DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesman on U.S. attitude toward DPRK-U.S. talks

    Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry today gave an answer to a question put by KCNA as regards the talks on the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula held in Beijing. He said:
    The DPRK-U.S. talks on the nuclear issue was held in Beijing from April 23 to 25, presided over by China, the host country.
    The DPRK has already clarified that if the U.S. has a sincere will to make a bold switchover in its policy toward the DPRK, it will not stick to any particular dialogue format.
    At the talks the DPRK set forth a new bold proposal to clear up bilateral concerns of the DPRK and the U.S., the parties concerned with the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, at the same time.
    The U.S., however, repeated its old assertion that the DPRK should "scrap its nuclear program before dialogue" without advancing any new proposal at the talks. And it persistently avoided the discussion on the essential issues to be discussed between both sides.
    As the DPRK set out a new proposal for the settlement of the nuclear issue, proceeding from its stand to avert a war on the Korean Peninsula and achieve lasting peace and stability, it will follow the U.S. future attitude toward it.

Greetings to Tanzanian President

    Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, President of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, on April 21 sent a message of greetings to Benjamin William Mkapa, President of Tanzania, on the occasion of the 39th birth anniversary of the United Republic of Tanania. Expressing the belief that the friendly relations between the two countries would continue to develop on good terms in the future, too, the message wished the president and the Tanzanian people great success in their work for the national unity and development.

Seminars on Kim Il Sung's feats held abroad

    Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- A seminar on the feats performed by President Kim Il Sung was held in Kathmandu on April 13 on the occasion of the Day of the Sun. Manik Lal Shrestha, chairman of the Nepal-Korea Friendship Association, in a speech said that Kim Il Sung was the greatest man who performed enormous feats in human history. What is important in his undying feats is that he fathered Juche idea, ushering in the era of human independence and successfully settling the issue of succession to the revolutionary cause of Juche, he stressed.
    Bishnu Bahadur Manandar, General Secretary of the Central Executive Committee of the Nepal Communist Party (United), in a speech said: we are very pleased that the revolutionary cause of Kim Il Sung is being successfully carried forward by Kim Jong Il and are optimistic about the prospect of the world revolution.
    Goa Bahadur Kafangi, Minister for Women, children and public welfare of Nepal, in a speech said that Kim Il Sung was an outstanding statesman who contributed to the cause of global independence. His august name will be remembered forever with human history, the minister added.
    Meanwhile, similar seminars were also held by the Tanzanian national coordinating committee of the Juche idea study groups and the group for the study of the feats of the three generals of Mt. Paektu in Democratic Congo on April 5 and 12.
    Congratulatory messages to Kim Jong Il were adopted at the seminars in Nepal and Democratic Congo.

Economic and commercial councillors corps visits revolutionary site

    Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- The economic and commercial councillors corps here visited the Phyongchon Revolutionary Site on April 24 on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the foundation of the heroic Korean People's Army. In that place President Kim Il Sung chose the site of the first ordnance factory to build a Juche-oriented national defence industry after the liberation of the country, conducted a test fire of submachine guns manufactured by Korean workers on their own, clearly indicating the orientation and ways to be followed by the factory.
    Being briefed on the fact that the three generals of Mt. Paektu visited there several times to perform undying feats in the history of building the country's ordnance industry, they saw with keen interest mementoes and relics preserved there.

