National Meeting of Scientists and Technicians to Be Held

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- A national meeting of scientists and technicians will be held in Pyongyang. The meeting will sum up achievements and experience in the scientific and technical development of the country in the past and discuss tasks and ways for enhancing the role of scientists and technicians in accomplishing the Juche cause of building a great prosperous powerful nation.
    Participants arrived in Pyongyang on October 26 and 27.

Withdrawal of Decision on Troop Dispatch Urged by S. Korean Public

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- South Korean public organizations reportedly urged the withdrawal of the authorities' decision on additional troop dispatch to Iraq. The Pusan Solidarity of Youth and Students for the Realization of the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration in a statement on the political situation on October 20 said that at a time when the U.S. is making desperate efforts to ignite a war in the Korean peninsula, the government decided to dispatch troops, which is likely to egg the U.S. on to wind up the Iraqi war quickly and unleash a war in the Korean peninsula.
    The statement said the organization would fight till the day when the decision on troop dispatch to Iraq is withdrawn and hold an anti-U.S. and anti-war march of youth and students on November 1, representing its will.
    On the same day the South Chungchong Provincial Residents' Action against the Troop Dispatch to Iraq made public a statement.


    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- The International Atomic Energy Agency in its recent "annual report for 2002" to the UN General Assembly pulled up the DPRK again. The agency malignantly faulted the DPRK for its alleged "non-compliance with the Safeguards Agreement" under NPT and its "enriched uranium program."
    In a word, the IAEA's smear campaign against the DPRK is groundless and does not deserve even a passing note as it is a product of the anti-DPRK political plot to infringe upon the sovereign right of the DPRK, which is not obliged to implement NPT.
    The DPRK does not recognize the report of the IAEA not only because of its absurd content but principally because of its status in which it exercised its legitimate sovereign right by withdrawing from NPT.
    As already known, the DPRK government in a statement dated January 10, 2003, declared that its withdrawal from NPT, which had been temporarily suspended, would automatically come into force at once. The DPRK thus completely pulled out of NPT on January 11, 2003.
    It is an internationally recognized fact that the DPRK is no longer bound to the Safeguards Agreement with the IAEA according to Article 3 of NPT as it withdrew from the treaty.
    The DPRK has, therefore, nothing to do with IAEA. It has long forgotten the IAEA and feels no need to say about it.
    Some days ago the IAEA adopted a "resolution" calling for the "DPRK's return to NPT," slandering it for its withdrawal from the treaty. This time it presented its "annual report for 2002" to the UN General Assembly in which it attacked the DPRK. These facts clearly prove how brazen-faced the IAEA has become in its effort to slander and harm the DPRK in the international arena.
    The IAEA shuts its eyes to the U.S. moves to increase its nuclear threat to the DPRK in wanton violation of the NPT and the DPRK-U.S. Agreed Framework and is pressurizing Pyongyang to fulfil its obligation, fully disclosing the body's true colours as a political maid of the U.S.
    The IAEA is turning aside the DPRK reasonable proposal for a package solution to the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula based on the principle of simultaneous actions. Its behaviour is intolerable.
    The IAEA is only vociferous about the "enriched uranium program" and "non-compliance with the Safeguards Agreement," echoing only the words of its master forgetful of its status and position whereby it has impartiality as part of its mission.
    It is shame on the IAEA.
    It is a pity that the U.N. has such partial and prejudiced agency acting under the pulls and strings of the U.S., bereft of any independent view.

Revolutionary Soldier Spirit and Songun Revolutionary Literature and Art

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- The might of the Songun revolutionary literature and arts which grip the hearts of people, kindle the flame of revolution and struggle and give a powerful shove to the stream of the era with its great attraction and influence is immediately the might of revolutionary soldier spirit. Rodong Sinmun today says this in a signed article, which reads in part:
    Revolutionary soldier spirit is the ideological and moral core and source of Songun revolutionary literature and arts.
    Our revolutionary literature and arts are constantly developing to a new, higher stage under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il in the Songun era today.
    The spirit of guarding the leader with one's very life, the spirit of devotedly carrying out his instructions and the spirit of heroic sacrifice are embodied in all literary and art works and new characters with revolutionary soldier spirit are created.
    This is the characteristics of Songun revolutionary literature and arts, the ideological and emotional essence of the great Songun policy.
    Revolutionary soldier spirit is the ideological and moral source of Songun revolutionary literature and arts in creating new typical human model of our era and a powerful motive force in bringing new miracles and innovations in the creation of literary and art works.
    The revolutionary army songs such as "The 7th Regiment Is in Our Van Still Today" and "We Will Defend the Headquarters of Revolution with Our Lives" which were produced by the Merited Chorus of the Korean People's Army and performances given by company art groups and art squads of the KPA, and art groups of servicemen's families are brilliant fruits of revolutionary soldier spirit and militant traits of creation.
    The great vitality of Songun revolutionary literature and arts lies in that the entire army and people get the unshakable conviction of guarding the leader with one's very life and the will to devotedly carry out his instructions from the spiritual world of heroes of literary and art works to perform heroic feats in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation with the strength of unity between the army and people.

