NDFSK communique on celebration events

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the National Democratic Front of South Korea (NDFSK) on October 23 published a communique on events which were splendidly held to congratulate General Kim Jong Il on his election as General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, the Seoul-based radio Voice of National Salvation reported. The communique said that upon hearing the happy news of Kim Jong Il's election as WPK General Secretary, south Korea as a whole has been filled with great emotion and joy and inhabitants celebrated this great auspicious event with deep reverence for and loyalty to him as the biggest national festival, the greatest honor in the nation's 5,000-year long history. On October 10, the NDFSK Central Committee held a welcome meeting, at which speakers said the reunification of the country and prosperity of the nation are surely promising as there is General Kim Jong Il at the head of the revolution for accomplishing the Juche cause. And they expressed the resolution to hold him in higher esteem and follow him to the last as the sun of the nation and add fuel to the flames of nationwide anti-U.S., anti-dictatorial national salvation struggle for victory of the revolutionary movement and national reunification. Celebration functions were sponsored by NDFSK organizations and patriotic groups, at which speakers stressed the whole world is seething with honor and happiness of having the General as WPK General Secretary. They said this is natural practice because he has distinguished quality and ability as leader of the times and performs feats, which will remain forever in history. Many celebration wallpapers, posters and placards were put up and handbills, literature and cards manufactured and disseminated by patriotic organizations, among them the Sun Society, the Immortality Society, the February 16 Fellowship Society, the Saeppyol Society, the Independence Society, the Paektu Society and the Sobaeksu Society. Carried in them were letters such as "the great honor, the happiest event in the nation's 5,000-year long history", "Long live General Kim Jong Il, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea!" and "Let us bring about the reunification of the country at an early date with the nation's honor of having General Kim Jong Il, the peerlessly great man, as its leader". The radio Voice of National Salvation broadcast special reports on the election from the evening of October 8 and the newspaper Kuguk Jonson carried a special issue to extend warm congratulations to the General on his election. NDFSK missions overseas and workers, peasants, university professors and students across south Korea wrote congratulatory letters and held welcome and lecture meetings. In this way the NDFSK and south Korean people powerfully demonstrated to the world that their loyalty and devotion to the General are unshakable, the communique stressed.

General Secretary Kim Jong Il praised in s. Korea

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- A wallpaper praising General Kim Jong Il, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, was found at Hanyang University in south Korea on October 10, the Seoul-based radio Voice of National Salvation quoted the Seoul City Committee of the National Democratic Front of South Korea as saying. Written in the wallpaper were the following letters: "General Kim Jong Il, the sun of the nation, was elected General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea." "Let us extend the highest glory to him." "Let us cherish the pride and honor of having him as our leader!" "Let all of us remain intensely loyal and devoted to him, the great sun, and follow him to the last!" "Long live General Kim Jong Il, the leader of the nation and lodestar of national reunification!"

Talks between Korean, Sudanese military delegations

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- Talks were held here on Sunday between military delegations of the DPRK and Sudan. At the talks both sides discussed the matter of further developing the friendly relations between armies of the two countries and exchanged views on issues of common concern. Present there on the Korean side were First Vice-Minister of the People's Armed Forces Kim Il Chol and generals and officers, and on the opposite side members of the delegation led by Defence Minister Hassan Abdel Rahman Ali.

Kim Jong Il's work welcomed abroad

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- The Arab People's Solidarity Committee for Supporting the Struggles of the National Democratic Front of South Korea and the south Korean people published a statement on October 7, hailing Kim Jong Il's celebrated work "Let Us Carry Out the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung's Instructions for National Reunification". The statement said the work is a new reunification platform and an immortal library, which comprehended the great feats performed by President Kim Il Sung for the reunification of Korea and showed a path for reunifying the country true to the behest of the President. In the work General Secretary Kim Jong Il teaches the fellow countrymen the principled problems arising in reunifying the country. It is one more great feat he performed in the history of national reunification movement, the statement stressed. The Arab people are convinced that the Korean Peninsula will surely be reunified by means of confederacy under his leadership, it said.