KCNA calls for checking revival of Japanese militarism

    Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- 182 Japanese officials including 74 dietmen visited the "Yasukuni Shrine" on April 22. After the visit former director general of the Japan Defence Agency Tsutomu Kawara said that the "Yasukuni Shrine" is in the hearts of the people and he wanted to continue visiting the shrine to convey their feelings.
    This is a challenge to the people of different countries in Asia who want peace and stability as it is a revelation of the reckless and belligerent remarks of the Japanese reactionaries to lay a ideological and moral foundation of militarism and rush headlong into a war of aggression again, refusing to draw a lesson from what Japan committed in the last century.
    It is a well-known fact that the issue of visiting the "Yasukuni Shrine", symbolic of militarism, is a very sensitive political issue as it stirs anti-Japanese sentiment among the Asian people.
    Politicians' visit to the shrine where the top-class war criminals who ignited wars of aggression in the past are entombed cannot but take plenty of flak as it means an act of reviving militarism.
    Nevertheless, this time heavyweights of right-wing conservatives, ministers of the government and politicians of Japan visited the shrine. This clearly indicates what a dangerous phase the Japanese reactionaries' ambition for overseas aggression has reached.
    Recently the director general of the Japan Defense Agency asserted at the security commission of the house of representatives that it is worth examining the need for the "self-defense forces" to have the capability to attack bases in other countries, a full revelation of Japan's intention to launch reinvasion.
    What is serious is that Japan is seized with its ambition for overseas expansion at a time when the United States is not hesitating to commit undisguised encroachment upon the sovereignty of weak and small countries under the pretext of "anti-terrorism war", its strategy for world supremacy. Needless to say, the DPRK is the first target of Japan's overseas aggression.
    The Korean people who had been subject to immeasurable misfortune and sufferings by the Japanese imperialists in the past are watching the moves for reviving Japanese militarism with a high degree of revolutionary vigilance and are fully ready to decisively repel this attack.
    Japan is well advised to cool its head heated with militarism, pondering over the grave consequences to be entailed by its ambition for reckless overseas expansion

Just cause of Hanchongryon supported

    Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Friday dedicates a signed article to the 10th anniversary of the South Korean Federation of University Student Councils (Hanchongryon). Hanchongryon was formed on April 25, 1993 as a successor to the South Korean Council of Student Representatives, a legitimate organization of one million students of South Korea.
    Recalling that Hanchongryon, the invincible patriotic ranks, has always stood in the van of the South Korean people's patriotic struggle for independence against the U.S., peace of the country, national unity and the independent reunification of the country, the article goes on:
    Hanchongryon has always regarded independence against the U.S. as the important tasks of its struggle.
    Patriotic students of Hanchongryon have been active in every patriotic struggle against the U.S. interference in South Korea's internal affairs and for the withdrawal of its troops from South Korea and a stop to its war moves, etc.
    Hanchongryon has waged a vigorous struggle to implement the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and achieve the independent reunification by the efforts of our nation itself since the historic Pyongyang meeting and the adoption of the declaration, in particular.
    Today Hanchongryon is faced with important tasks to further strengthen the organization and bring about a fresh turn in the anti-U.S., anti-war struggle and the struggle for national reconciliation and unity and the independent reunification.
    It is carrying on a more dynamic struggle to realize its legalization, check and frustrate the U.S. imperialists' moves to provoke a nuclear war and achieve the independent reunification.
    The cause of Hanchongryon is just and the whole nation, therefore, extends positive support and encouragement to it. Victory is in store for Hanchongryon and the South Korean students in their indomitable struggles, firmly convinced of the justice of their cause.

Papers observe Army Day

    Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- Papers here today carry editorials on the occasion of the 71st birthday of the heroic Korean People's Army. Rodong Sinmun in an editorial titled "Our People's Army Will Demonstrate Its Might As Invincible Revolutionary Army Under the Banner of Songun Policy" says that the foundation of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army by President Kim Il Sung on April 25, Juche 21 (1932) marked a historic event that heralded the birth of the Juche-type revolutionary army which pioneers the cause of independence with arms.
    Kim Il Sung with his clairvoyant wisdom gave continuity to building and leading the army and provided a sure guarantee for strengthening our army into an eternal army of the supreme commander, the editorial says, adding: This is the greatest exploits he performed for the future of the country and the Korean revolution and humankind.
    The editorial continues:
    Our people's army is demonstrating its might as an invincible revolutionary army under supreme commander Kim Jong Il.
    As the people's army resembles Kim Jong Il who has military wisdom and strategy, matchless gut and pluck which win the world's admiration, it is carrying on its staunch struggle in the spirit of finally settling accounts with the enemies who encroach upon the dignity of the Korean nation.
    Our people's army is the revolutionary armed forces strong enough to defeat any enemy in any modern war.
    No one would think about the sovereignty of the country, the people's happiness, the eternal prosperity of Kim Il Sung's nation and the victorious advance and accomplishment of the socialist cause without the Songun idea and leadership of Kim Jong Il.
    Our people's army fighting under the Songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il, holding him in high esteem, will demonstrate its might as an invincible army in the future, too, and reliably defend the sovereignty of the country, the destiny of the people and the socialist cause with arms.
    Minju Joson in an editorial stresses that victory and glory are in store for the KPA which has demonstrated its might as a strong revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu as it has Kim Jong Il as its supreme commander.

