KCNA flails Japan's moves to blockade DPRK

    Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- The Japanese government is contemplating the adjustment of the system of exchanging information about illegal export with other Asian countries under the pretext of "preventing the illegal supply of weapons of mass destruction and missile substance." The adjustment of the system much publicized by Japan is aimed to set up an institutional mechanism of intercepting and inspecting vessels and aircraft that transport nuclear substance, missile parts or facilities and materials needed for manufacturing them. This is, in essence, designed to justify its blockade against the DPRK in all parts of Asia.
    Explicitly speaking, the DPRK has not acceded to the missile technology control system and, therefore, it is an independent sovereign state that is not bound to any law as far as export and transfer of technology are concerned.
    The DPRK government's policy of export of arms calls for making legal trade to meet demands of sovereign states for their legitimate self-defence.
    Therefore, the Japanese reactionaries' view that the DPRK might have smuggled nuclear substance and missiles to terrorist groups can not but be an insult to the DPRK's firm stand against terrorism.
    Japan's intention to intercept and inspect the DPRK's vessels is an insolent act that wantonly violates international law which bans searching or seizing ships in the open sea.
    What matters is that the Japanese reactionaries are acting a shock brigade in carrying out the Bush administration's policy to lay an international siege to the DPRK, taking advantage of its policy to stifle the DPRK in the wake of the U.S.-Japan summit talks.
    It is a publicly known fact that Bush and Koizumi vowed to inspect the DPRK's ships under the pretext of preventing the "smuggling of drugs and weapons and the illegal financial transaction" at the talks.
    To this end, Japan discussed the issue of setting its maritime "self-defence force" in motion to "intercept the DPRK's ships engaged in smuggling drugs, weapons and counterfeit money" and the way of taking "multilateral measures" against its ships in the open sea.
    Moreover, the chief cabinet secretary of Japan officially declared that he would take all measures including the inspection of the DPRK's ships at 50 Japanese ports.
    All this goes to clearly prove that by misusing the complicated and tense situation on the Korean peninsula the Japanese reactionaries seek to evade its responsibility to compensate for its hideous crimes committed against the Koreans in the past and realize its ambition for the reinvasion of Korea at any cost.
    If Japan infringes upon the sovereignty of the DPRK in cooperation with the U.S., prompted by a sinister intention, the DPRK will not hesitate to strongly retaliate against it.

U.S. commits nearly 200 cases of aerial espionage against DPRK

    Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- The U.S. imperialists committed nearly 200 cases of aerial espionage against the DPRK by mobilizing strategic and tactical reconnaissance planes with different missions in June, according to a military source. At around 7:50 on June 28 U-2 high-altitude strategic reconnaissance plane took off a U.S. air force base in South Korea and made shuttle flights in the sky over the area 120km west of Tokjok islet and in the sky over area 45km east of Phochon and Sokcho for more than 10 hours to spy on strategic targets of the DPRK.
    On June 27 RC-135 strategic reconnaissance plane based in Japan made shuttle flights in the sky over the areas 20km east of Paeka islet and areas 40km east of Yangphyong and Yangyang to spy on targets in the depth of the DPRK. On June 13 EP-3 electronic reconnaissance plane flew over Taebu islet, Hoengsong and Kangrung to spy on coastal areas and seabed of the DPRK.
    The aerial espionage getting more frantic in the wake of the "conclusion" of the Iraqi war of aggression clearly proves that the U.S. imperialists are becoming more undisguised in their moves to make a surprise preemptive attack on the DPRK over its "nuclear issue."

