Gift to Kim Jong Il from Albanian political figure

    Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) - General Secretary Kim Jong Il received a gift from Hysni Milloshi, first secretary of the Communist Party of Albania, who participated in a seminar of European communist and workers' parties for solidarity with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Brussels. The gift was handed to the head of a delegation of the Workers' Party of Korea by the first secretary on May 4.

Juche idea lauded

    Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- The Juche idea fathered by President Kim Il Sung is shining as coordinates of life and struggle which indicate the future of the world progressives in the 21st century thanks to leader Kim Jong Il, said Kenichi Ogami, secretary general of the International Institute of the Juche Idea on a visit to the DPRK. The reality of the DPRK clearly proves the validity and vitality of the Juche idea, he said, and continued:
    It is thanks to the great Juche idea and Songun policy that Korean-style socialism is making a long drive following up the victory even under the present complicated and acute situation.
    Kim Il Sung founded the Juche idea and turned the DPRK into a socialist power independent, self-supporting and self-reliant in defence.
    He made the Korean people the most dignified people in the world and made an immortal contribution to carrying out the human cause of independence.
    Kim Jong Il sets a global example in the struggle for independence against imperialism, carrying forward the revolutionary cause of the president and foiling the U.S. imperialists' moves for invasion with his original Songun policy.
    The Juche idea, which was founded by Kim Il Sung and is enriched by Kim Jong Il, is the banner of eternal victory.

"Joint statement" south side published with U.S. termed treacherous document

    Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary dismisses the "joint statement" recently published by South Korea with the U.S. as a treacherous one as it reconfirmed the master-servant relationship between the U.S. and South Korea and is peppered with provocative words getting on the nerves of the DPRK over the "nuclear issue." The commentary says:
    The south side's recent junket to the U.S. disappointed the whole nation because it blindly toed the U.S. line and asserted cooperation, thus hamstringing the process of warming up the inter-Korean relations in contravention of the basic spirit of the historic June 15 joint declaration.
    As regards the DPRK's "nuclear issue", the south side supported the "consideration of further steps" and asserted "future inter-Korean exchanges and cooperation will be conducted in the light of developments on the nuclear issue."
    This was little short of siding with the U.S. and yielding to it and a very dangerous move to increase the danger of a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula.
    It was shame and disgrace for the south to have accepted the proposal for the "consideration of further steps" obsessed by war-phobia, instead of helping the Americans cool their heads overheated with hysteria of war against its fellow countrymen, despite the fact that the U.S. is unreasonably demanding the DPRK scrap its "nuclear weapons program" and there is, therefore, an increasing danger of a war.
    The public at home and abroad is now deeply concerned about this humiliating diplomacy.
    The DPRK has already clarified that it will regard any "sanctions" to be applied against it as a declaration of war. Any "further steps" mentioned in the "joint statement" are bound to entail unpredictable consequences on the Korean Peninsula. In that case the U.S. and the south side will have to be held fully accountable for them.

Senior U.S. officials' anti-DPRK remarks under fire

    Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- The U.S. President's national security adviser Rice in a recent press conference said that the U.S. can not but consider the military attack upon North Korea in case its nuclear issue is not settled in a diplomatic way. In the meantime Fleischer, a spokesman for the White House, said that "it is the longstanding policy of the U.S. not to take all options off the table including the plan for preemptive attack upon North Korea." In this regard Rodong Sinmun today says in a signed commentary: these are dangerous war outcries driving the situation on the Korean Peninsula to an explosive point as they undisguisedly revealed the U.S. attempt to launch a preemptive military attack upon the DPRK.
    The DPRK can not but take a serious note of a whole string of provocative war outbursts let loose by U.S. high-ranking officials in the wake of the Beijing talks.
    The U.S. is paying lip-service to "diplomatic settlement", "peaceful settlement" of the nuclear issue. Some days ago U.S. President Bush made a commitment in the so-called "joint statement" to settle the nuclear issue in a peaceful way.
    But the grave situation created by the U.S. on the Korean Peninsula proves that such remarks of the bush team are nothing but hypocrisy and a trick camouflaged with the veil of peace.
    If the U.S. persistently pursues the military confrontation with the DPRK, the situation will lead to a catastrophic phase.
    An option does not reside only with the U.S.
    The DPRK, too, has its own option. The U.S. plan to mount a military attack upon the DPRK compels it to take strong counter-measures.
    It is the DPRK's invariable mode of retaliation to counter the U.S. hardline policy with the toughest stand.

