October 30. 2014 Juche 103
Hostile Forces Hit for Their Moves to Adopt Anti-DPRK "Human Rights Resolution"
CPRK Secretariat Hits S. Korean Authorities for Extending Transfer of OPECON
Kim Yong Nam Arrives in Kampala
Congratulations to Chairman of Sudanese National Congress
Japanese Government Delegation Flies back
Renovated Railway Stations Open to Traffic
Kanggye Winery Renovated
New Grass Seeder Proves Effective
Rabbit Show and Seminar on Experience Held
Far-Infrared Lightweight Insulating Bricks in Effective Use
KCNA Commentary on S. Korean Authorities' Double-dealing Act
U.S. Should Halt Human Rights Abuses at Home: Rodong Sinmun
S. Korean Broadcasting Deplores Authorities' Renunciation of OPECON
S. Korean Chief Executive Slammed for Shunning Bereaved Families of Ferry Sewol Disaster
Kim Jong Il to Be Remembered in Bulgaria
Kim Jong Il's Exploits Lauded by Bangladeshi Political Figure
Kim Jong Il's Work Posted by British Organization
U.S. Ambition to Stifle DPRK Can Not Be Realized: Russian Political Figure
Proposal for Founding DFRK Supported by French Organization

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un dirige ejercicios de vuelo para inspeccion del EPC
Kim Jong Un publica obra sobre proteccion de patrimonios nacionales
MINREX denuncia intento de aprobar "resolucion de DDHH" anti-RPDC
CRPP condena la posposicion indefinida de traspaso del mando de operaciones
Kim Yong Nam llego a Kampala
Parte de Pyongyang delegacion gubernamental de Japon
Inauguradas estaciones ferroviarias de comuna de Ryongwon y de Paesanjom

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