U.S. deputy defense secretary's outbursts rebuffed

    Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- Some days before U.S. deputy defense secretary Wolfowitz, addressing a meeting of the house armed services committee, said: "the U.S. has the military capabilities to defeat North Korea, using all of the means at our disposal, the enormously improved strike capabilities that the world had seen in Iraq." He uttered this while raising a hue and cry over the possibility of the DPRK's attack upon someone. And he said that "the U.S. would make substantial investments to further strengthen the war fighting capabilities of the U.S. troops in South Korea and expect South Korea to significantly increase its military spending to cope with a possible war."
    In this regard Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary says that in view of the war outcries made by Wolfowitz, the outbreak of the second Korean war no longer seems to be a hypothesis.
    The commentary goes on:
    The U.S. plan for a military attack upon the DPRK has already been put into concrete shape. The U.S. is persistently insisting on multilateral talks in a bid to shift the responsibility for the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula onto the DPRK, while turning aside from the DPRK's constructive and principled proposals. This means that Washington is at the phase of making preparations for a military attack on the DPRK to stifle it.
    Its next phase is to lay an international siege to the DPRK in a bid to suffocate it and, on this basis, launch a war to finally seize the whole Korean peninsula.
    What the U.S. really seeks is not the settlement of the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula but putting it under its complete military control. This is clearly evidenced by the massive deployment of ultra-modern military hardware and intelligence gathering means and the relocation of the U.S. troops in South Korea.
    If the U.S. warlike forces provoke a war against the army and people of the DPRK, the Korean peninsula will turn into a graveyard of aggressors.

Japan's moves to lay Asian siege to DPRK assailed

    Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- The Japanese government was reported to have decided to adjust the system of exchanging information about the illegal export with all countries and regions in Asia to prevent North Korea's "illegal supply of weapons of mass destruction and missile-related materials." It does not hide the fact that this is aimed to lay an Asian siege to North Korea. In this regard Minju Joson today says in a signed commentary:
    The Japanese reactionaries are so reckless as to act a shock brigade in carrying out the U.S. policy to stifle the DPRK. This is prompted by their sinister intention to further aggravate the situation on the Korean peninsula in a bid to realize their invariable ambition for reinvasion.
    The ambition of the Japanese reactionaries to stage a comeback to Korea remains unchanged, the commentary observes, and continues:
    The Japanese reactionaries are now getting very busy with putting the "laws on emergency" into force and revising the present constitution. All this is aimed to realize their ambition for reinvasion. They regard the escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula as a golden opportunity for realizing this ambition. It is their hope that the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula will lead to the outbreak of a new war between the DPRK and the U.S.
    The possibility of a peaceful solution to the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula is steadily waning while the outbreak of the second Korean war is becoming a fait accompli due to the U.S. moves to stifle the DPRK and the Japanese reactionaries' reckless moves to join in them.
    The Japanese reactionaries had better think twice over the inescapable, strong retaliation to be entailed by their reckless moves to stifle the DPRK.

Mass meetings continued

    Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- Mass meetings were held to mark "June 25, Day of Struggle Against the U.S. Imperialists" in South Hamgyong and Ryanggang provinces and Nampho city on June 30. Speakers at the meetings said that the three-year Korean war was a brigandish and shameless war of aggression unleashed by the U.S. imperialists to dominate Korea as well as Asia and the world and a mass killing war beyond human imagination.
    Noting that the brutal massacre, destruction and plunder committed by the U.S. imperialists during the Korean war are indelible down through generations, they vehemently condemned the U.S. imperialists, the enemy in human skin, in the name of all the Korean people.
    If the U.S. imperialists run wild without discretion, misunderstanding the self-control and will of the Korean people, they will be more cursed and condemned by the Korean people who want peace and reunification and the world progressive people and get nothing but death, speakers solemnly warned.
    Attending the meetings were leading officials of local party and power organs and working people's organizations.

Korea's metalwork

    Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- Korea has a long history of metalwork. Metalwork with plastic elaboration was produced and used by the Korean people as early as in the bronze age. In the initial stage it lacked variety in shape and was simple in pattern. Later, in ancient times, lute-shaped bronze daggers, narrow brass daggers, headband buttons of the horse and cart fittings, rings, bells, beads, necklaces and other articles of daily use and ornaments were turned out.
    In the period of Koguryo metalwork made a rapid progress in a diverse way with marked national characteristics. Of particular note were gold crowns, earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.
    During the Koryo dynasty, achievements of advanced science and technology and plastic art were turned to good account in employing a wide variety of new techniques and skills. The manufactured goods were of great artistic value.
    Typical damascene objects of Koryo are water jugs with landscapes inlaid with gold and silver thread, plates inlaid with silver thread and mirror stands, etc.
    In the period of the Ri dynasty the shapes of metalwork and ornaments were simple and natural, free from ostentation and exaggeration.
    All the products show well Korea's long and rich tradition of metal crafts. Today metalwork makes progress at a new higher stage in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
    With the introduction of modern metal processing technique, precision casting method and new stamping technique, the metal crafts have become more delicate and precise.
    The method of casting on the surface of actual object presented by the DPRK was awarded a gold-silver medal at the 24th international exhibition of inventions, new techniques and new products held in Geneva in 1996.