Prelude to U.S. Operation to Attack Syria Assailed

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- The U.S. House of Representatives recently decided to impose sanctions on Syria. It made the decision while pulling up Syria over the issue of "harbouring terrorists" and "developing weapons of mass destruction".
    Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary dismisses the U.S. decision as a product of its desperate moves to interfere in the internal affairs of Syria and destroy its economic system from A to Z.
    It goes on:
    The U.S. seeks to suffocate Syrian economy first and stifle it by force of arms. The U.S. decision suggests that the U.S. is set to carry out its operation to attack Syria.
    What is more dangerous is that this step was taken by the U.S., timed to coincide with the military attack made by Israel on the Syrian territory recently on the plea of the "anti-terrorism war" in the wake of Palestinians' suicide bomb attack on Haifa.
    This is a prelude to the U.S. imperialists' operation to invade Syria.
    Such acts as taking sanctions and the like are intolerable in the world today.
    The step taken by the U.S. to impose sanctions on Syria is meeting worldwide protest and rebuff.
    The struggle of the Syrian Arab people to defend the sovereignty and dignity of the country and protect the rights and interests of the Arab nation is just and sure to triumph. .

U.S. Denounced for Its Ill-boding Military Moves

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is going to additionally deploy high-speed transports in Okinawa, while accelerating the redeployment of U.S. troops in south Korea. Minju Joson today in a signed commentary brands this as a prelude to the dangerous moves to provoke a war of aggression against the DPRK intended to crush it by force of arms behind the curtain of "dialogue". The news analyst says:
    The U.S. has already deployed a high-speed transport at Naha naval port for the purpose of quickly hurling U.S. troops in Okinawa onto the Korean front in case of emergency. Not content with this, the U.S. is going to additionally deploy 3 or 4 more high-speed transports there.
    The U.S. is scheming to transfer an aircraft carrier from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii or Guam, have naval ships constantly deployed on the Korean East Sea and improve the submarine hunting capabilities, targeting the DPRK. Such military moves practically show that the U.S. is resorting to every conceivable means to ignite a nuclear war against the DPRK at any cost, balking at peacefully settling the nuclear issue with the DPRK through dialogue.
    Those U.S. moves to stifle the DPRK compel the latter to take appropriate self-defensive measures. The DPRK remains firm and invariable in its principled stand that it values peace but does not beg for it.
    The U.S. should clearly see who is its adversary and give up its dangerous preparations for a nuclear war to put its "preemptive attack strategy" into practice.

Japan's Attempt to Internationalize "Abduction Issue" Blasted

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- The Japanese chief executive was so shameful as to request the recent ASEAN plus three nation-summit to take up "abduction issue" while discussing the nuclear issue between the DPRK and the U.S. Japan also made such request at the meeting of the APEC in Bangkok. In this regard Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary says: This is aimed to internationalize the "issue of abduction" in a bid to tarnish the international image of the DPRK and cover up the hideous crimes Japan committed in the past.
    Japan is a criminal state which committed the biggest crimes against the Korean people in the past. Yet, it has not made sincere repentance, apology and compensation for such horrible crimes.
    It is a state responsibility, legal obligation and historical task for Japan to make the apology and compensation for its past wrongs.
    Now it has become a trend of the times on the international arena to make sincere apology and compensation for past crimes.
    It is only Japan which ignores such trend.
    Japan is sadly mistaken if it thinks it can evade its heavy responsibility to redeem its past crimes through a trick to internationalize the "issue of abduction." With nothing can Japan cover up its past crimes.
    The present Japanese authorities are well advised to stop their hectic diplomacy to internationalize the issue and sincerely repent and compensate for the biggest crimes committed against the Korean people in the past.

