nation, he noted, and went on:
    The Korean people are now working hard to build a great prosperous powerful socialist nation and accomplish the cause of national reunification, greatly proud of having strong military power for self-defence built thanks to the Songun policy and fully confident of sure victory.
    Kim Jong Il's Songun policy is a powerful political mode that helps each country and nation firmly defend their sovereignty and right to existence from the U.S. supremacy.
    His Songun policy serves as a great banner for defending justice and peace.
    The WFDY will as ever extend full support and solidarity to the Korean people in their just cause to defend the sovereignty of the country and the nation and achieve peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula under the banner of Songun.

Meetings Held in Different Fields of National Economy

    Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- Meetings were held by employees of factories, enterprises and farms in the fields of mining, machine-building, chemical, building materials and light industries and agriculture to vow to thoroughly implement the militant tasks set forth in the joint New Year editorial under the Songun revolutionary leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea. Reporters and speakers said that the joint editorial clarifies the final goals to be attained by the army and people of the DPRK in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation and in the confrontation with the U.S. and ways to do so and represents the determination and will of the Party to reach a high stage of the country's prosperity without fail.
    They called upon all the officials and other working people to decisively increase the production in their fields true to the intention of the Party and thus fulfill their mission in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation.
    Noting that the joint editorial serves as a banner encouraging them to reach a high stage of the country's prosperity under the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il who immensely glorifies the idea and cause of President Kim Il Sung, they called on all the officials and other working people to make tangible contributions to the building of a great prosperous powerful nation of Juche by displaying the revolutionary soldier spirit.

U.S. Dangerous Arms Buildup Assailed

    Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in a signed commentary raps at the deployment of ultra-modern weapons in south Korea by the U.S. imperialist aggression forces as an adventurous war move to mount a preemptive attack on the DPRK with sophisticated precision weapons just as they did in Afghanistan and Iraq behind the facade of "solution to the nuclear issue." The U.S. military authorities have already introduced Striker armored cars and Shadow 200 unmanned tactical aircraft into strategic vantages in south Korea such as areas along the Military Demarcation Line and is now considering deployment of GBU-28 bombs, Smart bombs and other hi-tech weapons. This dangerous arms buildup stepped up by the U.S. behind the curtain of dialogue gives lie to its oft-repeated idle chatter about dialogue.
    The Korean peninsula is inching close to the dangerous nuclear war and a big stumbling block lies in the way for independent national reunification due to the Bush forces' adventurous schemes despite the DPRK's sincere efforts for a peaceful settlement of the nuclear issue between the DPRK and the U.S.
    The present reality in which the U.S. military high-handedness and its moves to launch a nuclear war are getting all the more reckless makes it incumbent upon all the Koreans to achieve national cooperation in order to defend the destiny of the nation and give spurs to the cause of the peace and reunification of the country. The north and the south should pool efforts to prevent a nuclear war and defend peace of the country.
    All the Koreans should turn out in an anti-U.S. and patriotic sacred war to give a decisive rebuff to the U.S. imperialists' arms buildup and force the aggression troops out of south Korea.
    The commentary urges the U.S. to clearly see the Korean nation's will to achieve national independence, peace and reunification by fighting it out and stop at once its harebrained deployment of sophisticated weapons for a nuclear war against the DPRK.

Rally and Demonstration of S. Korean Peasants

    Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- A rally of the National Solidarity of Peasants for checking ratification of free trade agreement was reportedly held in Seoul on January 8. At the rally speakers said that peasants are opposed to the free trade agreement being signed. They called for struggling to the last in defense of agriculture from the crisis.
    When the participants held a demonstration, marching to the building of the "National Assembly," the riot police blocked the road and fired water cannons and barrages of tear gas at them.
    Angry peasants battled police, shouting "Riot police, go away" and singing songs.
    After their demonstration they held a rally again and expressed their will to fight to the end in order to check the passage of "a motion on ratification of the free trade agreement" through the "National Assembly".