Rodong Sinmun calls for doing work way President Kim Il Sung did

    Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun today editorially says that the Korean revolution was started by President Kim Il Sung with his ideology, will and confidence and emerged victorious thanks to his grit and pluck. Calling for glorifying the history of the ever-victorious Korean revolution the way he did, the editorial says:
    His way is a way of struggle peculiar to the Korean army and people and serves as a powerful instrument of working miracles and building a prosperous nation.
    He founded the DPRK with his revolutionary spirit and optimism knowing no impossibility under the hard condition that everything was short, and created a heroic epic of socialist construction.
    It is the iron will and steadfast stand of leader Kim Jong Il to achieve final victory of revolution the way the president did, advancing along the road of Juche he opened up.
    The Korean people should do all work with the firm conviction that they can overcome any difficulties and occupy any fortress when they work the way the president did under the leadership of Kim Jong Il.
    Kim Jong Il is the general of Mt. Paektu who is successfully carrying forward the idea and cause of the president and he is the banner of victory in the DPRK. The Korean people should understand the immortal revolutionary history and greatness of leadership traits of Kim Jong Il with a firm faith that he is identical to the president.
    All the people should uphold the Songun policy of the Workers' Party of Korea and more firmly establish the traits of attaching importance to military affairs in the whole society. They should turn out in a decisive battle in a do-or-die spirit to defeat the enemy if it ignites a war of aggression.

Statement of chief of KPA Panmunjom mission

    Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- The chief of the Panmunjom mission of the Korean People's Army issued a statement on Tuesday. The statement says:
    A touch-and-go situation is now prevailing on the Korean peninsula owing to the U.S. undisguised policy to stifle the DPRK. Korea is at the crossroads of war or peace. It is, in fact, hardly possible to preserve the cease-fire in Korea by the unilateral efforts of the Korean People's Army side.
    On May 31 the U.S. side announced its "plan for arms buildup" aimed to equip its forces present in South Korea with new types of weapons, thus totally ditching paragraph 13 d of the armistice agreement which calls for ceasing the introduction into Korea of reinforcing combat aircraft, armored vehicles, weapons, and ammunition.
    According to the "plan" the U.S. will allot 11 billion U.S. dollars as military spending in a short span of time in a bid to massively introduce modern unmanned aircraft, armed helicopters, latest missiles, precision guided bombs, infantry combat vehicles, electronic command system, etc. into South Korea.
    Such massive military reinforcement proves that the U.S. preparations for attack on the DPRK have reached the final stage under the new strategy of "preemptive strike", instead of the "deterrence" strategy which has been so far pursued.
    At the same time, the U.S. is seeking to impose "sea and air blockade" and lay an "international siege network" against the DPRK by instigating its allies, including Japan, in disregard of paragraph 15 of the Armistice Agreement, which stipulates a ban on blockade of any kind in Korea. This action is aggravating the situation.
    Such military reinforcement, massive concentration of armed forces and blockade against one side of the two signatories to the AA in gross violation of it will mean a war in fact.
    Dark clouds of war are gathering to hang over the Korean peninsula as the days go by.
    The U.S. has already begun relocating its forces in South Korea to areas south of the River Han in a bid to save the forces from the KPA artillery firing range and create conditions for making a preemptive strike at the DPRK any time.
    However, there is no place in South Korea for the U.S. forces to escape from strike of the KPA.
    Any possible war in Korea will not be such a limited unilateral war as that fought in Afghanistan and Iraq but the fiercest and hardest fought war, life and death battles unprecedented in the world.
    The Korean people have steadily made full preparations to cope with such a grave war, well aware of it, experiencing all sorts of misfortune and hardships caused by the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK for the past scores of years.
    The DPRK sternly warns the U.S. that it will be held wholly responsible for the irrevocable serious consequences to be entailed by its complete abrogation of the AA and horrible disasters to be inflicted upon the innocent South Koreans by its reckless war action, in particular.
    If the U.S. side applies sanctions against the DPRK and conducts sea and air blockade against it anywhere and starts bolstering up troops in and around the Korean peninsula, the KPA side will promptly regard it as a complete breach of the AA by the U.S. side and will immediately take strong and merciless retaliatory measures against the infringement upon the DPRK's sovereignty by mobilizing all its potentials, completely free from the binding force of the AA.