U.S. Psychological Warfare Ridiculed

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- The ambition of the U.S. imperialists to dominate the world is getting wilder in the 21st century and a psychological warfare is a trite method the United States has consistently used in invading, toppling and dominating other countries, says Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary. Noting that the U.S. imperialists pay special attention to conducting a psychological warfare through broadcasting media, the commentary observes: The aggressive nature of the psychological warfare was fully disclosed in the Iraqi war.
    They are using the psychological warfare not only in invading other countries but instigating anti-government forces of the countries to serve their purpose. The DPRK has become a main target of their psychological warfare.
    U.S. psychological warfare experts and tricksters are craftily working to smuggle transistor radios into the DPRK through many channels in a bid to cause ideological and political vacillation and destabilization and degeneration among people and bring about social chaos and changes.
    Through this the U.S. seeks to spread its corrupt American culture and bourgeois way and style of life in a bid to benumb the Korean people's revolutionary faith, class consciousness and spirit of national independence and break the single-hearted unity of the DPRK.
    The U.S. is grossly mistaken if it thinks its psychological warfare will help bring down the DPRK as it did Iraq. Nothing can break the DPRK people's faith in socialism and their single-hearted unity.

Life-concerning Information Programs Developed

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- Some programs including Hyangsan which won a gold medal at the 14th National Program Contest and Exhibition are attracting public attention. Hyangsan is a PC cluster for calculating the design of active matters taking a direct or indirect part in different forms of reaction in living body.
    This system makes it possible to calculate molecules made up of 10,000 atoms within a few hours. The calculation had taken more than one week with computer in the past.
    The Life Information is a program that makes it possible to read and interpret information not only on the structure of gene protein but also on its related structure.
    It has ten databases including data on genome, protein and sugar chain.
    It gives all necessary life-concerning information on structures.
    These programs were developed by the Institute of Bio-information of Kim Il Sung University.

KCNA Report

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency today issued the following report: A Japanese woman, Kazumi Kitagawa, illegally entered the DPRK recently while making a sightseeing tour of a third country and sought asylum.
    She is now undergoing investigation by the competent organ.
    The DPRK has informed the Japanese government of this through an appropriate route.

KCNA Refutes Bush's Remarks

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- U.S. President Bush was reported to let loose vituperation against the DPRK in an interview in the plane on Oct. 22 when flying for Australia after his Indonesia visit. He was so reckless as to describe its top leader as a "dictator" and express "loathing" for him. The reported outbursts are touching off bitter indignation of all the Korean people and servicepersons of the People's Army as they are unpardonable remarks undisguisedly revealing his habitual rejection of the DPRK's supreme headquarters and social system.
    If Bush actually said so, it would prove that his earlier remarks listing the DPRK as part of an "axis of evil" and a "target of its preemptive nuclear attack" still remain the core of the U.S. policy toward the DPRK.
    Bush talked about giving "written security assurances" to the DPRK and seeking a "peaceful settlement of the issue through dialogue". As if he had said nothing, he continued hurling mud at the DPRK. This suggests that he lacks qualification as a politician and his remarks about the "written security assurances" to the DPRK were not prompted by his true intention to settle the problem.
    The Bush administration's loudmouthed "concession" and "peaceful settlement" are, in the final analysis, nothing but a sleight of hand to win in the next presidential election. This goes to prove that the U.S. does not seek to co-exist with the DPRK by finding a solution to the issue but disarm it and overthrow its political system.
    Bush claims to be president of the world's only superpower.
    But his disqualification as a politician finds an expression in that he has no elementary way of thinking to analyze the issue.
    As far as the DPRK's economic problem touted by Bush is concerned, it arose because the U.S. has pursued a hostile policy toward the DPRK for over half a century, imposing harsh economic sanctions against the DPRK and posing a grave threat to the existence of the Korean people and creating difficulties in their way.
    Bush, however, said nothing of the U.S. crimes committed against the DPRK but attributed what he called "starvation" to the DPRK's supreme headquarters. This is unjustifiable and intolerable.
    The world knows many political leaders. But it is only leader Kim Jong Il who gives field guidance day and night to solve the problem of people's living.
    It is an anachronistic and foolish behavior to speak ill of the DPRK's supreme headquarters this or that way because it convinces no one.
    We solemnly state that the DPRK's supreme headquarters and the precious popular system enjoy the absolute trust of all the people and that any mud-slinging at them is what we guard against most strongly.
    The people and People's Army of the DPRK regard it as the primary requirement of their life to devotedly defend the supreme headquarters representing their life and soul and do not hesitate to dedicate their lives to protecting it, a symbol of national dignity.
    The U.S. is well advised to stop its rash acts, clearly mindful that with nothing can it break the single-hearted unity of the DPRK.

