October 22. 2014 Juche 103
DPRK FM Meets New Vietnamese Ambassador
S. Korean Authorities Urged to Ponder over Their Every Move
KCNA Report
Mosaics Depicting Smiling Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il Erected in Various Places
Teachers, Researchers of Kim Chaek University of Technology Start Moving to New Flats
Presentation of Sci-Technological Achievements in Salt-making Field Held
National Amateur Paduk (Go) Contest Held
Research Findings Help Increase Coal Output in DPRK
Peculiar Designs of Furniture and Daily-Use Articles Created
Move for Deployment of THAAD under Fire in S. Korea
Anti-DPRK Confrontation Moves Censured in S. Korea
S. Korean Regime Accused of Its Unpopular Rule
Kim Jong Il's Work Posted on Internet by Serbian Party
WPK Praised by Syrian, Guinean Media
Feats of Peerless Great Men for Party-Building Praised by Foreign Personages
DPRK's Holidays Marked in Foreign Countries
Cambodian Paper Introduces Proposal for Founding DFRK

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un recorre Casa de Reposo para Cientificos Yonphung
Kim Yong Nam felicita al presidente de Indonesia
ACNC informa excarcelacion de ciudadano norteamericano
Iniciada mudanza a viviendas de educadores de Universidad Politecnica Kim Chaek

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