Kim Jong Il nominated as candidate for 11th SPA

    Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) - General Secretary Kim Jong il was nominated by KPA servicemen as a candidate for deputy to the 11th Supreme People's Assembly. An electorate meeting of constituency no. 649 was held in Jonsung Square here today to nominate him as a candidate for deputy to the 11th SPA of the DPRK with tens of thousands of soldier voters attending.
    Jo Myong Rok, director of the KPA general political department, at the meeting solemnly declared that Kim Jong Il has been nominated as a candidate for deputy to the 11th SPA at the constituency with an absolute support and approval in reflection of the desire of all voters.
    A letter to Kim Jong Il was adopted there.

Kim Jong Il nominated as candidate for deputy to 11th SPA

    Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) - General Secretary Kim Jong Il was nominated by KPA servicemen as a candidate for a deputy to the 11th Supreme People's Assembly. An electorate meeting of constituency no. 649 was held at Jonsung Square here today to recommend him for the candidacy for a deputy to the 11th SPA of the DPRK with tens of thousands of soldier voters attending.
    Jo Myong Rok, director of the KPA General Political Department, in his report said that the shining annals of the DPRK are associated with Kim Jong Il's immortal exploits as he has firmly defended President Kim Il Sung's idea of nation-building and his exploits performed in it, successfully carried forward and developed them and worked heart and soul for the eternal prosperity of the republic.
    He continued:
    Kim Jong Il set up the state political system with main emphasis on national defence by applying the unique Songun idea, thus providing a sure guarantee for the DPRK to stand firm and victoriously advance despite whatever upheavals. He has wisely led the work to enhance the function and role of the people's government as required by the developing revolution, thus helping it creditably discharge its honorable mission as a protector of the sovereign rights of the popular masses, the organizer of their creative ingenuity and a master responsible for their living.
    The DPRK is demonstrating its might as an invincible power strong in ideology, politics and military capability and greatly encourages the world revolutionary people in their struggle for sovereignty, independence and socialism, leading the u.s. styling itself the world's "only superpower" by its nose.
    This is the shining fruition of his outstanding political ability and tested and experienced leadership.
    The reporter courteously proposed to nominate Kim Jong Il as a candidate for a deputy to the 11th SPA of the DPRK at constituency no. 649, representing the unanimous desire and ardent wishes of all the voters and servicepersons.
    Speakers including Kim Il Chol, Minister of the People's Armed Forces, fully supported and approved his proposal, evincing their firm resolution to devotedly defend the headquarters of the revolution and struggle for the security and prosperity of the socialist motherland, holding Kim Jong Il in high esteem.
    Jo proudly declared that Kim Jong Il was nominated as a candidate for a deputy to the SPA at constituency no.649 for the election of deputies to the 11th SPA with an absolute support and approval in reflection of the unanimous desire of all voters.
    That moment the square shook with welcome music and the rousing cheers "hurrah" of the servicepersons.
    A letter to Kim Jong Il was adopted there.
    In the letter the participants wholeheartedly hoped that he would accept this ardent request reflecting the unanimous desire of all the servicepersons and people.
    They vowed to firmly arm themselves with the WPK's Juche-oriented view on war and anti-imperialist class consciousness, increase the combat power and combat readiness of the people's army in every way as required by the tense situation reminiscent of an eve of a war and mercilessly wipe out the U.S. imperialists, if they ignite another war on this land, and thus accomplish the historic cause of national reunification without fail.

Separated families and relatives reunite

    Mt. Kumgang, July 1 (KCNA) The seventh reunion of separated families and relatives from the north and the south of Korea continued at Mt. Kumgang resort. Those from the north met with their kinsmen from the south in the wake of the reunion of those from the south with their separated families and relatives from the north.
    Collective meeting took place on June 30 and family meeting on July 1.
    Those from different parts of the north showed their kinsmen from the south pictures of their own families enjoying a happy life and conveyed letters to them.
    They told their kinsmen to work together for national reunification and their permanent reunions, singing such songs as "hometown in spring" and "we are one".
    Those from the south expressed their will to work hard to put an early end to the tragedy of division and accelerate the reunification of the country.
    They posed for pictures and exchanged souvenirs.
    In the meantime, the South Korean Red Cross hosted a reception for them.
    Those from the north, together with their kinsmen from the south, toured the area of Lagoon Samil, a scenic spot.