Agreement on Establishing Friendly City Relationship between DPRK and China

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- An agreement on establishing friendly city relationship between Chongjin, North Hamgyong Province of the DPRK, and Changchun, Jilin Province of China, was signed in Changchun on Oct. 25. The agreement was inked by the chairman of the Chongjin City People's Committee and the mayor of the Changchun City People's Government.

Greetings to Prime Minister of Czech Republic

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- Pak Pong Ju, premier of the DPRK Cabinet, sent a message of greetings to Vladimir Spidla, prime minister of the Czech Republic, on the occasion of the formation of the independent state, the national day of the republic. The message expressed the belief that the traditional friendly and cooperative relations between the DPRK and the Czech Republic would grow stronger in the mutual interests of the two peoples and wished him success in his work for the prosperity of the country.
    Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Paek Nam Sun sent a message of greetings to Cyril Svoboda, deputy prime minister and foreign minister of the Czech Republic.

Greetings to Czech President

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, sent a message of greetings to Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic, on Oct. 28 on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the formation of the independent state, the national day. Expressing the belief that the friendly and cooperative relations between the two peoples would grow stronger and develop in their interests, the message wholeheartedly wished him great success in his responsible work for the political stability and development of the country.

U.S. Side's Deliberate Obstruction to Inter-Korean Humanitarian Work Flayed

    Panmunjom, October 28 (KCNA) -- The U.S. forces side is committing such unethical crime as interfering in the humanitarian work under way between the north-south Red Cross organizations and deliberately delaying the handover of the dead body of a farmer of the north side. The U.S. forces side recovered the dead body of a man presumed to be from the north side in the waters off Yonphyong Islet on October 8. DPRK-U.S. military staff officers had contacts in Panmunjom on Oct 15, 16 and 18 as regards the case.
    At the contact the side of the Korean People's Army informed the U.S. forces side of the fact that the dead body was a farmer of the Sojong Co-op Farm, Chongdan County, South Hwanghae Province, who met a tragic death after going out to the sea to gather shell-fish on September 29 after conducting an investigation into his identity on the basis of photographs of his body and articles left by him. It asked the U.S. forces side to hand over the dead body to the north side without delay through the north-south Red Cross organizations according to usual practice.
    The results of the investigation made by our side leave no doubt as to their accuracy as they are based on the testimonies made by his bereaved family, relatives and friends to the photographs of the dead body and articles left by him. Yet, the U.S. forces side groundlessly turned down our just demand for the handover of the dead body, insisting that he was a "soldier."
    The head of our side to the Panmunjom DPRK-U.S. Colonel-level military talks in a telephone massage on October 24 repeatedly requested the U.S. forces side to send the dead body to his bereaved family as early as possible and the Central Committee of the DPRK Red Cross Society asked its counterpart in the south for cooperation in the earliest possible handover of the dead body according to the usual humanitarian practice as he was a civilian.
    Due to the adamant absurd assertion of the U.S. forces side, the dead body has not been handed over to his bereaved family though 20 days have passed since its recovery.
    The U.S. forces side should stop at once such dastardly act as deliberately creating obstacle to the inter-Korean humanitarian work after impertinently meddling in it.

German and British Members of Parliament Arrive

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- Hartmut Koschyk, member of the Bundestag and chairman of the Germany-Korea Friendship Parliamentary Group, and his party arrived in Pyongyang today. They were greeted at the airport by Ri Jong Hyok, deputy to the Supreme People's Assembly and chairman of the Korea-Germany Friendship Parliamentary Group and Doris Hertrampf, German ambassador to the DPRK.
    Meanwhile, members of the House of Commons of the British Parliament led by Gari Nicholas Streeter, member of the House of Commons, arrived in Pyongyang by air.
    They were welcomed by Mun Pyong Rok, deputy to the SPA and vice-chairman of the Korea-Britain Friendship Parliamentary Group, and David Arthur Slinn, British ambassador to the DPRK