S. Korean GNP Hit for Inciting Hostility toward North

    Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- U Tae Sik, spokesman for the south Korean Federation of University Student Councils, reportedly made public a statement on January 7, castigating the chief of the General Affairs Section of the Grand National Party for his remarks inciting hostility toward the north. Section chief Hong Sa Dok at a Party Permanent Operation Committee meeting on January 5 put forward an absurd logic that the supporting forces of the present chief executive are pro-north forces and made demagogic remarks that such forces should be rejected.
    The statement said that the GNP, engaged in irregularities and corruption and scramble for power, has played such a trick whenever it is faced with political crisis.
    At a time when extra large scandal "presidential election funds" was brought to light and conflict and split of the party worsened, it launched a "offensive of political coloring" in a bid to smooth over that, the statement said, branding the GNP as a treacherous party made up of the old conservative politicians standing against reunification.
    The GNP is now leaving no stone unturned to seize power through "general election" taking advantage of the confused political situation, but it can never block the desire of the people for a new society, new politics and new system, stressed the statement.

GNP Must Be Dissolved

    Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- The dump called the Grand National Party of south Korea must be totally entombed so that it can no more emit an offensive odor as a traitorous, fascist and robber-like party, says Minju Joson in a signed commentary today. With "the election to the national assembly" slated in April, the move of not running for the "election" has surfaced among the incumbent "national assemblymen" from the GNP, it notes, and goes on:
    This is a result of the people's struggle to bury the thieves' party, corrupt and treacherous, underground.
    The internal scramble in the GNP is another factor of the massive seeming refusal to run for the "election". After the exposure of the "presidential election fund" scandals the veiled strife between Choe Pyong Ryol and Ri Hoe Chang groups at each other's throats has become fiercer in the GNP. It is obvious that those who fell out of Choe Pyong Ryol's favor for this or that reason can not be nominated for candidacy by the party.
    It is a disgusting act that can be done only by fellows dead to shame to praise this move as something indicating "the change of the times" and "a beautiful chapter". It is needless to say that this is a crafty trick to calm the reaction of the persons concerned and win popular sentiments.
    The GNP clan should dissolve the party and disappear from the political scene as demanded by the people.

Joint New Year Editorial Supported

    Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- A joint New Year editorial of the newspapers of the Party, the army and the youth league is strongly supported by the international community. The World Federation of Democratic Youth issued a statement on Jan. 5 in which it noted that the joint editorial ardently called for conducting a revolutionary offensive on the three fronts: politics and ideology, anti-imperialism and military affairs and economy and science, winning victory in the confrontation with imperialism and the U.S. and building a great prosperous powerful socialist nation. This is a reflection of the unshakable will and faith of the heroic Korean people and youth to defend socialism, the ideal of humankind and a symbol of justice and progress, and achieve victory, the statement said, adding: The World Federation of Democratic Youth and all the progressive youth and students worldwide fully support this.
    Sh. D. Shabdolov, chairman of the Communist Party of Tajikistan, said on Jan. 7 that the tasks set forth in the joint New Year editorial clearly prove the Korean people's will to defend socialism to the last.
    On the same day Klara Azhibekova, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kirgyzstan, said that the members of the party would as ever extend full support and solidarity to the DPRK, a bulwark of socialism, noting that the joint New Year editorial published in the DPRK instills conviction and optimism into the world progressives aspiring after socialism.
    On Jan. 6 the president of Chiclayo University of Peru expressed his belief that the Korean people would achieve shining victories by conducting a revolutionary offensive on all fronts of building a great prosperous powerful nation, pursuant to the Songun politics of leader Kim Jong Il in the new year.
    The Secretariat of the National Movement of Uganda, the Center for the Study of the Juche Idea in Syria and the Dominican Committee for Supporting Korea's Reunification also issued statements supporting the joint editorial.

Fuller Play to Might of Single-hearted Unity Called for

    Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun today editorially calls for intensifying the revolutionary offensive in all fields of building a great prosperous powerful nation and thereby making this year a year of a revolutionary turn to win a victory in the Songun revolution and a year of a great victory of single-hearted unity. The single-hearted unity with the headquarters of the revolution as a center is the strongest weapon of revolution more powerful than any nuclear weapon. This is a valuable review of the historic struggle waged over the past decade, the editorial says, calling on all the Party members, servicepersons of the Korean People's Army and the people to give fuller play to the might of the single-hearted unity to conduct a dynamic revolutionary offensive on the three fronts of building a great prosperous powerful nation and thus glorify this year as a year of a great turn, a year of a proud victory to be recorded forever in the history of the Party and revolution.
    The might of the single-hearted unity should be given full play in devotedly implementing the intention of leader Kim Jong Il, the editorial says, stressing that it is his determination and will to conduct an all-out offensive on the three fronts of politics and ideology, anti-imperialism and military affairs and economy and science, so as to make the whole country resound with the drum beating of the Songun revolution and bring earlier a bright future of a great prosperous powerful nation.
    The editorial goes on:
    It is a disposition of the Korean army and people to flatten even a mountain and go through thick and thin if they are called upon to do so by the Party and the leader. This is the proud picture of the single-heartedly united people of the DPRK.
    Underscoring the need to demonstrate the might of the single-hearted unity by the Songun political mode, the editorial calls on all the people to wage a struggle in a do-or-die and offensive spirit and in a big and bold way as required by the mode.