GFTUK "Foal Eagle" war exercises

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea published a statement on Oct. 26 denouncing the south Korean bellicose elements for planning to stage the war exercises codenamed "Foal Eagle" together with the United States. The south Korean bellicose elements are staging the "Foal Eagle", more vast and dangerous than the previous ones in scale and intensity from Oct. 27 together with the U.S. troops occupying south Korea, the statement said, and went on: The United States and the south Korean ruling quarters are foolishly trying to find a way out of the serious crisis in aggravating the tension and unleashing a war against the north. South Korea is plunged into an unprecedented political confusion, economic catastrophe is worsening and social unrest growing with the "Presidential Election" to be held in south Korea at the end of the year. The Kim Young Sam group must renounce the wild ambition to extricate themselves from the crisis by igniting a new war and must give up the war maneuvers against the north at once. The U.S. war maniacs must not only talk about "peace" and "detente" but also abandon the anachronistic "policy of strength" against the DPRK and stop goading the south Korean puppets on to war provocation. If the bellicose elements within and without ignite an adventurous war, in spite of the unanimous denunciation and rejection by the Korean nation and the world peace-loving people, the Korean workers and entire people will annihilate all of the aggressors, provokers and achieve the cause of national reunification. They must clearly see the trend of the time and act with discretion.

Rodong Sinmun on outbursts of Kim Young Sam

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- The Kim Young Sam group of south Korea are these days getting overheated with anti-north confrontation and war rackets, vociferating about "military threats from the north". Commenting on this fact, a news analyst of Rodong Sinmun today says: Kim Young Sam is clamouring about "establishment of defence preparedness and steadfast outlook on the enemy" and other anticommunist propaganda under the pretext of "threats from the north". He plans to stage an unprecedented-in-scale joint military maneuver "Foal Eagle" together with the U.S. imperialists from October 27. And he is introducing more lethal weapons from the United States, western nations, Russia and even Israel. All these are ill-boding movements, which can be seen on the eve of war. What they seek in these rackets is to divert elsewhere the attention of the people by spreading the rumor about "threats from the north", perfect the preparations for war against the north on the plea of "security" and, furthermore, find a way out in provoking a fratricidal war. We love peace but never beg for it. Our self-defensive forces are always merciless to the enemy of peace, provokers. Those who encourage the warmaniacs to unleash a war against the north by supplying lethal weapons cannot go scot-free. Anyone who tries to hurt our sovereignty will be made to pay dearly for his deeds whoever and wherever he may be.

Achievements in production and construction

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- The Korean workers are making achievements in production and construction with the great honor and joy at having elected General Kim Jong Il as General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, upholding the red flag of the revolution. Those of the Tokchon, Kaechon and Pukchang area coal complexes and other coal mines are these days digging out much coal every day by increasing tunneling speed. The daily average of coal output at the Kaechon Area Coal Complex is two times the production record in the corresponding period of last year. Iron and steel production is on the increase at the iron and steel works. The Kim Chaek Iron Complex has doubled the output of molten iron as against the previous days. The workers in the domain of the machine-building industry are producing and supplying ordered equipment in time. The Taean Heavy Machine Complex is producing large electromotors, large transformers, hydroelectric generators and others for socialist construction. Fourteen factories under the Ministry of Machine-Building Industry have carried out their yearly assignments. The Ryanggang Provincial Mining Complex is these days carrying out its daily nonferrous metal production quota at 130 percent. More than 60 industrial establishments in Pyongyang including the March 26 Factory and the Pyongyang Telecommunication Machine Factory have fulfilled their national economic plans for this year. Achievements are also being made in the domain of light industry. The daily average of shoe production at the Pyongyang shoe-making factory in the last one month is 1.2 times the previous daily figure. It sets itself a goal to make more than 100,000 pairs of shoes till the end of the year. The Sinuiju Plastic Daily Necessaries Factory has already carried out its plan for this year at 200 percent. Nowadays, it is carrying out its daily assignments 2.3 times. The Korean workers are also making successes in construction. The Sunchon Cement Complex recently laid a large long-distant belt conveyer extending more than 5,900 metres. A transport line linking the February 8 Jiktong Youth Coal Mine with a clay-slate stone mine was set up to completely solve the transport of coal and slate. People's Army soldiers are pushing ahead with the construction of the Modern April 25 Hotel at a fast speed. Since the ground was broken, they have pushed ahead with the construction. They are now assembling walls on the second floor. When it is completed, it will accommodate tens of thousands of guests. With its reconstruction and expansion, the Kangso Pottery Factory can yearly produce more than two million items of pottery. The Korean people will make brilliant achievements in all domains by pushing ahead with the "Arduous March" under the red flag of the revolution.