North-South Working Contacts Made

    Kaesong, October 28 (KCNA) -- The 7th working contacts for reconnecting rail and road links between the north and south of Korea were held in Kaesong on Oct. 27 and 28. At the contacts both sides adopted an agreement after having an exhaustive discussion on practical issues including the timetable for the provision of equipment and materials needed for the project of reconnecting inter-Korean rail and road links, the supply of equipment for removing bedrock, technical service for repairing and maintaining the already provided equipment and vehicles, the designing of railway signals, telecommunications and power system and the supply of necessary equipment and materials and technical service for them.
    Both sides decided to make mutual visits to the places of the two sides where projects of reconnecting rail and road links are expected to take place with a view to ensuring more smooth progress of them and hold the 8th working contact in the near future. It was agreed to decide on the date, venue and method depending on the agreement to be reached at the 7th meeting of the North-South Committee for the Promotion of Economic Cooperation.

Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Unit 802

    Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, inspected KPA Unit 802 honored with the title of O Jung Hup-led Seventh Regiment. After learning about the performance of the unit's duty, he looked round the training equipment and facilities and watched the servicepersons under training.
    He was much pleased to see all the servicepersons prepared politically, ideologically and in military technique to firmly protect the socialist homeland, congratulated them upon their successful training and put forward important tasks that would serve as guidelines in increasing the combat power of the unit.
    Then he went to a company under the unit.
    He looked round an education room, a bedroom, a mess hall, a washroom, a lecture room, a military study room and other places to take deep care of the service and living of the servicepersons.
    He gave the servicepersons who participated in the training a pair of binoculars, a machine gun and an automatic rifle as gifts and had a photo session with them.
    The next leg of his inspection was the Undok Power Station built by KPA Unit 549.
    After hearing the explanation by the commander of the unit, he looked round the exterior and interior of the station including the electric generator room and power distribution room to learn in detail about the construction of the station and production of electricity.
    He expressed great satisfaction over the fact that the servicepersons of the unit have built a power station with a big generation capacity by their own efforts to realize the electrification of the unit and powerfully stepped up the construction of another power station and highly praised them for their successes.
    He said a good technical management and management of equipment of the power station should be done to produce more quality electricity and the building of a new power station should be stepped up to complete it and advanced tasks to this end.

For Spanish-speaking people

Programas de informatica de vida

    Pyongyang, 28 de octubre (ATCC) -- En la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea gozan de gran popularidad varios programas incluyendo el "Hyangsan" que obtuvo la metalla de oro en la XIV Concurso y Exhibicion Nacional de Programas. El programa "Hyangsan" es el sistema de operacion aritmetica en paralelo (PC cluster) para realizar un inmenso calculo sobre el proyecto de la materia activa fisiologica que toma parte directa o indirecta en diversas reacciones que tienen lugar en el cuerpo organico.
    El sistema posibilita realizar en unas horas el calculo sobre las moleculas compuestas por 10 000 atomos, que en el pasado necesitaba mas de una semana por computadora.
    El programa "Informatica de vida" permite consultar e interpretar la informatica estructural de la proteina genetica y otras conexas.
    Tiene 10 bases incluidas las de genoma y proteina.
    Estos programas fueron desarrollados por la seccion de informatica biologica de la Universidad Kim Il Sung.

Base de produccion de animales disecados

    Pyongyang, 28 de octubre (ATCC) -- La Fabrica de animales disecados esta situada en la ciudad Kim Chaek de la provincia de Hamgyong del Norte. Fue fundada en el 56 (1967) de la Era Juche. Alli estan acondicionadas magnificamente las salas de fabricacion, secada y conservacion de los animales disecados y otras.
    Durantes mas de 30 anos pasados la fabrica produjo mas de 100 mil animales disecados de 800 generos y los envio a las escuelas a todos los niveles del pais.
    Los productos de esta fabrica fueron despachados a China, Rusia y otros paises y a numerosas escuelas de la Chongryon (Asociacion General de Coreanos Residentes en Japon).
    El Dirigente Kim Jong Il se entero del estado de produccion de esta fabrica y dio agradecimiento de varias veces a los empleados de esta.
    Esta fabrica la gestiona la Escuela Especializada Agricola Kim Chaek.

