NDFSK vows to expel Hwang Jang Yop

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the National Democratic Front of South Korea (NDFSK) issued a statement over the Seoul-based radio voice of national salvation on Tuesday, concerning Hwang Jang Yop's "statement upon arrival in Seoul." The spokesman says: The Kim Young Sam regime manipulated Hwang Jang Yop to read a "statement" upon arrival in Seoul on April 20. As to this political burlesque, our people curse and despise both the crazy Kim Young Sam regime and Hwang Jang Yop, a class a criminal and common enemy of the north and south Korean people. We regard the "statement" of the mentally deranged Hwang, who has no conscience and reason, as a sophism that deserves not a passing note. But we can hardly repress resentment at the "statement" that insulted and flouted our people. The "statement" is nothing but an outcry of a crazy man sick with paranoia, eccentricity and mental derangement, and a jargon of a traitor who has been trained abroad for more than two months into a parrot of the "Agency for National Security Planning" (ANSP). The moment Hwang in bullet-proof vest arrived at a military airport south of Seoul, our people spat and closed their eyes. Why had the civilian to choose a military airport, wearing a bullet-proof vest? As commented by our press, Hwang is a class a criminal to both the north and south. His bullet-proof vest convinced our people that he is terribly suffering from paranoia. He also proved to be eccentric. Our people were shocked at his shabby appearance and imprudent behavior that did not become his age and position. He stammered out a script written by the "ANSP." He even said he was happy to see SEOUL, while he was at a military airport far off from Seoul. To our people, his worth is less than a dog's. Our people can hardly repress indignation at the "statement" of the lunatic. Hwang dared say he defected the north for the sake of the 70 million fellow countrymen and to prevent the outbreak of a war in the Korean Peninsula. If his defection were really for the nation, he should have deplored south Korean colonial society where national sovereignty has been trampled down by outsiders and mentioned the need to get south Korea out of the U.S. domination. But he slandered the north, considered as a fortress of national independence, and lauded the south, regarded as a graveyard of national independence. Though he cried for the prevention of a war in the Korean Peninsula, he ignored the root cause of war. He must be unaware of the military occupation of south Korea by the U.S. forces and their nuclear weapons and war preparations. He is obviously a lunatic with no sense of patriotism and treachery, no sense of war and peace. Worse still, he is unable to make a clear distinction between the fellow countrymen and the enemy. He has said the north regards the south as class enemy. But the south Korean people know that the north has always loved them with compatriotic feelings. It is none other than Hwang that regard our people as class enemy. He said our people including the workers and students who struggle for democracy and civil rights including right to existence should be punished as "traitors". He, currying favor with the authorities, also said the "agency for national security planning", the ruling party and the "ROK Army" should be strengthened. His remarks indicate that he considers the south Korean people as enemy and wants to put them on the altar of the fascist dictatorship. Through his blast representing south Korea's conservatives, he admitted that he is the bitter enemy of our people. It is really ridiculous that such a lunatic promised to do something together with our people. Our people bitterly condemn the Kim Young Sam group for bringing the lunatic to Seoul and using him politically. The traitor Hwang is a troublemaker who is not useful for both the north and the south. The Kim Young Sam group's bringing him to Seoul is a provocation against the north, a challenge to the south Korean people and also a crime wrecking the peace and security of the peninsula. They made Hwang issue an anti-north statement in Seoul. It is, in actuality, a forestalling attack and a declaration of war against the north. If one side fires, the other side is bound to retaliate, and the cross-fire will inevitably lead to igniting a war. The Kim Young Sam group's schemings to make use of Hwang to escape from the present crisis will result in further aggravating the confrontation and unleashing war between the fellow countrymen. If peace is wrecked and war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula, the Kim Young Sam group will have to take full responsibility. The present situation requires that the entire nation should see through the dangerous political schemings of the Kim Young Sam group and tide over the current serious situation with a nationwide struggle. If Hwang, an uninvited guest and a spark of confrontation and war with the north, is left alone, our people will soon suffer a holocaust of war. Our NDFSK ardently calls upon all the people to sharpen their vigilance, resolutely turn out in the struggle to expel the trouble-maker Hwang out of this land and daringly fight to overthrow the Kim Young Sam group, who are using him for their sinister political purpose.