Sun of humankind acclaimed by times

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- Upon hearing the happy news that General Kim Jong Il was elected General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, a political commentator of south Korea, Jin Hyok, published an article titled "Glory to the promising Kim Jong Il era!" the Seoul-based radio Voice of National Salvation reported. The election announced in Pyongyang amid deep attention and warm congratulations at home and abroad was a great historic event demonstrating to the world the true looks of the society in the north where the leader and the people are united as one in mind and the future-oriented stamina of the north determined to make a vigorous progress, the author of the article noted. It was also the glory of the art of politics that displayed the high political stability of the north and its characteristic, developed political culture and ideal political system, he said, and continued: General Secretary Kim Jong Il who was born as son of the guerrillas on Mt. Paektu, the sacred mountain of the nation, grew up, acquiring literary and military arts and training talents and virtues in his early years under the care of President Kim Il Sung, the peerlessly great man who led the anti-Japanese, anti-U.S. wars to victory. Engaging himself in the state affairs with the President for scores of years, he has trained his distinguished quality and accumulated rich experience. His election as KCNA General Secretary was the brilliant realization of the ardent wish of the people in the north that had been cherished deeper since they lost the President, their heaven. His election, the happy event, is not only an epochal turn in the north's political life but also carries weighty significance in history. As a correspondent of a western country in Seoul pointed out, the post of the WPK General Secretary are not usual one but the top post of the guiding vanguard Party exercising an absolute influence to the world communist and other progressive movements. The grand appearance of General Secretary Kim Jong Il is the prestige of the leader of the Korean nation and the progressive humankind. In fact, his election as WPK General Secretary was made with the unanimous will and support of the 70 million fellow countrymen and the progressive humankind. There is no such leader as him who was officially elected amid the best wishes of the world, amid the warm congratulations of the committees formed in many countries to support his election. Celebration events are still taking place one after another in different parts of the world. They are blessings of the world and joy of humankind that can be enjoyed only by a peerlessly great man. It is a great festivity of the nation and the world. General Secretary Kim Jong Il is, indeed, the sun of mankind and a leader of the world acclaimed by history, all peoples and the times. It is the greatest pride and fortune of the Korean people in the nation's 5,000-year long history to have such a great man. Glory and blessings to the hopeful Kim Jong Il era which will bring about the reunification and prosperity of the nation and adorn the 21st century!

Korean people and People's Army will decisively smash any moves of war provokers

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- The institute of national reunification published a white paper on Oct. 25 denouncing the United States and the south Korean puppets for massively increasing military hardware for a new war provocation and staging adventurous war maneuvers every day. Gun reports are never ceased even a day in south Korea and the tense situation in which a war may break out any moment is being created on the Korean Peninsula, owing to the adventurous war exercises of the United States and the south Korean puppets, the white paper notes, and goes on: Kim Young Sam staged war exercises on 237 occasions after taking office and more than 80 occasions in the first half of this year. The United States stages military training in over 70 countries of the world on 60 or 70 occasions every year, among them above 30 percent in south Korea. The U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises are the largest in the world in the scale of forces involved and most of their military equipment is the newly developed. A force 120,000 strong participated in the "Team Spirit" joint military exercises in 1993, nearly 700,000 strong in the "Ulji Focus Lens" joint military exercises in 1994, and 700,000 strong in the "Foal Eagle" joint military exercises in 1996. The force is as large as 4 or 20 times that in other regions. Participating in the recent U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises were nuclear aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, planes for electronic warfare and aerial command and control and other uptodate war hardware, along with F-117 a stealth fighter planes, B-1 B strategic bombers, pioneer unmanned remote control planes and patriot missiles which have never been involved before. The war exercises are obviously aimed at taking a surprise attack on the DPRK. The south Korean puppets are intensifying the military drills with all three services involved for three-dimensional attack in the sky and the sea and on the ground. The United States and the south Korean puppets are strengthening nuclear bomb-dropping, bombing and chemical weapon-attacking exercises. All the war exercises in south Korea have been staged according to the U.S. war plan to stifle the DPRK by force of arms. The "Team Spirit", "Ulji Focus Lens", "Foal Eagle" and other joint military exercises are aimed at hurling into the war against the DPRK the aggression forces deployed in the areas close to the Korean Peninsula within 24 or 72 hours in the event of "contingency". The United States is planning to bring in more than 1,600 fighter planes, over 200 warships and military force about 500,000 strong within two or three months after starting a war against the north. The United States and the south Korean puppets should not test the military strength of the DPRK by force of arms and not try to frighten or bring to their knees the Korean people with military threats and provocation. The heroic Korean people and People's Army remaining unfailingly loyal to the Party and the leader will decisively smash any moves of the enemy and defend the socialist motherland as firm as a rock.