Celebrations held

    Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- An evening gala of the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces took place at the Jonsung Square on April 24 to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the heroic Korean People's Army. Participating in the gala were Kim Yong Chun, chief of the general staff of the KPA, Minister Kim Il Chol and senior officials of the people's armed forces, commanders of various arms and services of the KPA, generals, officers and soldiers of the KPA.
    The flags of the supreme commander, the party and the republic were seen fluttering in the wind. They danced with the determination to bring about a new turn in stepping up the combat preparations and increasing the combat capability of the KPA this year, the 55th anniversary of the republic and the 50th anniversary of the victory in the fatherland liberation war.
    They renewed the iron faith and will to guarantee the prosperity of the republic and the accomplishment of the socialist cause of Juche with arms, united close around the party, chanting revolutionary slogans and singing in chorus the song "we will defend the headquarters of revolution with our lives".
    The Ministry of the People's Armed Forces gave a reception on the evening.
    Present there on invitation were military attaches of foreign embassies here.
    Ryo Chun Sok, Vice-Minister of the People's Armed Forces, generals and officers of the KPA were on hand.
    Speeches were made at the reception.

Functions held on Army Day

    Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- Functions took place on April 24 to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the founding of the heroic Korean People's Army. Meetings were held at units of the three services of the KPA.
    Reporters there said President Kim Il Sung exerted great efforts to strengthen the KPA till the last moments of his great life and provided a firm military guarantee for the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche. They went on:
    Supreme commander Kim Jong Il has paid primary attention to building up the army for decades and performed immortal feats in the army building to remain shining for centuries with his outstanding and tested leadership.
    All the servicemen should build up their units as one community united by the destiny which shares weal and woe with the supreme commander and ranks of human bombs devotedly defending the leader, cherishing the iron faith and will that the single-hearted unity and the victory of socialism are in store them when they defend the headquarters of the Korean revolution.
    A dance suite "army and people single-heartedly uphold Kim Jong Il" was performed by artistes of the Korean People's Army Song and Dance Ensemble at the April 25 House of Culture on the occasion.
    Senior officials of the party, the state and the army were among the audience.
    A performance was given by the workers art squad of the central committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea on April 23.

Invincible army of Korea

    Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- April 25 is the 71st anniversary of the Korean People's Army (KPA). On this anniversary meetings, army-people joint gatherings, art performances and other celebrations have been held in Pyongyang and all other areas of the country.
    The history of the KPA is associated with revolutionary activities of President Kim Il Sung, who pioneered the Songun revolution, and Kim Jong Il, a brilliant commander.
    From the days when he started revolutionary activities, Kim Il Sung had kept army building ahead of party building, not sticking to the existing formulas. He, basing himself on the idea that the people were the state, the rear and a regular army, went ahead with preparations for the founding of revolutionary armed forces without foundations of the national army or the state backing. He formed the anti-Japanese people's guerrilla army on April 25, 1932.
    The army, reorganized as the Korean people's revolutionary army afterwards, defeated the Japanese imperialists and accomplished the historical cause of national liberation under his leadership.
    In the Korean war (June 1950-july 1953) the KPA repulsed the invasion by the U.S.-led imperialist coalition and safeguarded the security of the country and the people with honor.
    In the postwar period it smashed the enemies' military provocations and defended the Korean revolution.
    The heroic army has developed into an invincible army under the command of Kim Jong Il.
    It has a steadfast stand and fighting spirit of countering the imperialists' efforts to stifle the nation with merciless punishment and answering a war of aggression with a revolutionary war.
    It is now creditably displaying the role of a standard-bearer and pivot of the Songun revolution for the defence of the country and the building of a powerful nation.