New stamp issued

    Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- The Korea Stamp Corporation has issued a new stamp in commemoration of the 64th anniversary of the victorious battle in Musan area which falls on May 23. President Kim Il Sung advanced again into the homeland in May Juche 28 (1939) and dealt a heavy blow to the Japanese aggression troops, inspiring the Korean people with confidence in the liberation of the country.
    Portrayed in the stamp is the monument to the victory in the battle of Musan area.
    The monument consists of a statue of President Kim Il Sung in the centre, a rifle tower behind the statue, flanked by a group of relievos and a monument to revolutionary activities. The monument to the victory in the battle of Musan area, which was erected to mark the 63rd anniversary of the battle, shows artistically that an armed struggle was the only choice of the Korean people for the liberation of the country and that the victorious Korean revolution can be guaranteed only by arms.
    The size of the souvenir sheet is 98x71 mm and 48x30mm.
    The stock number is 4279 and the face value is 90 won.

First torch for nature-harnessing projects

    Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- The historical site on the bank of the River Pothong has been visited by many citizens, youth and students in Pyongyang. The historical site in Pothonggang district, Pyongyang is associated with immortal exploits performed by President Kim Il Sung in the efforts to convert the area along the River Pothong into a place good to live in.
    The president made a historic speech in the groundbreaking ceremony of the project to improve the River Pothong on May 21, Juche 35 (1946), and spaded to break the ground. standing at the site is the monument to the Pothong River improvement project. Before the liberation of the country, the river was called a "river of misfortune and tears." The people in this area suffered from floods every year.
    After the liberation of the country, the president initiated the river improvement project as the first gigantic nature-remaking project for the building of a new country and wisely led people to complete the project in 55 days.
    Recreation grounds with a total area of more than 300 hectares and many grand monumental edifices have been built on the bank of the river. Among them are broad and beautiful streets, the Changgwang Health Complex, Ice Rink and Chongryu Restaurant.

Rungna islet

    Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- Rungna islet is in the River Taedong, which runs through Pyongyang. It, with an area of over 1.3 square kilometers, presents a beautiful view reminiscent of a boat floating on the river.
    It faces the Chongnyu cliff of Moran Hill. The drooping branches of the weeping willow trees on the islet look like silk rolls spreading over the limpid water. This is why the islet has been called Rungna from ancient times.
    It has turned into a pleasure ground. There are boating site, swimming pool, football field, tennis court, roller-skating rink and other sports, amusement and welfare service facilities, a small zoo and a large flower garden on the islet.
    The islet is covered with fruit trees, flower shrubs, pine-nut trees, willow trees and gingko trees.
    It also has a loop motorway linked with the Rungna and Chongnyu bridges.
    Located on the islet is the may day stadium with 150,000 seats where the 13th world festival of youth and students, the mass gymnastic and art performance "Arirang" and other grand celebrations were held.

Anti-U.S. campaign called for in S. Korea

    Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- Yun Ki Jin, chairman of the south headquarters of the National Alliance of Youth and Students for the Country's Reunification, reportedly released an appeal titled "the master of this land is our nation in the south and the north" on May 17. The appeal noted the Korean nation is keenly aware of the aggressive nature of the U.S. imperialists who killed millions of Koreans for more than half a century, keeping the nation split after occupying this land.
    Stressing that peace can be guaranteed only through a struggle against the United States, it called on all Koreans to rise up in the anti-U.S. struggle to drive out its troops.
    The key to making a shortcut to the independent reunification is to implement the June 15 Joint Declaration, the appeal said, calling on all the youth and students to struggle for bringing about a turning phase in the independent reunification on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the declaration.