For Spanish-speaking people

el mundo felicita 39 aniversario de inicio de trabajo de kim jong il en cc del ptc

    pyongyang, el primero de julio (atcc) -- se celebro significativamente en escala mundial el 39 aniversario del inicio de trabajo del dirigente kim jong il en el comite central del partido del trabajo de corea. al dirigente le hicieron llegar mensajes y cartas de felicitacion los lideres de mas de 80 partidos en poder y los progresistas, entre otros, el presidente nacional del partido democratico del pueblo de nigeria, el presidente del cc del partido de pueblo de cambodia, el presidente del cc del partido comunista brasileno, el secretario general del cc del partido congoleno del trabajo y el presidente del partido del trabajo de irlanda y un cesto de flores el secretario general del partido nacional progresista unido de egipto.
    con motivo de esa efemeride tuvieron lugar cientos de actos politicos en mas de 80 paises del mundo.
    en mexico, rumania y jordania se efectuaron el seminario nacional, acto y seminario conjuntos tomando por tema las proezas del dirigente kim jong il logradas en la construccion del partido y la direccion mediante el songun (priorizacion militar) bajo la participacion de las personalidades de numerosos partidos politicos.
    tambien, mas de 110 partidos en poder y los progresistas de mas de 60 paises, entre otros, el partido comunista del libano, el movimiento popular de malasia, el partido del comunista de polonia, partido comunista unido de italia, el partido comunista de tadjikistan, el partido comunista de bulgaria (marxista) y el partido comunista de checoslovaquia efectuaron los actos, charlas, conferencias, proyecciones filmicas, fotoexposiciones y otras actividades.
    el partido de la union socialista arabe de siria, el partido del frente de accion nacional de jordania y el movimiento nacional democratico popular de jordania definieron como literatura obligatoria las obras del dirigente kim jong il.
    el partido comunista de kirguizistan, el partido comunista mexicano, el partido socialista de mexico y otros dos partidos politicos firmaron la declaracion de pyongyang con motivo de la efemeride en cuestion.
    rusia, bangladesh, senegal, alemania, jamaica, venezuela y otros paises editaron en folleto las obras clasicas del dirigente entre otras "la difamacion del socialismo no sera tolerada" y "que toda la nacion unida alcance la reunificacion independiente y pacifica de la patria". los medios de prensa de numerosos paises incluyendo china, vietnam, nepal y congo democratico informaron de las obras del dirigente y sus actividades revolucionarias acompanadas de sus retratos y dieron redacciones especiales bajo los titulos "kim jong il, eminente dirigente del siglo xxi", "la especial capacidad politica del dirigente kim jong il", "kim jong il, gran maestro del circulo politico", "la filosofia politica de su excelencia kim jong il", etc.
    por otra parte, el presidente del partido por la paz y unidad de rusia, el presidente del comite ejecutivo del partido socialista obrero de rumania, el secretario general del cc del frente progresista de toda la india y otros dirigentes de partidos politicos publicaron declaraciones elogiando las inmortales hazanas y experiencias del dirigente kim jong il quien desarrollo el partido del trabajo de corea como la fuerza orientadora de la revolucion mediante el songun.