Military attaches visit museum

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- The military attaches corps here visited the Revolutionary Museum of the ministry of the people's armed forces on Tuesday on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the founding of the heroic Korean People's Army. The corps wrote in the visitor's book. Liu Jianhua, military attache of the Chinese embassy here, said that the Korean People's Army founded by President Kim Il Sung could develop into a powerful army as it is today, led by Secretary Kim Jong Il, and that the gifts to the Supreme Commander vividly reflected the spirit of the KPA soldiers who are ready to defend their leader at the risk of life and as human bombs.

Palestinian Ambassador gives reception

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- Palestinian Ambassador to Korea Shaher Mohammed gave a reception at his embassy on April 22 to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Foundation of the Korean People's Army. Invited to the reception were Vice-Minister of the People's Armed Forces Ri Yong Su and other generals and officers of the KPA. Speeches were exchanged at the reception.

Gathering on Day of Syrian Independence

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- A friendship gathering was held at the Korea-Syria friendship Pyongyang silk mill on Tuesday on the occasion of the 51st anniversary of Syrian Independence. Present were Ri Song Ho, Vice-Chairman of the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and Vice-Chairman of the Korea-Syria Friendship Association, officials concerned, employees of the mill, charge d'affaires ad interim Anwar Al-Fadel and officials of the Syrian embassy and Syrian students in the DPRK. The participants appreciated a Syrian documentary film and an art performance given by workers of the mill.

Suppression of "Hanchongryon" denounced

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committiee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland issued its information no. 734 on April 22 denouncing the Kim Young Sam group for cracking down upon the South Korean Federation of University Student Councils (Hanchongryon). Some time ago, the fascist clique issued an order to round up the hardcore members of the organisation and arrested Song Ki Hong, policy director of its National Reunification Committee, and Jong Yong Hun, Chairman of the General Student Council of Hanyang University, on charges of violating the "national security law", the information said, and noted: This is a criminal act which could be committed only by the "civilian"-veiled fascist group. All the activities of "Hanchongryon" have enjoyed support from all the people as they represented the south Korean people's unanimous aspirations for independence, democracy and reunification. The south Korean rulers are, however, viciously trying to eliminate "Hanchongryon", regarding it as a thorn in their flesh. This shows well that they are a group of traitors to the nation. The Kim Young Sam group's repression of "Hanchongryon" is a product of their serious ruling crisis.

Advancement under banner of Pyongyang Declaration called for

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- Senior officials of progressive parties from different countries met in Moscow and adopted a statement on April 15 calling for advancing under the uplifted banner of the Pyongyang Declaration. The publication of the Pyongyang Declaration "Let us defend and advance the cause of socialism" on April 20, 1992, was an epochal event in reviving and strengthening the world's socialist movement, the statement said, and continued: The declaration confirmed the truth and validity of socialism and the inevitability of its final victory, thus giving confidence in victory to the world's revolutionary people who aspire after socialism and dealing a telling blow at the imperialists and reactionaries who clamoured about "end of socialism". As is confirmed by the declaration, socialist society is an ideal of humankind and it is a genuine people's society representing the future of humankind. We stress once more the urgent need to work hard to carry out the tasks laid down in the Pyongyang Declaration, the common action programme for reviving socialism. We will advance under the uplifted banner of the declaration, remaining loyal to socialism and supporting each other in the struggle against imperialism and neo-colonialism and for socialism. The Pyongyang Declaration will remain a militant banner showing the road ahead of the world's progressives forever, the statement concluded. The statement was signed by many communist parties from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Australia, India, Canada, Syria and other countries.