Rodong Sinmun calls for implementing June 15 North-South Joint Declaration

    Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- The Korean nation itself is the master of the movement for national reunification, a supreme national task, says Rodong Sinmun today in a signed article. All the fellow countrymen should take their shares in the struggle to implement the historic June 15 Joint Declaration and reunify the country, which is the secret of achieving independent reunification by our nation itself, the paper says, and goes on:
    The Korean nation should have a firm independent stand and viewpoint to solve the issue of national reunification with its concerted efforts if it is to fulfill its responsibility and role as the master in the implementation of the joint declaration.
    As the implementation of the joint declaration is accompanied by challenges of the foreign forces, many difficult and complicated problems may arise. This is why the Korean nation should firmly maintain the independent stand of resolving any problems by the concerted efforts of the nation itself according to its own decision without dependence on any foreign forces.
    Our nation should be concerned about its destiny, value its interests and settle the issue of the country's reunification by its own efforts in conformity with its demand and aspiration, believing in its strength.
    All the Koreans in the north, south and abroad should pool their intention and mind for the implementation of the joint declaration and further strengthen national unity in practice.
    The whole nation should implement the joint declaration to the last, firmly defending it from all sorts of challenges of foreign forces seeking to stamp out its spirit and obstruct its implementation.

New DPRK Ambassador to Thailand appointed

    Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- O Song Chol was appointed as DPRK Ambassador to Thailand, according to a decree of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly.

Message of sympathy to Ethiopian President

    Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, President of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, Tuesday sent a message of sympathy to Girma Woldegiorgis, President of Ethiopia, in connection with recent heavy casualties and material losses caused by unprecedented flood. Upon hearing the sad news, the message expressed deep sympathy with the president and, through him, with the people in the afflicted area.
    It wished the government and people of Ethiopia success in their efforts to recover from the damage at an early date and stabilize the life of the afflicted people.

DPRK degree of master awarded to Chinese trainee

    Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- The DPRK degree of master of architecture was awarded to An Fengxi, Chinese trainee, in recognition of the contribution he has made to glorifying the greatness of Kim Jong Il's idea and leadership over urban construction by profoundly explaining and proving the essence of the Juche-oriented architectural theory of preserving the national character in urban construction, ways of applying it and its validity. An awarding ceremony took place at the Mansudae Assembly Hall today.
    Present at the ceremony were vice-premier of the cabinet Jo Chang Dok who is chairman of the state commission for conferring degrees and titles, officials concerned and a diplomat of the Chinese embassy here.
    An Fengxi pledged himself to widely introduce the successes and experience gained by the DPRK in urban construction and steadily pursue his study of the preservation of the national character in the urban construction in the DPRK and thus contribute to boosting the friendly relations between the two countries.

For Spanish-speaking people

kim jong il presencia funcion artistica de esposas de oficiales del epc

    pyongyang, 21 de mayo (atcc) -- el dirigente kim jong il, secretario general del partido del trabajo de corea, presidente del comite de defensa nacional de la republica popular democratica de corea y comandante supremo del ejercito popular de corea presencio el dia 20 la funcion de los grupos artisticos de esposas de oficiales de las unidades no. 762 y no. 671 del epc, participantes en el vi concurso de grupos artisticos de esposas de oficiales del epc. le acompanaron en verla el jefe del estado mayor general kim yong chun, los generales de ejercito ri myong su, hyon chol hae y pak jae gyong y otros generales, del epc.
    las ejecutantes pusieron en escena el coro "gracias, generalisimo kim il sung" y "padre en el frente", el poema en dialogo "leyenda de amor florecida en el camino del songun", el solo vocal "buen viaje, general" y otras piezas de distintas formas.
    la funcion se granjeo vivos aplausos de los espectadores por su alto nivel ideo-artistico.
    el comandante supremo se mostro muy satisfecho de que las miembros de grupos artisticos de esposas de oficiales ofrecieron una magnifica funcion que refleja veridicamente los aspectos de su vida revolucionaria, combativa y optimista, evaluo altamente sus exitos de funcion y les dio agradecimiento.
    dijo que son de veras loables el mundo espiritual y el estilo de lucha y de vida de las esposas de los oficiales quienes llenas del optimismo y la fe en el futuro llevan la vida combativa y agrego que para nuestro partido y pueblo constituye un gran orgullo contar con un gran contingente de las revolucionarias de confianza de la epoca del songun.
    senalo que las funciones de los grupos artisticos de esposas de oficiales efectuadas solemnemente 6 veces en medio de la esperanza e intereses de nuestro ejercito y pueblo demostraron claramente la justedad y la vitalidad de la orientacion literaria y artistica del partido de popularizar el arte y la orgullosa fisonomia de la nueva cultura de la epoca del songun.
    dijo que las actividades artisticas revisten gran significado para implantar estilo de lucha y vida revolucionario y combativo e indico las tareas programaticas que sirven de guia para fortalecer mas las actividades artisticas masivas.