For Spanish-speaking people

invencibles fuerzas armadas revolucionarias

    pyongyang, 25 de abril (atcc) -- el 25 de abril es el dia en que se cumplen los 71 anos desde cuando se fundara el ejercito popular de corea. con motivo de esa efemeride se efectuan en pyongyang y las localidades actos de celebracion, encuentros entre el ejercito y el pueblo, funciones artisticas y otras diversas actividades.
    la historia de mas de 70 anos del epc es la gloriosa del presidente kim il sung, precursor de la revolucion de songun (priorizacion militar) y del dirigente kim jong il, general insigne.
    el presidente, desde los primeros dias en que emprendio el camino de la revolucion, inicio primeramente la fundacion del ejercito antes de organizar un partido sin limitarse a las formulas establecidas.
    con la idea de que el pueblo es precisamente el estado, la retaguardia y el ejercito regular inicio la fundacion de las fuerzas armadas revolucionarias con dos pistolas heredadas por su padre y fundo por fin el 25 de abril de 1932 la guerrilla popular antijaponesa.
    estas fuerzas armadas revolucionarias reorganizadas como el ejercito revolucionario popular de corea derrotaron a los imperialistas japoneses y lograron la causa historica de la restauracion de la patria bajo la direccion del presidente.
    en el periodo de la pasada guerra de liberacion de la patria (junio de 1950-julio de 1953) el epc rechazo la invasion armada de las fuerzas conjuntas de los imperialistas incluido ee.uu. y defendio honrosamente la seguridad de la patria y el pueblo.
    en la postguerra frustro las maquinaciones de provocacion militar de los enemigos y defendio firmemente con las armas la revolucion coreana lograda a costa de la sangre.
    hoy, el heroico epc exalta mas su aspecto como el invencible ejercito revolucionario gracias a tener al dirigente kim jong il como comandante supremo.
    bajo la sabia direccion del general ilustre, el epc pone de pleno manifiesto la firme posicion y la disposicion combativa de responder con el duro castigo a las maquinaciones de aplastamiento de los imperialistas contra corea y con la guerra revolucionaria a la guerra agresiva.
    hoy en dia, el epc desempena excelentemente el papel de abanderado y de grueso de la revolucion de songun tanto en la defensa de la patria como en los sectores mas dificiles de la construccion de gran potencia prospera. -

debe ser detenido el resurgimiento de militarismo de japon

    pyongyang, 25 de abril (atcc) -- el dia 22, los 182 japoneses, incluidos los 74 parlamentarios, visitaron el "santuario yasukuni". despues de esta adoracion, thutomu kawara, ex director general de la agencia de defensa, dijo: "el yasukuni es el santuario que esta en el alma del pueblo, quiero rendir culto de continuo para transmitir mi sentimiento".
    esto constituye un desafio a los pueblos de varios paises asiaticos que desean la paz y la estabilidad.
    esta claro que el problema de la adoracion al "santuario yasukuni", simbolo del militarismo, es el asunto politico muy agudo que provoca al extremo el sentimiento antijapones de los pueblos de la region asiatica.
    la visita de los politicos a ese "santuario" donde estan conservadas las tablillas mortuarias de los criminales de guerra de primer grado quienes en el pasado provocaron la guerra de agresion constituye un acto criminal relacionado con el resurgimiento del militarismo.
    sin embargo, esta vez, los personajes promotores de las fuerzas conservadoras derechistas, los ministros y politicos del gobierno de japon lo visitaron en masa, lo cual demuestra que la ambicion de agresion a ultramar de los reaccionarios japoneses ha llegado al limite tan peligroso.
    en una sesion del comite de seguridad de la camara de representantes de japon el director general de la agencia de defensa dijo que "es valioso revisar" el problema de que las fuerzas de autodefensa posean la capacidad de ataque contra la base de otro pais. esto revela fehacientemente un designio de nueva agresion, ambicion de expansion a ultramar.
    no hay duda de que la republica popular democratica de corea es el primer blanco en la agresion de japon a ultramar.
    el pueblo coreano, que en el pasado se vio obligado a sufrir desgracias y penalidades por los imperialistas japoneses, observa con alta vigilancia revolucionaria las maniobras de resurgimiento del militarismo japones y esta bien listo a frustrar por completo cualesquier ataques.
    japon debe reflexionar en las graves consecuencias que emanen de su imprudente ambicion de expansion a ultramar y enfriar la cabeza calentada por la militarizacion.