U.S. urged to act with prudence

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun today comments on the stockpiling of depleted uranium bullets by the U .S. forces in south Korea. The daily says: Recently, a spokesman for the information office of the U.S. forces in south Korea officially announced that the depleted uranium bullets are kept to be used in case of "emergency" in the Korean Peninsula. The announcement means that the U.S. would use depleted uranium bullets in the Korean Peninsula as it did against Iraq in the Persian gulf war. It, which came at a time when top U.S. military officials have visited south Korea and Japan for war confabs, asserting that 100,000 U.S. troops should be kept in Asia to cope with "emergency" in the Korean Peninsula, indicates that the U.S. war preparations have reached a very dangerous stage. We are keeping a watchful eye on the U.S., which has increased the danger of war, trying to stifle our country. We will continue attaching importance to the military and strengthening the army to counter the escalating war preparations by the U.S. The U.S. should act with prudence.

Secret order of Kim Young Sam discovered

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- A secret written order of the prosecution on minimizing and glossing over the "investigation" into the Hanbo financial scandal was discovered in south Korea some time ago. Commenting on this fact, a news analyst of Rodong Sinmun today says: This eloquently shows how feverishly Kim Young Sam is trying to prolong his remaining days. It is clear to everyone that Kim Young Sam, directly responsible for the Hanbo scandal, is the very one who issued the tricky and coercive directive to the prosecution. With the discovery, it has become all the clearer that the "investigation and reinvestigation" into the Hanbo scandal the south Korean prosecution has so far made are all deceptive and formalistic ones conducted on the script and directives from Kim Young Sam to bury its truth in obscurity. The issue of probing its truth and punishing its main culprits can never be solved as long as it is put in the hands of the Kim Young Sam group and the puppet prosecution. Only the south Korean people can correctly solve the issue.

Press review

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- Papers here today frontpage reports that Secretary Kim Jong Il sent thanks and gifts to workteam members of the no. 7 excavator operating in Kumsan pit in Ryongyang mine for their collective innovation and thanks to servicemen and their families for setting examples in army-people relations. Reported in the press is the news that a monument to on-site guidance of Secretary Kim Jong Il, Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, was erected at the unit that defends Cho Islet, a forward military post on the West Sea of Korea. Rodong Sinmun carries a letter sent to Secretary Kim Jong Il by participants in the meeting of senior officials of progressive parties of different countries held in Moscow to mark the 85th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung as well as a statement adopted at the meeting. Minju Joson comes out with an article headlined "Our General always stands on Height 1211". Conspicuous in Rodong Sinmun is an article titled "devotedly defending headquarters of revolution is foremost mission of people's army". The paper gives nearly one whole page to the lyric epic "Supreme Commander and his vanguard soldiers" which is dedicated to heroic soldiers. The Swedish Government decided to take a humanitarian measure for Korea, the press reports. Rodong Sinmun runs an article "Korean-style socialism is the best", written by Kim Jong Un, who came over to the northern half of Korea while serving in the south Korean puppet army. Papers comment on the disclosure of Kim Young Sam's bid to conceal the truth as regards the "investigation" into the Hanbo incident. An article of Rodong Sinmun says that the south Korea-stationed U.S. forces' possession of depleted uranium bullets proves that their moves for war reached an extremely grave phase. Seen in Minju Joson is an article on the triangular military tieup of the U.S. and Japanese reactionaries and the south Korean puppets.

Stop to crackdown on "Hanchongryon" urged

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- Chief of the Syria mission of the National Democratic Front of South Korea (NDFSK) Ri Nam Ho in an interview with the Syrian newspaper Al Saura on April 1 denounced the Kim Young Sam group for intensifying their moves to disunite the South Korean Federation of University Student Councils (Hanchongryon) from within. The Kim Young Sam group are more harshly cracking down upon "Hanchongryon", branding it as a "leftist, pro-north and pro-communist force" and an "organisation benefiting the enemy", he said, and noted: This is designed to escape from their political crisis by blocking the student movement calling for a probe into the truth of the Hanbo incident, punishment of its culprits and abolition of the revised "labour law" and "law on the agency for national security planning". The "civilian"-veiled dictators should recognize "Hanchongryon", the genuine organisation of one million students, and immediately stop the suppression of the organisation.