editado nuevo sello

    pyongyang, 21 de mayo (atcc) -- la editora de sellos de corea dio a luz un nuevo sello con motivo del 23 de mayo, dia de la victoria de la batalla de la region de musan. en el sello esta dibujado el monumento a la victoria de la batalla de la region de musan que demuestra en arte figurativo que solo la lucha armada es el camino de la vida y solo el fusil es la garantia de la victoria de la revolucion coreana a base del hecho historico de que el presidente kim il sung al volver a resonar en mayo del 28 (1939) de la era juche el disparo de triunfo en la tierra patria infundio al pueblo coreano confianza en la restauracion de la patria.
    el monumento es construido en la llanura taehongdan de la region del monte paektu con motivo del 63 aniversario de la victoria de la historica batalla de la region de musan. la obra esta formada por la estatua de bronce del presidente kim il sung detras de la cual se halla la torre del fusil con un grupo escultorico subtematico de relieve de gran tamano a la derecha y una lapida de historia revolucionaria a la izquierda.
    el tamano del sello es de 98x71 mm y 48x30 mm y el numero 4279 y el valor nominal 90 wones.

"rodong sinmun" comenta palabras provocativas de funcionarios de ee.uu.

    pyongyang, 21 de mayo (atcc) -- en una rueda de prensa rice, asistente del presidente norteamericano para la seguridad estatal, dijo que en el caso de que "no se solucione por via diplomatica el problema nuclear de norcorea, se vera obligado a tomar en consideracion el ataque militar". al mismo tiempo, fleischer, vocero de la casa blanca, cacareo que ee.uu. tiene la costumbre antigua de no excluir en las negociaciones todos los proyectos de opcion incluyendo el de dar el primer golpe a norcorea". son una abierta revelacion del intento de dar primer golpe militar a la republica popular democratica de corea y peligrosas vociferaciones belicas que llevan al borde de la guerra la situacion de la peninsula coreana.
    asi senala el periodico "rodong sinmun" en un comentario individual de hoy y continua:
    tratamos con alta vigilancia las declaraciones belicas provocativas que no cesan de soltar los altos funcionarios de ee.uu. despues de las conversaciones de beijing.
    ee.uu. habla de la "solucion diplomatica" y "solucion pacifica" del problema nuclear. hace poco, bush en una "declaracion conjunta" se "comprometio a solucionar por via pacifica" el "problema nuclear".
    pero, la grave situacion de la peninsula coreana demuestra que tales peroraciones de la administracion bush no pasan de ser mentiras y tacticas de paz disfrazada.
    si ee.uu. toma el camino del enfrentamiento militar con la rpdc, se tornara catastrofica la situacion actual.
    el derecho a la opcion lo tienen tanto ee.uu., como la rpdc. hoy que ee.uu. se propone asestar un ataque militar a la rpdc, esta se vera obligada a tomar las poderosas contramedidas.
    el invariable modo de enfrentamiento de la rpdc es responder con la sobredureza a la dureza de ee.uu.