Strong Revolutionary Faith Called for

    Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- Revolutionary faith is a noble spirit to be possessed by any people making a revolution, says Rodong Sinmun today in a signed article. Noting that they can stand any stern test of the revolution and wage a valiant struggle until a final victory is won only when they possess unshakable faith, the article continues:
    Whoever lacks faith can never make a revolution nor overcome a trial.
    It stands out as an important issue in the present confrontation with imperialism and the U.S. to have such revolutionary faith.
    This is because the U.S. imperialists are desperately trying to shake the people's faith through psychological smear campaigns.
    This was clearly proved by what happened in Iraq.
    The Iraqi people and army lost faith when the war with the U.S. began. So they, seized with defeatism, turned renegades or surrendered.
    The Korean people and army won a great victory in the struggle to devotedly defend socialism in the last decade of the last century because they fought resolutely against the allied forces of U.S.-led imperialism with invincible revolutionary faith. Immutable is their faith to fight out U.S. imperialism and win a certain victory.
    The confrontation with the U.S. requires strong faith. One can defend the dignity of the country and the nation and emerge victorious in the end when he has strong faith.
    Today the Korean army and people are waging a valiant struggle on the forefront of the struggle against imperialism and the U.S., overcoming manifold difficulties with the revolutionary faith.
    It is a serious lesson taught by the present revolutionary situation that one will fall if one lacks faith and one will emerge victorious if one has strong faith.

New Kind of Fish Feed Made in DPRK

    Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- Great efforts have been directed to putting fish farming on a scientific basis in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The Branch Academy of Fishery Science under the Academy of Sciences has succeeded in artificially breeding fish feed for sea farming in the East Sea.
    This technology makes it possible to breed millions of fry of sea cucumber and tens of millions of sea urchin and cultivate seedlings of summer sea tangle in tens of hectares a year.
    The branch academy has solved scientific and technical problems arising in providing conditions to breed fish in both upper and lower parts of the sea fishing ground.
    It has also invented a technology to cultivate a kind of plankton as feed of fish fry.
    This kind of plankton ensures the survival rate of fry at 90 percent and doubles their weight.
    It has already been used by many fish farms.
    Meanwhile, mycoprotein feed is used in breeding rainbow trout, carp and other kinds of fish. It contains 20.6 percent of crude protein, 54.6 percent of essential amino acid and physiological active substances.
    South Hamgyong Province has already built a mycoprotein feed producer and supplied large quantities of the feed to different fish farms.

For Spanish-speaking people

Cientifizacion de la piscicultura en Corea

    Pyongyang, 13 de enero (ATCC) -- Se logran grandes exitos en la piscicultura al encauzar gran fuerza a la cientifizacion de esta rama en la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea. El Instituto de Ciencia Pesquera anexo a la Academia de Ciencias invento, en los ultimos anos, la tecnologia para criar cebos biologicos en los estanques de cultivo artificial, la cual es una importante etapa en la cria de peces en el Mar Este.
    Esta tecnologia hizo gran aporte al cultivo de varios millones de holoturiecitas del mar, decenas de millones de ericitos maritimos y posturas de laminaria para el verano en decenas de hectareas.
    Tambien, conforme a las caracteristicas de las zonas destinadas a la piscicultura maritima, se solucionaron problemas cientifico-tecnicos que se presentaban en crear condiciones favorables a la confluencia de peces de modo que permitan usar tanto la capa inferior como la superior.
    Ademas, se establecio una nueva tecnica para cultivar en gran medida insectos flotantes de gran valor como cebo favorito en primeros dias de cria de peces.
    Se probo que con el uso de dichos insectos es posible garantizar el 90 por ciento de existencia de pececillos y aumentar mas de 2 veces la tasa de aumento de peso.
    Hoy en distintas localidades se emplea citado tipo de cebo para criar gran numero de peces.
    Por otra parte, el cebo proteinico hecho con microbios, que contiene 20,6 por ciento de proteina, 54,6 por ciento de aminoacidos esenciales y otras sustancias activas fisiologicas, se emplea para la cria de trucha irisada, carpa y diferentes variedades de pez.
    La provincia de Hamgyong del Sur creo una base productiva de cebo proteinico con microbios de gran capacidad para la piscicultura y al suministrarlo a varias unidades contribuye enormemente a la cientifizacion de la cria de peces.