South Korean speaker's scandal

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- South Korean parliamentary speaker Kim Soo Han on April 19 admitted that he took money of 50 million won as "election" funds from Chung Tae Soo, the founder of the Hanbo group, in the middle of March 1992, according to a radio report from Seoul. The continually exposed bribery scandals of politicians project the corrupt "civilian-veiled government".

Statement by spokesman for Japan mission of NDFSK

Tokyo, April 21 (KNS-KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Japan Mission of the National Democratic Front of South Korea issued a statement to the press on April 19 on the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the April 19 Popular Uprising. He said the April 19 Uprising was an eruption of the pent-up wrath of the south Korean people against the colonial fascist rule of the united states and the Syngman Rhee "Government", a national salvation resistance against the outside forces and for new politics and new life and a historical event which opened up an epochal phase in the social reform movement for independence, democracy and reunification. The uprising, the resistance in Pusan and Masan and the June popular resistance indicate that if our people fight in unity, they can break down any stronghold of fascism, he noted, and stressed: The Japan mission of the NDFSK will continue striving to overthrow the Kim Young Sam "civilian" fascist group and establish an independent, democratic and new government along with the patriotic people of all social standings.

Rodong Sinmun on mission of People's Army

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- There is no such strong army as the Korean People's Army in ideology and faith as the KPA soldiers are firmly defending the headquarters of the revolution in the spirit of defending the leader at the cost of their lives, the spirit of human bombs and the spirit of suicide attack, says Rodong Sinmun in a signed article today. All the people's army soldiers are ready to defend the leader with their lives, which makes it possible for the people's army to maintain the revolutionary character befitting the army of the leader and the workers' party of Korea, the article says, and goes on: The entire people's army soldiers have a firm confidence in the bright future of the revolutionary armed forces, looking up to the General Kim Jong Il, who is identical to President Kim Il Sung in ideology, leadership ability and virtues and inherited the grit and spirit of Mt. Paektu from the President. And they are convinced that led by the General, the people's army can always maintain its revolutionary character as the army of the leader and the party. They are ready to silence the enemy's pillbox with their chests, blow up the bulwark of the enemy and accomplish the cause of national reunification, once the General issues orders. With pure and clean revolutionary conscience and obligation, they defend the headquarters of the revolution led by the General with their lives. The General infinitely loves and trusts the people's army soldiers. They, therefore, are unfailingly loyal to him. They are determined to defend him with conscience and obligation and thus exalt their life as his revolutionary soldiers.

Malaysian Ambassador presents credentials to Vice-President

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- Mohamad Amir Jaafar, new Malaysian Ambassador E.P. to Korea, presented his credentials to Ri Jong Ok, Vice-President of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, today at the Mansudae Assembly Hall. The Vice-President had a conversation with the Ambassador after the presentation of credentials. The Ambassador arrived here on April 22.

Foreign Ministry spokesman on s. Korea's import of arms from Russia

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- The spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK had an interview with KCNA today on the south Korean authorities' import of latest-type weapons from Russia. He told KCNA: The south Korean authorities are importing large quantities of latest-type military hardware including missiles, tanks and fighters from Russia as well as from the United States and other western countries on the pretext of "diversification of weapon systems." In the August-October period last year, they imported 150 million dollars worth of weapons from Russia. They plan to purchase SU-27, SU-35 and SU-37 fighters and S-300 anti-aircraft missile units. Their intensified arms buildup and military exercises against the north are aimed at aggravating the tensions on the Korean Peninsula, worsening the inter-Korean relations and stepping up new war preparations. This being the fact, they pretend to be interested in "four-party talks" for "establishment of a peace-keeping mechanism on the Korean Peninsula." This is a trick to mislead public opinion and conceal their ulterior motives for military confrontation and war. Moreover, it must not go unnoticed that some countries calling for measures to build military confidence and relax the tensions on the Korean Peninsula are vying with one another in a bid to sell modern weapons to south Korea. These countries must ponder over the potential grave consequences of their self-contradictory behavior and refrain from encouraging military confrontation between the north and south of Korea, though belatedly. Our people's army and all our people are sharply watching the enemies' anti-DPRK arms buildup and military maneuvers conducted behind the facade of "peace" and will be compelled to take countermeasures.