ceremonia de comienzo de construccion de la zona industrial de kaesong

    kaesong, 30 de junio (atcc) -- la ceremonia de comienzo de la construccion de la zona industrial de kaesong tuvo lugar el 30 de junio sobre el terreno. estuvieron presentes ri jong hyok, vicepresidente del comite coreano por la paz de asia y el pacifico, kim il gun, presidente del comite popular de la ciudad de kaesong, hwang chang gil, vicepresidente de la asociacion de cooperacion economica nacional, choe hyon gu, subdirector general de la direccion del desarrollo de la zona especial central y otros funcionarios e interesados de la constriccion de esta zona, asi como los ciudadanos de la ciudad de kaesong.
    tambien, participaron el presidente jong mong hon y el director kim yun gyu de la firma hyundai-asan, el director kim jin ho de la corporacion de tierra, los "parlamentarios" democraticos y las personalidades de los circulos politicos, sociales y economicos.
    en la ceremonia se escucharon el informe del director kim yun gyu relativo al comienzo de la construccion de la zona y seguidamente los discursos del director kim jin ho y el presidente jong mong hon.
    los oradores dijeron que el sur y el norte se reunian para celebrar la significativa ceremonia de comienzo de la construccion de la zona y senalaron la necesidad de promover exitosamente la labor de cooperacion economica de ambas partes para lograr la prosperidad comun de la economia nacional y la paz.
    dijeron que la zona industrial de kaesong serviria de una base para desarrollar la economia del sur y el norte y realizar la reunificacion y jugaria un gran papel para que corea se haga un centro de la economia del nordeste asiatico, y expresaron la conviccion de que a traves de la construccion de la zona manifestaran a todo el mundo la superioridad de la nacion coreana.
    el subdirector choe hyon gu en su discurso de felicitacion extendio saludo de felicitacion a todos los interesados del norte y el sur que hicieron todos los esfuerzos sinceros por efectuar la ceremonia de inicio de la construccion de la zona. a traves de la construccion de la zona industrial podremos consolidar la reconciliacion, la cooperacion y la confianza y fomentar el fervor por la reunificacion de toda nacion, dijo el.
    acto seguido, los asistentes escucharon la explicacion sobre el panorama de construccion de la zona industrial de kaesong.
    los participantes de la parte sur recorrieron las reliquias historicas de la zona de kaesong.

actos contrarios al derecho internacional

    pyongyang, el primero de julio (atcc) -- en estos dias, bajo el pretexto de la "detencion de abastecimiento ilicito de las armas de exterminio masivo y las partes de misiles" el gobierno japones trata de establecer el sistema de intercambio de las informaciones de la exportacion ilegal con los paises asiaticos. es decir, ese "sistema" es para establecer un aparato institucional para registrar y controlar los barcos y aviones que transportan las materias nucleares, las partes de misiles, los equipos y materiales necesarios para la fabricacion de estas. en su esencia es para justificar en la esfera regional el bloqueo contra corea.
    en resumen la republica popular democratica de corea es el estado soberano independiente que no se adhirio ni una vez al regimen de control de tecnologia de misiles y, por tanto, no tiene la necesidad de recibir la restriccion juridica alguna en la exportacion y la transferencia de tecnologia.
    la politica de exportacion de armas del gobierno de la rpdc reconoce solo el comercio legitimo segun la justa demanda defensiva de los paises soberanos.
    por tanto, el criterio de los reaccionarios japoneses, segun el cual la rpdc puede vender ilicitamente las materias nucleares y los misiles a las entidades terroristas, constituye un insulto a la firme posicion de la rpdc en la lucha contra el terrorismo.
    tal intencion de japon contraviene enteramente al derecho internacional que prohibe el acto de registrar o capturar los barcos en alta mar.
    el problema reside en que despues de la cumbre ee.uu.-japon los reaccionarios japoneses se presentan como brigada de choque para la formacion de la "red de cerco internacional" de la administracion bush contra la rpdc adhiriendose mas activamente a su politica de aplastamiento a esta.
    es conocido ampliamente por el mundo el hecho de que en esa cumbre bush y koizumi acordaron registrar los barcos coreanos para "interrumpir la venta ilicita de drogas y armas y la transaccion de fondos ilegales".
    para este fin japon discutio el "problema de movilizar las 'fuerzas maritimas de autodefensa' para controlar los barcos coreanos que transportan ilicitamente las drogas, las armas y los billetes falsificados" y el metodo de tomar las "medidas multilaterales" contra las naves coreanas en alta mar.
    para colmo, el director del secretariado del gabinete declaro que tomaria todas las medidas incluyendo la de controlar los barcos coreanos en los 50 puertos de japon.
    todo esto demuestra que los reaccionarios japoneses tratan de valerse de la situacion completa y tensa de la peninsula coreana para evitar la liquidacion de sus monstruosos actos criminales cometidos en el pasado contra el pueblo coreano y realizar a toda costa la ambicion de nueva agresion a corea.
    si japon con maligna ambicion y en contubernio con ee.uu. atenta la soberania de la rpdc, esta no vacilara en tomar las fuertes contramedidas.