Mitines para materializar las tareas senaladas en editorial conjunto

    Pyongyang, 13 de enero (ATCC) --En las fabricas y empresas de los sectores de las industrias de extraccion, maquinaria, quimica, de materiales de construccion, ligera y del sector agricola, asi como las granjas cooperativas se efectuan mitines para materializar cabalmente las tareas combativas, presentadas en el editorial conjunto del Ano Nuevo, bajo la direccion del Partido del Trabajo de Corea sobre la revolucion mediante el Songun (priorizacion militar). En los actos, los oradores senalaron que el editorial conjunto de los periodicos del partido, el ejercito y la juventud publicado con motivo del Ano Nuevo indica claramente los objetivos generales de lucha de que deben tomar riendas el ejercito y el pueblo de Corea en la construccion de una gran potencia prospera y en la confrontacion con Estados Unidos y los medios para llevarlos a efecto y refleja la decision y voluntad del PTC de abrir ciertamente una epoca de plena prosperidad de la patria sobre esta tierra.
    Todos los funcionarios y trabajadores -subrayaron- deben cumplir su deber civico en la construccion de una gran potencia prospera con el aumento decisivo de la produccion en sus respectivos sectores en acato al proposito del partido.
    El editorial conjunto constituye una bandera estimulante para abrir una epoca de gran prosperidad de la patria bajo la direccion del Dirigente Kim Jong Il mediante el Songun, quien lleva adelante la idea y la causa del Presidente Kim Il Sung, gran Lider,senalaron los oradores y subrayaron: todos los funcionarios y trabajadores deben dar pruebas del espiritu revolucionario de los militares para contribuir a la construccion de una gran potencia prospera del Juche.

Movimiento militar para la agresion a la RPDC

    Pyongyang, 13 de enero (ATCC) -- Las maniobras de emplazamiento de armamentos sofisticados de las tropas agresoras norteamericanas ocupantes del Sur de Corea no pasan de ser un aventurero complot de la provocacion de la guerra para asestar con las armas de punta el primer golpe a la RPDC bajo el rotulo de la "solucion del problema nuclear", como han hecho en Afganistan e Iraq. Asi senala el periodico Rodong Sinmun en un comentario individual de hoy y continua:
    Las autoridades militares norteamericanas ya introdujeron en los puntos estrategicos del Sur de Corea, incluida la zona de la linea de Demarcacion Militar, carros blindados "Striker" y el avion tactico teledirigido "Shadow 200" y pretenden emplazar de continuo otros armamentos sofisticados, entre otros, las bombas teledirigidas por laser "GBU-28" y "las bombas Smart".
    Estas maniobras peligrosisimas de EE.UU. para el aumento armamentista que se desarrollan detras de la cortina de conversaciones demuestran claramente que absurda es la charlataneria del "dialogo" de que hablan ellas mismas.
    Pese a la buena voluntad y esfuerzos sinceros de la RPDC por resolver por via pacifica el problema nuclear con EE.UU., se acerca a la Peninsula Coreana el peligro de la guerra nuclear y se crean obstaculos serios en el camino de la reunificacion independiente de la nacion, lo cual se debe enteramente a la aventurera intencion de la administracion Bush.
    La realidad de hoy, en que el despotismo militar y las maquinaciones de EE.UU. para desatar una guerra nuclear se tornan cada dia mas temerarios, exige a toda la nacion coreana realizar con certeza la cooperacion nacional para defender el destino de la nacion y promover la causa de la paz y la reunificacion del pais. Tanto el Norte como el Sur son el mismo sujeto de la empresa para prevenir la guerra nuclear y preservar la paz del pais.
    Toda la nacion coreana debe rechazar rotundamente el aumento armamentista del imperialismo gringo y alzarse como un solo hombre en la sagrada lucha patriotica antiyanqui por hacer retirarse las tropas agresoras del Sur de Corea.
    EE.UU. debe tener clara cuenta de la voluntad antiyanqui de nuestra nacion, que lucha por lograr la independencia nacional, la paz y la reunificacion, y poner fin ahora mismo a sus freneticas maniobras de emplazamiento de armamentos sofisticados tendentes a desatar una guerra nuclear contra la RPDC.