Foreign Ministry spokesman on "Foal Eagle"

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- As already reported, a joint military drill codenamed "Foal Eagle" will begin in all parts of south Korea today, involving most of the U.S. troops stationed in south Korea and the 650,000-strong south Korean army. The field exercise will be the largest ever in history. Facts prove that the exercise is not an "annual exercise" for "operations of protecting the rear" and "test of the command, control and communications systems" but an aggressive maneuver for surprising attack on the DPRK, says the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in a statement today. The spokesman continues: The United States has so far talked about "end of the Cold War" and "detente" on every occasion and pretended to be interested in establishing a lasting peace system on the Korean Peninsula. The situation shows that this is no more than sophism to conceal their military threat and new war preparations against the DPRK. No one can predict when the current military drill will develop into real war against the DPRK. The situation warns that war against the DPRK is not a distant event but is coming true on the Korean Peninsula. Peace does not come of its own accord. This is a lesson of history and the reality in Korea. To strengthen the revolutionary armed forces and remain fully prepared for action against the enemy's reckless war moves is reasonable as a legitimate self-defensive measure of the DPRK. We will strengthen our armed forces in every way so that we can smash any provocation of the enemy at one stroke at any time and in any place. We never beg provokers for peace. In order to defend the security of the country and the people, we will not rule out sacred war against the aggressors. This is the unshakable faith and will of our army and people led by the great Party. The United States and the south Korean authorities had better act with discretion, mindful that today's one wrong step may result in an irrevocable repentance.

Third-rate smear campaign

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- In Japan, there is going on a despicable anti-DPRK smear campaign that throws a wet blanket over the ardent desire of the Korean and Japanese peoples for improved ties. Defectors from the DPRK are giving a "lecture on the living conditions and human rights situation in north Korea" from October 25, sponsored by a strange organisation called "society for life and human rights of repatriates to north Korea." they are talking as if human rights were being violated in the DPRK. This is a third-rate drama directed by the south Korean Agency for National Security Planning and the Japanese rightist reactionaries to impair the international prestige of the DPRK and put a spoke in the wheel of improvement of DPRK-Japan ties. Under an agreement between the two countries, Japanese-Korean women will shortly visit home and meet with their relatives. New positive moves are being made in bilateral relations. The home visit of Japanese women is evidence of the benevolent, magnanimous politics of the Workers' Party of Korea. It is ridiculous to talk about "human rights issue" in the DPRK. The lecturers are Myong Chol, who alleges he was a sentry of a "concentration camp of political prisoners," and Jong Ki Hae, repatriate to north Korea. They committed serious crimes in the DPRK before defecting to south Korea For fear of judicial punishment. There is no "concentration camp of political prisoners" In the DPRK and, accordingly, there can be no sentry at such a "camp." Jong Ki Hae embezzled public funds before defecting to the south. The south Korean puppets and the Japanese reactionaries are mistaken if they think they can impair the international prestige of the DPRK with the help of such human scum. We are scornful at this anti-DPRK smear campaign and pay attention to the fact that this campaign is overtly conducted under the connivance of the Japanese authorities. It is evident that as long as the south Korean Agency for National Security Planning and the Japanese reactionaries continue intrigues in Japan, there can be no good result in the inter-Korean relations and the DPRK-Japan relations. If the Japanese authorities truly want to improve ties with the DPRK, they must take measures without delay to prevent such a campaign that insults the DPRK and obstructs the improvement of DPRK-Japan ties in Japan. If the south Korean puppets and the Japanese reactionaries continue inciting anti-DPRK feelings among the Japanese people, they will be wholly to blame for all consequences.

Gift to General Secretary Kim Jong Il from Belgian Party

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il received a gift from the Central Committee of the Belgian Labor Party. The gift was handed to an official concerned by Catherine Dijon, member of the Central Committee of the Belgian Labor Party, who is heading the delegation of the Belgian Labor Party on a visit to Korea.

Vice-Premier Jang Chol meets Viet Nam-Korea friendship delegation

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- Vice-Premier Jang Chol met and conversed with the visiting delegation of the Viet Nam-Korea Friendship Association led by Pham Tat Dong, Vice Director of the Scientific and Educational Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Viet Nam and Chairman of the association, at the Mansudae Assembly Hall on Monday. The head of the delegation expressed the belief that the Korean people would achieve greater success in the work for socialist construction and the peaceful reunification of the country under the leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

DPRK delegation off to Japan

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- A delegation of the Korean Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries led by Vice-Chairman Ryang Tal Ju left here today for a visit to Japan.