Tendra lugar Conferencia Nacional de Cientificos y Tecnicos

    Pyongyang, 28 de octubre (ATCC) -- Se celebrara en Pyongyang la Conferencia Nacional de Cientificos y Tecnicos, que hara balance de los exitos y experiencias obtenidos en el pasado en el desarrollo cientifico-tecnico del pais y discutira las tareas y medios para elevar el papel de cientificos y tecnicos en la realizacion de la causa de construccion de una gran potencia prospera del Juche. Los participantes en la conferencia llegaron los dias 26 y 27 a Pyongyang.

Confianza de todo el pueblo en el PTC

    Pyongyang, 28 de octubre (ATCC) -- En escala mundial se conmemoraron solemnemente el 6 aniversario de la eleccion del Dirigente Kim Jong Il como Secretario General del Partido del Trabajo de Corea y el 58 aniversario de la fundacion de esta agrupacion politica. Al Dirigente y al CC del PTC les hicieron llegar los Mensajes de felicitacion y cestos de flores los jefes de Estado, lideres de partidos, los partidos politicos y las organizaciones de varios paises, entre ellos, el CC del Partido Comunista de China, el dirigente de la Gran Revolucion del Primero de Septiembre de la Gran Jamahiria Arabe Libia Popular Socialista, el presidente del Estado de Palestina, el presidente del CC del Partido Popular Revolucionario Lao, la Organizacion de Solidaridad de los Pueblos de Asia, Africa y America Latina (OSPAAAL) y otras organizaciones internacionales.
    Las editoriales de varios paises incluyendo la "Yedeniye" de Jabarovsk de Rusia, la Futra de Checo, la Onitsha de Nigeria, la del Partido Comunista de Venezuela dieron a luz en folletos las obras clasicas del Dirigente y tuvieron significativos actos de presentacion de dichas obras.
    En mas de los 80 paises del mundo se efectuaron ampliamente simposios, conferencias, charlas, exhibiciones de fotos, proyecciones filmicas y otras actividades con la participacion de dirigentes de partidos politicos y las organizaciones sociales, las renombradas personalidades y las masas de distintos sectores.
    Los lideres de partidos politicos, las personalidades individuales, los partidos politicos y las organizaciones de varios paises incluyendo el secretario general del CC del Frente Progresista de Toda la India y el Buro Politico del Partido Unido Socialista de Siria publicaron declaraciones de felicitacion.
    Para elogiar las hazanas del Dirigente realizadas en la construccion del Partido, la organizacion de los ateistas de materialismo dialectico de Italia publico un folleto conmemorativo y los partidos politicos, las organizaciones y las entidades de estudio de la Idea Juche de varios paises, entre ellos, el Partido Comunista del Peru, la Asociacion de Amistad Bulgaria-Corea y el Comite Nacional de Estudio de la Idea Juche del Congo Democratico, los boletines.
    El periodico ruso "Patriot", el iranio "Iran News", el tailandes "Xing San Ribao" y el nigeriano "Observer", las radios y TV de Uganda, Guinea y Siria y otras publicaciones transmitieron los articulos titulados "El PTC es el partido madre", "Las grandes hazanas del PTC", etc.

Preludio de operacion de invasion a Siria

    Pyongyang, 28 de octubre (ATCC) -- Recientemente, la camara de representantes de EE.UU. decidio ejercer sancion sobre Siria bajo el pretexto de que este pais esconde a los "terroristas" y "desarrolla armas de exterminio masivo". El diario "Rodong Sinmun", en un comentario individual de hoy, revela que la presente decision de EE.UU. contra Siria es un producto de las perversas maquinaciones para intervenir en los asuntos internos de Siria y suprimir el sistema economico de este pais y continua:
    EE.UU. trata de sofocar primeramente a Siria en lo economico y despues aplastarla en lo militar. La presente decision contra Siria insinua que EE.UU. comienza una operacion de invasion a Siria.
    Lo mas peligroso es que esta medida de EE.UU. coincide con el tiempo en que Israel emprendio la invasion militar contra el territorio siriaco so pretexto de la "guerra contra el terrorismo" con motivo del caso del ataque de inmolacion por explosion de los palestinos ocurrido en Haifa, ciudad litoral del norte.
    Esto es un preludio de la operacion de ataque de EE.UU. a Siria.
    En el mundo de hoy la sancion y otras imprudencias no se toleran mas.
    La medida de sancion de EE.UU. contra Siria es objeto de la oposicion y repudio internacionales.
    La lucha del pueblo arabe de Siria por salvaguardar la independencia y la dignidad del pais y defender el derecho e interes de la nacion arabe es justa y saldra siempre victoriosa.