epc demostrara el poderio de invencible ejercito revolucionario

    pyongyang, 25 de abril (atcc) -- hoy, los periodicos de esta capital consagraron los editoriales al 71 aniversario de la fundacion del heroico ejercito popular de corea. el del periodico "rodong sinmun" titulado "nuestro ejercito popular ostentara el poderio del invencible ejercito revolucionario bajo la bandera del songun (priorizacion militar)", senala en particular:
    el presidente kim il sung fundo el 25 de abril del 21 (1932) de la era juche el ejercito revolucionario popular de corea. esto fue un historico evento que anuncio el nacimiento del ejercito revolucionario de tipo jucheano que allanara con el fusil la causa de la independencia.
    con la genial prevision el presidente aseguro la sucesion de la construccion y mando del ejercito y preparo la firme garantia para desarrollar eternamente nuestro ejercito como el del comandante supremo, lo cual constituye su mayor proeza realizada para el futuro de la patria, la revolucion y la humanidad.
    bajo la direccion del comandante supremo kim jong il nuestro ejercito popular exalta su poderio como invencible ejercito revolucionario.
    con el dirigente dispuesto de la perspicacia y estratagema militares, la decision y audacia que asombran al mundo, el epc lucha con ferrea voluntad de aniquilar hasta el fin a los enemigos que atentan a nuestra dignidad.
    el epc es las fuerzas armadas revolucionarias con el inagotable poderio capaz de lograr el triunfo en cualquier guerra moderna.
    al margen de la idea y la direccion del songun del dirigente kim jong il no podemos hablar de la soberania del pais ni la felicidad del pueblo ni pensar en la prosperidad eterna de la nacion kim il sung ni el avance victorioso y termino de la causa socialista.
    nuestro ejercito popular que enaltece al gran comandante genial kim jong il y lucha bajo la direccion de la revolucion mediante el songun demostrara, tambien en el futuro, el poderio del ejercito invencible y defendera firmemente con el fusil la soberania del pais, el destino del pueblo y la causa del socialismo.
    el del periodico "minju joson" senala que habran solo el triunfo y la gloria ante el epc que gracias a tener el comandante supremo kim jong il exalta el poderio del ejercito revolucionario del monte paektu.

actividades conmemorativas en minfap

    pyongyang, 25 de abril (atcc) -- tuvo lugar el dia 24 en la plaza jonsung la velada del ministerio de las fuerzas armadas populares en celebracion del 71 aniversario de la fundacion del heroico ejercito popular de corea. participaron el jefe del estado mayor general del epc kim yong chun, el ministro de las fap kim il chol y otros funcionarios directivos del minfap, los comandantes de todas las tropas y las armas, generales, oficiales y soldados del epc.
    los participantes en la velada, con la unica alma de registrar en el presente ano en que se celebraran el 55 aniversario de la fundacion de la republica popular democratica de corea y el 50 aniversario de la victoria en la guerra de liberacion de la patria, nuevos cambios en la disposicion de combate y el fortalecimiento de la combatividad del epc, bailaron con animo enarbolando las banderas del comandante supremo del epc, del partido y de la republica.
    ellos gritaron las consignas revolucionarias y corearon la cancion "defenderemos a ultranza a la direccion de la revolucion", demostrando asi con vigor la firme conviccion y la voluntad de apoyar con las armas, unidos mas ferreamente en torno al gran partido, la prosperidad de la republica y el cumplimiento de la causa del socialismo del juche.
    ese dia por la noche el minfap ofrecio un banquete.
    a la comida fueron invitados los agregados militares de las embajadas de varios paises en corea.
    estuvieron presentes ryo chun sok, viceministro de las fap, generales y oficiales del epc.
    en el banquete hubo discursos.